Clinton Falls – Cariboo Hikes

Clinton Falls – Cariboo Hikes

If you are looking for a super easy hike near Clinton (BC, Canada), and you like good waterfalls, it is worth checking out Clinton Falls. This mini adventure will lead you to three waterfalls. It’s not a bad pay-off for less than half an hours walk!

Have you ever explored North of Lillooet and beyond the Sea to Sky Highway (99) to the Cariboo Highway (97)? This is part of BC’s Gold Rush Trail with plenty of historic sights and easy access to nature. We stayed in Clinton for a couple of nights to explore the area, and Clinton falls was our first cariboo hike.

Wait, where’s Clinton?

The village of Clinton in BC, Canada is a small community half way between Vancouver and Prince George. The settlement here was founded during the Cariboo Gold Rush; so it feels a bit like you’ve stepped into a cowboy movie, with cool heritage buildings and antique shops. Learn more about the area here. On our visit, we were keen to get outside and explore nature.

Clinton Falls Map

Clinton Falls – the basics

Distance: 1.6 km 
Elevation gain
: 70m
Time: 20-30 mins
What to bring: You don’t need much it’s a short walk. I brought the 10 essentials because I always do. It’s good to carry bear spray in this region.
Facilities: No facilities here.
How hard is it? Easy. It’s a quick walk to a pretty waterfall
Dog friendly: All trails mentions this good for off-leash dogs, but there are bears in the area, so it may be best to keep dog friends on their leash.

Clinton Falls – Getting started

Turn off Highway 97 (Cariboo Highway) onto Mount Road and drive east turning left at Fenton Road. Park after just over 2.3km by the road. There is space to park next to the wide pathway.

Clinton Falls views

It is only about 500m walk until you reach the middle falls. There is a fabulous view from the side. If you fancy it, you can climb up to the top and look down at the plunging waters.

Keep going to upper Falls

If you don’t mind hiking up a bit of a steep hill, there is another part of the waterfall 200m further along the trail. I LOVED this part.

You can look up to the rugged rocks… And peer down from just above Clinton Falls. It’s gorgeous.

This may be a bit of a short hike, but leads to impressive waterfalls! If you have time, you can retrace your footsteps and see a third waterfall lower than the two we visited.


Fancy more Waterfalls in BC?

We love finding waterfalls! Clinton falls was lovely, but if you are a huge waterfall fan, you may want to drive further to see the waterfalls of Wells Gray Provincial Park (which is basically waterfall heaven!) I’ll also share my waterfall map so you can find other amazing waterfalls. Green means you don’t have to walk, Blue is for waterfalls with easy walks and Dark Blue means you’ll need to do a slightly longer/harder walk to reach them.

If you are visiting Clinton or driving along the Cariboo Highway on your BC road trip, Clinton Falls is a great place to stretch your legs and see some waterfalls. It’s more of an easy stroll than a hike, but it is still fun to get outside! Click on the pins below to save this for later.

Clinton Falls - easy waterfall hike in BC, Canada Clinton Falls - 3 waterfalls - pretty area near Clinton, BC, Canada Clinton Falls - easy hike to 3 waterfalls near Clinton - BC, Canada

34 thoughts on “Clinton Falls – Cariboo Hikes

  1. Love the waterfall, the path looks very interesting and offers very nice views! Thanks for sharing, the guide is very detailed!

    1. Thanks Lasma! Heh…I didn’t feel like it had much detail as it was so short…it was a cool little spot though 🙂

  2. Clinton Falls looks beautiful! Love all of your photos and will add this one to my list for whenever I’m in the area – hopefully soon! Thanks for sharing 😊. I’ll be sure to check out your 10 hiking essentials too just to make sure I’m safe when I do visit! Xx Sara

    1. Thanks Sara!

      Yeah, I hadn’t heard about the 10 essentials before we came to Canada…they are especially important if you go on longer hikes.

    1. Thanks Sammi! I did! …although I think we did this one too early in the morning…Marc hadn’t had coffee yet, so he was a bit grumpy!

  3. We don’t have a lot of these types of hikes in Texas, so I love when I can visit them through travel blogs. When I visited New England last fall, we came upon some beautiful waterfalls. These remind me of those.

    1. Aww thanks Michele! What are the hikes like in Texas? It must be cool to see the difference. 🙂

    1. Woot woot! That is the one good thing about covid- so many more of us started to love hiking! 😀

  4. So beautiful! I miss Canada soooo much! We’ve been living abroad for a few years now and because of the world situation we haven’t visited for awhile. But we are going to finally visit home soon and spend the entire summer in Canada. I’m so excited and I want to fly to BC as well while we’re there. One of my fave provinces! We love hiking and BC is perfect for that. This hike looks gorgeous. It’s on the list!

    1. Yay Bea!
      I know how you feel (we’ve been away from home for a long time too now!) I hope you will love your time back in Canada in the summer!

  5. Very detailed guide! I have been to Victoria, but not this far North. This looks like an ideal place to explore the outdoors in BC!

    1. Victoria is lovely isn’t it!? This was our first trip North, but it was a pretty cool area. I hope you can explore beyond Lillooet too Erin. 🙂

  6. I love waterfalls and agree that a couple of kms (and very little elevation change) to see several waterfalls is a good deal. I’ll have to check them out next time I’m in British Columbia.

    1. Thanks Denise – the one thing we were not massive fans of in Clinton was the food – it needs your influence!

  7. I live in Alberta and have never heard of Clinton, BC! It’s definitely on my radar next time I visit!! 🙂

    1. That’s okay! We only found out about it as we searched for areas to explore North of Lillooet. It’s not super famous, but it is a cool, historical area. <3

  8. Sometimes it’s nice to hike along some of these short trails, especially when the views are outstanding. The waterfall looks gorgeous. I always find it so soothing to listen to the sounds of rushing water.

    1. Me toooo!! We actually ended up doing a bunch of small walks like this on the same day. It was a relaxing little road trip.

    1. Thanks Rachel!! How are you my lovely? We just went back to the UK for a few weeks so it made me think of my English blogging friends. 🙂

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