5 fabulous Vineyards to visit in Langley

5 fabulous Vineyards to visit in Langley

If you are visiting Vancouver (or if you live in the Southwest British Columbia) and you fancy a fun, relaxing day tasting wine, one of the best places to visit is Langley in the Fraser Valley. Langley is less than an hour from Vancouver so it is a very easy area to visit from the city. However as the wineries are located out in the countryside it feels like a world away from the metropolitan areas nearby.

We visited these Langley vineyards in the summer just after we were fully vaccinated and things were starting to open up. It was so lovely to see friends and try some wines. All the vineyards had options for guests to relax outside so it felt relatively safe for covid-19.

I’ve included the details about our self-guided wine tour below; So you can easily create your own wine adventure. I organized this by calling each of the wineries to book tastings, then driving my friends between each one. This was all booked at the last minute, but even the places that didn’t have any bookings available found ways to fit us in.

These were the 5 Langley vineyards we visited:

  • Vista d’oro
  • Township 7
  • Festina Lente Estate Winery and Meadery
  • Backyard vineyards
  • Chambertin estate winery

Map of Langley wineries

You don’t need to go with a tour group to try BC wines. We managed to set up a fun wine tasting adventure with very little effort.

Wineries in Langley are great if you have a dog!

Firstly (and most importantly for us as our friends have a puppy), before we visited I called each of the vineyards to check if it was okay to bring a dog with us. It turns out all of them were very dog friendly! Dotty was welcome everywhere; She just wasn’t allowed in the tasting room at Backyard Vineyards. If you need to see more of Dotty, she has her own instagram.

Vista d’oro

Location: 346 208 St, Langley Twp, BC V2Z 1T6
Phone: 604-514-3539
Website: https://vistadorofarms.square.site/
Cost for tasting: $10

Our first stop was at Vista d’oro. This vineyard is surrounded by fields on one side and Campbell Valley Regional Park on the other so it feels like a million miles away from the city. The wine tastings take place outside on picnic tables. They had a tent up for us, just in case it rains. For the tasting, they had a choice of 13 wines (or 3 ciders). You get to select 5 that you’d like to try. So between 4 tastings, we managed to taste almost everything. They have whites, reds, orange, rose and even fortified wines. Marc and I loved their fortified walnut wine best.

In addition to the drinks, the lovely shop at Vista d’oro sells farm produce, as well as jams and chutneys. I LOVED their raspberry, merlot and peppercorn jam.


If you need to soak up the wine/cider, there is a food truck parked at next to the shop that serves pizzams. These are a bit like pizzas, but rather than tomato sauce, they use their fantastic artisanal jams along with decent cheese and fresh toppings. We tried fig & walnut wine jam with prosciutto and blue cheese. Our friends also ordered the tomato and chili jam with chorizo and peppercorn goat gouda. Each pizzam was topped with salad and edible flowers from the farm. They were so, so good!

Township 7

Location: 21152 16th Ave, Langley, BC
Phone: 604-532-1766
Website: https://township7.com/
Cost for tasting: $7 or $15 (depending on how fancy the wine is)

This is another beautiful location with the wine tasting building right next to the vines. We were unable to book a tasting at Township 7 BUT they had plenty of space in their picnic area. So we bought several glasses of wine in carafes, and then set up our own mini tasting session.

They can provide small laminated cards with tasting notes, so this works really well if they can’t fit you in for an official tasting. I loved that they were set up to be accommodating for last minute drop-ins like us. They sell light snacks (and you are welcome to bring your own food to the picnic area.)

Dotty the puppy loved Township 7 as there were a few groups of ladies who lavished her with attention…and she could walk between the vines and sniff everything.

Festina Lente Estate Winery and Meadery

Location: 21113 16 Ave, Langley, BC (opposite Township 7)
Phone: 604-510-2336
Website: https://www.festinalente.ca/
Cost for tasting: $10

Now for something a little different! Festine Lente sells mead, but it is different to any mead I have had in the UK (which was sweeter and stronger.) This mead was more like normal wine; It is just made with honey rather than grapes! The wines are white, but like reds they can age and become more complex. It was really interesting to try them.

Plus, if you visit, you’ll get to meet their honey bear.

For their wine tastings, you get to choose 4 different meads. The one that Marc and I loved best was their spiced mead. It seemed like it would be a perfect drink for Christmas.

Dogs are VERY welcome here! They even gave dotty a flight of doggy treats. All the staff popped out to give her some pets so they showed that this is a great spot to visit with your furry friends.

Pop up Pizza

Pizza goes so well with wine! We loved the pizzas for sale at Festine Lente. There were 7 tasty sounding 10″ pizzas for $15 each. They kept forgetting us (or giving our pizza to other tables…) but we received all our orders eventually. It was worth the wait in the end.

Backyard vineyards

Location: 3033 232 St, Langley, BC V2Z 3A8
Phone:  604-539-9463
Website: www.backyardvineyards.ca
Cost for tasting: $10-$15 Per Person

Our next stop was Backyard vineyards. You must book a reservation for a tasting here. However if you can’t get a booking, you can buy a glass of wine to drink in their picnic area. The only downside to Backyard Vineyards is you can’t bring your puppy into the tasting area. She was welcome in the picnic area though, and they sell doggy treats.

Each guest gets to choose 4 wines to taste. We booked the $10 tour, but they allowed each of us to try one of the pricier wines as well. Marc and I bought several bottles here, but my favourite was the sparkling rose.

We all really like the atmosphere here, so we bought an extra glass of vino after the tasting so we could stay for longer drinking in the picnic area.

Chambertin estate winery

Location:1064 216 St, Langley, BC V2Z 1R3

Phone: 604-530-1736
Cost for tasting: $10 for a tasting, or for a flight of wine to try.

Our final stop of the day was the Chambertin estate winery which had the most delightful garden to relax in and try their wines. We chose to order flights of wines. You get to choose 4 of the wines they have open, so it is likely to be different each time you visit. This is the oldest winery in Langley (and the Fraser Valley) so they have more mature vines that create some gorgeous wines. I would also quite like to go back and try eating at their Bistro.

The picnic area feels like an English pub garden. If you are from the UK and miss drinking in pretty pub gardens, you will love it. They have sun shades too so us light skinned folk could avoid turning as pink as their rose wines.

Although we didn’t have an official tasting at Chaberton winery, this was my favourite place out of the five vineyards to chill out and chat.

Visit all the Wineries in Langley!

In the end I am a bit sad that it took us so long to visit these wineries that are so close to Vancouver! We always love road trips out to the Okanagan; But we are also really lucky to have such great wine so near home! What do you think? If you visit Vancouver or BC, do you like the idea of exploring the local vineyards?

Have you visited any of these Langley Wineries? I’d love to hear what you thought about them too! Or, if you want to visit, you can click on the pins below to save this for later.

49 thoughts on “5 fabulous Vineyards to visit in Langley

    1. It’s funny isn’t it!? We’ve driven past the winery signs sooo many times – but it really is fun to visit and actually taste the vino.

    1. Oh yay, here’s to Canada holidays in 2023. If you like hiking, I have a lot of other ideas for when you visit. 🙂

  1. This sounds like a lovely day. It’s so great that they’re all dog friendly and that some of them have a plan B for drop ins. Judging by the group photo, you’d had your fair share of wine and everyoneelse was still warming up, hehe.

  2. I wish I liked wine! These look like such amazing experiences. I would probably still do it for the experience. I love that one place had jams too! Aww and the dog trials are so cute!

  3. This looks like such a fun outing. It is nice that pandemic has prompted all of us to discover some of the great activities right in our backyards. It sounds like Dotty was the real winner on this adventure. I really want one of those pizzams now . . .

    1. Yes! I totally agree. We have had so much fun exploring near home over the last year and a half!

      And yeees, those jammy pizzas were really good!

  4. These all sound amazing! I love that they are dog friendly too! Makes for a great road trip from the States knowing the pup can come along!

  5. Very fun! I would love the walnut infused wine, as well. The fig and walnut jam with the blue cheese and prosciutto pizzam sounds AMAZING! I hope to get to BC soon and would love to try these wineries.

    1. Oooh yay! I didn’t know you were planning to visit! I will love it when you do as you always write such thoughtful posts about places. 😀

    1. We may have to go back and buy that one next time (I agree, it sounds sooo good and was fab on the pizzam!) The doggy flight made us feel extra welcome with Dotty.

    1. Right! Dotty is still young, but she showed off all the right tricks to eat each one of those doggy treats. 😀

    1. Oooh I hope you’d love it. As you’re used to good Spanish wine, I have a feeling you’d like the whites best (reds were good in BC, but the whites are better if you’re used to older European wines…)

  6. I would LOVE to visit all the vineyards. It looks so fun and that pizza…OMG!!! I did a vineyard road trip in Canada before and it was amazing, now I have another place to visit during my next trip – thank you so much for sharing this very detailed review.

    1. Yaaaay Paula I am so glad you liked it. Where did you do your wine tour? Was it in the Okanagan? (We have had great fun near Naramata and Oliver as well…)

  7. Such a fun idea to organize your own wine tour! It’s nice when you don’t have to go far to leave the city behind and feel like you are far away from the hustle and bustle. Nice that all these wineries had outside spots so it was easy to bring your dog.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yeah Dotty loved it (although I can’t pretend she’s ours – we just get to cuddle her sometimes!!)

  8. Nothing like a great winery tour! I need to get back to doing my local wineries. I forgot how fun they are! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Yeeeees you have such nice ones near you! Our first ever Canadian wine tour was over near you in the Niagara region. 🙂

    1. There is a whole desert area to the south east of BC, the Okanagan region, that has loads of wine. We’ve been there a few times. It’s just nice that you can also get good wine so near to Vancouver.

  9. Those “piazzams” look delicious! I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to the Vancouver area, but wasn’t sure where to start or what to see. Wine tasting would be so fun!

  10. I can’t believe I’ve not been to a winerary before. Good to know I can take my dog buddy. I love the honey bear, definitely a photo opportunity. It all looks very merry indeed.

  11. All the wineries look so cool! The prices all seem very reasonable, too. I would definitely want to pair some of those reds with the pizza (and pizzam) you had. It’s great that they had outdoor seating and were dog-friendly. And Dotty is soooo cute!!

  12. What a fun way to spend a day and your friends are lucky you drove them! Love the varieties of wine and other beverages too.

    1. Thanks Melinda! We did another tour a few weeks later, so I got to taste more on that one.

      In some ways being the driver works well for me as I am such a lightweight. 😀

  13. Super helpful post!! I’m planning a spontaneous date for my partner and me and this list helped me a lot with making a decision!

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