Furry Creek Knob Deck trail

Furry Creek Knob Deck trail

Furry Creek Knob Deck is not famous, so although it ticks lots of boxes for a great mini adventure and you may not see any other hikers! This is an easy trail, that is close to Vancouver (Canada) with great views from the Knob Hill viewpoint, where someone has constructed a deck. This area is seems to be better known for ATVs folks and and bikers but the instagram crowd has not found it yet.

Furry Creek Knob Deck map

This shows the shorter route – we went slightly further (you can see my strava recording here.)

Furry Creek Knob Deck – the basics

Distance: 7km (or 9km for the longer route)
Elevation Gain: 
319m (or 500m for the longer route)
High Points: Knob Hill is 370m (the high point for the longer route is 400m.)
Time: 2 hours
What to bring: Nothing special. The 10 Essentials.
Facilities: Nothing
Dogs: Yes on a leash
How hard is it? Pretty easy

Knob Deck – Getting started

This fun, easy hike is along the Sea to Sky Highway, just south of Squamish. Exit the Sea to Sky at Furry Creek (Furry Creek Drive), then turn off on to Seaview Drive. There is space for a few cars to park at the start of the FSR. Walk past the yellow barrier and up the road.

Knob Hill cliffs

Below Knob hill there are some steep rocky cliffs. The trail curves along the contours of the hill, so trail is not too steep.

Almost the entire route is on forest service roads, and goes under power lines a couple of times. So it’s not always super picturesque. Still, we loved seeing all the flowers in springtime.

Extra detour

The main trail turns off left towards Knob Hill. This is the steepest (and bushiest) section of the hike. However if you fancy going slightly further, you can continue on the FSR for a less steep route and then turn backwards and walk downhill towards the knob.

Climb the knob

You can see the final 80m of the knob in the photo above. That is the second steep section of the trail, but again, it doesn’t last for long.

The Knob Deck

In no time at all, you’ll find yourself at this beautifully built deck at a viewpoint on a bluff. It is so steep below that the trees don’t obscure the fabulous views of Howe Sound.

We stopped at the deck to enjoy the views and have a snack. There were no other hikers so we had the whole area to ourselves. There is a steep drop below the deck, so don’t lean on the bannisters with your full weight!

This is the view of Leading Peak on Anvil Island, which was my previous hike.

Heading Back

Heading back from the Furry Creek Knob Deck is pretty easy. We returned via the main route, so we ended up doing a mini loop.

Extra stop – Porteau Cove

We have not spent much time in this area North of Vancouver; So while we were here, we stopped to take a look at Porteau Cove. I wanted to see if the campsite looks good for a future trip. We decided it might be a bit loud with the highway and the trainline so close, but it is a lovely setting.

Furry Creek Knob Deck Panoramas

We did this walk in the springtime so we were not expecting good weather. Still I was pleasantly surprised by the views on this mini adventure. Here are some panoramas.

Tunnel Bluffs Alternative?

One of the most popular trails near here is Tunnel Bluffs. The two trails are similar with steady inclines followed by fabulous views of Howe Sound. However the trail to Furry Creek Knob Deck is easier and far less busy. If you don’t mind hiking along FSRs, this is a lovely little trail.

21 thoughts on “Furry Creek Knob Deck trail

    1. Porteau cove was such a nice surprise. That is a super easy place to visit from the highway, and the views were so nice.

      I still like the idea of camping there – I think we’d just have to be ready for the road noise…

    1. You might manage this one if you took it slowly 🙂

      (it has about the same elevation gain as Tully Mountain, so it’s easy, but not a flat walk by any means…)

    1. Thanks Anja. Does the flower become a berry for you too? Those flowers become thimbleberries. They are really tasty!

  1. What a great hike! Too bad it’s mostly service roads, but it still seems beautiful all around. And I love that there is a deck at the top. I’d sit there alllll day!

    1. Yeah you’re right. I know a lot of hikers hate FSRs. I don’t mind them in the springtime as they are normally well graded/not too steep before your legs get strong!

    1. Loool not gonna lie, the idea of visiting knob deck did make me chucked (even more if you try to say it in a Kiwi accent!!) Furry Creek always makes me smile too.

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