Jumping for joy! And are online friends real?

Jumping for joy! And are online friends real?

Annual Bloggers Bash voteI have some really happy news! It has made me think a little more deeply about the whole idea of this blogging lark, and about how ‘real’ friendships are made.

So, when I first started blogging it was mostly so I could share the photos of my walks with my mum (and my aunty Gill who kindly always reads what we’re up to…) I initially thought blogging would be a lonely endevour as I sit for hooours choosing and editing photos, and then writing about our adventures. It was a really nice surprise that a few of my friends started to read some of my posts too! However the biggest surprise has been finding so many lovely online friends from all over the world. I look forward to reading their latest posts, giggling along with the hilarious ones, celebrating their achievements and commiserating when these friends are having a tough time.

It is pretty cool to make a whole group of friends with people that you’ve read about, but never actually met. I had a similar experience in Japan, when I made friends with other foreigners online. I met quite a few of those online friends in real life, and had so many good experiences with that, that I am not particularly worried about blurring the lines between life online and my everyday giggles. In fact some of my friends from Japan are still good mates now, 10 years later.

Anyway, one of my lovely blogging friends has kindly nominated me for an award! In fact, three lovely people nominated me for different awards, but you are meant to choose which award to go for, I figured I should go for the “best pal” category. So, now I am attempting to live up to my best pal-ness and I’d like to introduce some of my favourite bloggers so you can see and support them too.

But, before I get started, I am sooooooo chuffed that I was even nominated for an award. I’d like to share a selection of jumping photos to demonstrate how happy this made me! Thank you sooooo much for the nomination and for making me so smiley and jumpy!

So, if you’d like to vote (please do!)
You won’t need to register, it’s just a few clicks!!

You can visit Sacha Black’s website about the awards here…

So, without further ado or jumps I’d like to give some suggestions of awesome people you can vote for. I’m going to include a really good link from each of them so you can get the idea about why I think they are awesome.

Best Overall Blog:

This is a tough one. There are four blogs on here that I REALLY love.

  • Gin & Lemonade I love loads of Lorna’s posts, but this one really struck a chord with me. I mean, the world should be waaay more accessible so people can just get on with their lives whether they have disabilities or not. I also really love her posts about Isla her hilarious daughter.
  • A Brummie Home and Abroad Em’s blog gives me some serious wanderlust! She is an excellent accidental hiker and explores the world while having a laugh. My favourite of her posts are about Canada last year, and about when she managed to climb Snowdon. But, as I can’t choose just one, I’ll link here where you can see a selection of her gorgeous piccies.
  • But I Smile Anyway…, Ritu is amazing! She was one of the first people to reach out and chat to me through my blog. Ritu writes about everything. She cooks, teaches and writes poetry! To give you a taste of her style, read this post abut her mum.
  •  I’m Sick and So Are You Christine makes me laugh, a lot. And then she makes me think. Which is kind of strange when you think that she has such an open honest blog about some of the hardest things anyone has to deal with. I’m sharing her post about living on a roller coaster. It’s not a funny one, but it is beautifully written so you can see how awesome she is. I also recomend adding her on instagram for some good kitty photos.

Funniest Blogger:

Most Inspirational Blogger

  • You Are Awesome Angela’s blog always makes me think. It is well written and inspires me to be a better person (or at least to attempt to understand what my brain is doing and spot my own biases) This is a good example when she talks about the hazards of the lizard brain. I always love her awesome nuggets too!

Most Informative Blogger

  • An Historian About Town Jessica’s blog is full of sooo many different things! At the moment I am loving her posts about her puppy, but she writes loads about Christmas, history and fashion advice as well. She is also an expert on ballet, so because I have learnt so much from her, I’d like to share one of her posts about ballet.
  • Global Housesitter X2 I have really loved following Suzanne’s adventures around the world. I like her chilled travel style and the way she loves the walking and simple pleasures in each destination. As the award is about being informative, I’m sharing a post about how to be a good housesitter

Best Book Review Blog

Services to Bloggers

  • Em Linthorpe Em is amazing. She helps run the fantastic Big Up Your Blog facebook group along with Suzie. She also writes really helpful posts about things like flipboard and pinterest to help us all catch up on social media strategies. I have learnt so much from her. However, although she has loads of useful links, I’d like to share her post about fish fingers because it always makes me smile.

Hidden Gem

  • Unbound Roots I love everything about Erin’s blog. I love her recent watercolour paintings, her anecdotes about her family and of course her love of animals. It’s hard t choose, but read her post about Dahlia the chicken. It’s a slightly stressful read, but I promise it’s safe to read to the end!
  • A Mindful Traveler Recently I have loved Lorelle’s cooking posts, but my favourite posts from her are always about her love of travel.
  • Deb’s World I first found Debbie’s blog when she was getting ready to be the mother of the bride. It has been really fun to follow those adventures, so I have to share this post from her about eloping with family. 
  • Wheelescapades Gemma’s blog is full of reviews of yummy places to eat, plenty of tea and interviews with other bloggers. I was going to share her post about Wimpole hall until I saw her recent post about being a breadaholic.
  • Must Hike Must Eat I think I mostly love Shannon’s blog because we have such similar taste! She loves hiking and good food. There are sooo many posts I could pick, but I’m going with this one for the epic photos!
  • Argh! I missed one of the blogs I love! Gary’s Fiction is Food is another brilliant blog to check out! Gary is a total sweetie and a really supportive blogging friend.  I’d like to share one of his scary stories so you can see an example of his writing.

Newcomer Blogger

Best Pal

Lastly, although I’d love it if some of you vote for me, I can’t not tell you about the other awesome bloggers in the same category as me. I don’t even mind coming last if one of these ladies pips me to the post.

Phew. It took a while to share all of those so now it’s almost midnight. I hope you all like these blogs as much as I do! I could easily write another similar post about all the blogs that didn’t get nominated for awards this year, so please feel free to share links to your favourites in the comments! I’ll go and give them some love too! 

Please do vote…and please ignore all my typos, I am too tired to proofread this as I’m keen to share all my blog love before everyone wakes up over in the UK.

…And, just because I can, I’d like to share the most joyous jump shot of all! This is when I managed to get Marc involved in a jump on our wedding day! 😀



62 thoughts on “Jumping for joy! And are online friends real?

    1. It’s funny I am pretty sure you were one of the first people I followed at the beginning of my blogging life too! We must have been going for around the same time, but I was sure that you were way more established!

      Anyway, I feel the same and love following your dog/cat adventures.

  1. This is too sweet Josy 🏵 I love it. I agree 100 percent across the board! You totally deserved all those nominations as you have a lovely inspiring and wonderful blog. Full of the good things in life xx Fair play to you

    1. Fair play right back atcha Orla!
      I left a message on your blog, but it’s a shame you’re so blooming lovely. It’s been awesome getting to know you over the last year. 🙂

    1. They totally are!!
      I loved that Cartwheel post! I really like your post about when you first met your parents in law in Germany too! I nearly linked to that one.

  2. Ahh love it!! Thanks so much for the mention. Your an absolute love. Such a great post and there’d so many awesome bloggers to vote for I still don’t know how I’m going to decide 😱

    1. I know it’s tough isn’t it! 🙁

      It’s all good though, I think we’re all feeling appreciated even if we don’t win!

  3. What a sweetheart you are!! I love that you’ve included all of these great bloggers as well as sharing our nominations. Thank you so much for doing that! I love following you too 🙂 xx Good luck!

    1. Thank you Debbie! I especially love that I got to involve both you AND Mel! It’s not often you get to meet such a talented family full of bloggers!!

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING! I WANT TO VOTE FOR ALL MY FRIENDS!! God! I am literally having my sons, my husband and my friends, I am using their votes to vote for you and everyone else.Thank you so much for the shout out! And you’re right, just the fact we were nominated is amazing! I’m up against humor bloggers that could EASILY win this award, especially the group you mentioned! And btw, I am a pretty cool soccer mom, damn it! As long as you can drink heavily at soccer tournaments and play Cards Against Humanity with me, your in the club! Good luck girl! xoxo

    1. Yaaay! That is the best way! It’s sort of cheating, but at least it means we can tick the voting box for everyone!

      p.s. I would LOVE to play cards against humanity with you!! If I have kidlets I aim to be half as good a mum!

  5. Congratulations on your nomination! Thank you so much for mentioning me. I’m honoured to be part of an incredible list of lovely people and brilliant blogs! Good luck Josy and all 😃

    1. You’re awesome Gemma so you’re a perfect fit in that awesome group of bloggers! Good luck right back atcha!!

  6. Thank you for your lovely intro Josy! This blogosphere is a wonderful place if you let your blog pals in!
    Congratulations on your nominations!!! Absolutely well deserved!!!
    I’ve loved going on your walks with you! 💜

    1. Aww Ritu, you are one of the people that make the blogosphere so friendly and lovely! I am sort of glad you’re not in the best pals category as none of us would have a chance with you in the running!

  7. Oh you gorgeous woman you! You so very deserved this nomination. You are most definitely a ray of sunshine. Thank you also for your very kind shout out 😘

    1. Thanks Hayley! I feel the same about you! Plus you keep making the sound of my weekend really nostalgic! 😉

      Goooood luck lady! 😀

  8. My dear Josy, I am so proud of you for your dedication, talent and lovely, kind nature. My love to you and Marc always. Grandma x x

    1. Thank you Grandma!!

      We’ll be coming to visit you really soon in May! <3 I hope that's okay! I'll send you an e-mail about dates.

  9. Awww Josy, this is really too sweet of you!!! This is a wonderful idea, and I think doing a roundup of my favourites from everyone else is a on my to-do list…. also, more snowshoeing???

    1. Yes!! You need to get out and enjoy the last of the snow with Agnes!! I have been LOVING all your photos of her!

      All the hugs Jessica. I think you’d be brilliant in the best pal category as well!!

  10. Thank you so much for the mention! This post proves you are the best blogging pal. And all the jumping pictures had me cracking up. You have an impressive vertical leap!

    1. Lol I knew you like the jumping photos – we should get you to do one too!!

      Good luck with the award too!

  11. Thank you for the mention. I have loved meeting all of you and becoming the little family we have. I’ve loved your blog from the minute I started reading it and I’ve always been a sucker for your in the air shots.

    1. omg! I just noticed that I never replied to this comment. I am so sorry Christine!! I blooming love our blogging friend group too! I am so glad I found you guys – especially you. You manage to be thoughtful and spit-your-tea-out-level funny at the same time. <3

  12. You are one amazing human, Josy. I could not ask for a better review of my little corner of the world at You are Awesome, and you’ve done the most beautiful work in bringing so many of the delightful nominees together in one place. I’m in awe. And also, the JUMPING PICTURES! If you don’t have all of those framed on your wall somewhere in your house, I think you should. In fact, I almost want a wall of jumping pictures in my house! What could possibly be a better way to express a love of life? Good luck and congratulations (and 3 categories WOW!).

    1. Yay! I am glad you liked the shoutout Angela as your corner of the internet really is awesome.

      My mum told me that she framed the jumping photo on Roys Peak from a few weeks ago. You’re right though – I should do the same!!

  13. Josy, this is so why you’re a Best Pal! First, your jumping pictures are my absolute favorite thing. I think they are a perfect representation of who you are- fun, adventurous, sweet, and with some silly added in (because silly is essential to a happy life)! You are SO kind to add such thoughtful descriptions of each blog and blogger! I know how much work that was, because just linking (which is what I did 😜) took forever! You are so thoughtful and kind and your words mean SO much to me. I totally believe online friends are a real thing! I love you and all of the other amazing people I’ve met because of blogging! 😘😘

    1. Squeee Thank you sooooo much for the nomination Katie! You are the bestest! It did take a while to find those links, but it was actually kind of cool to go back and read older posts that I loved. That post about icecream had me in giggles all over again! <3

  14. See you are a wonderful pal, Josy! You very much deserve every nomination you received. Your writing is fun, your photos are beautiful, and your are a kind and thoughtful person. You bet we can have real friends online! I’m so glad you are one of mine (I feel like I should be writing a poem). Oh, and you knocked this post out of the ballpark with your jumping pictures – PERFECT! Congratulations, Josy. I’m so very happy for you. xx

    1. Oh, and thank you kindly for the mention. I am truly honored. 🙂 BTW, if you ever want to come and meet Dahlia in person, you are welcome here – she loves to see people. I’d love to see you too!

      1. You are very welcome Erin!

        I would LOVE to meet you chicken ladies one day! I feel like I am going to need to do a US roadtrip at some point to meet up with my favourite people and go on some epic hikes!

  15. Congratulations on the nomination! Sounds like your little blogging experience has blossomed into something more meaningful. I hope you’ll continue as I love reading about your journeys and seeing your amazing photos. I love the jumping wedding photo!

    Keep it up.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Thank you so much Patricia! It has been amazing to meet so many lovely bloggers. You are definitely one of them!!

  16. You are wonderful. And Isla agrees that she is indeed effing hilarious. I agree most of the time. If blogging friends weren’t real, I be kinda screwed lately. So we are. Thank you for the friendship, and I hope we get to meet and eat Japanese food one day! xox

    1. Lol I love that Isla is aware that she is a funny little lady! 🙂

      I would LOVE to meet up and eat all the Japanese food with you!!

  17. At the risk of being too sycophantic, I must say that your always come off as so genuine. And, (as I say pretty much every time I post; it’s getting to the point where it’s making me sound fake) I do enjoy reading your blog. That said, congratulations on your nomination, and I will definitely be checking out all the different blogs you linked to. Yay life.

    1. Lol thanks Sam! I really appreciate it, although that can sound fake when it’s written down if you read it in a sarcastic way.

      I can be annoyingly happy sometimes (I am aware of it and try to tone it down in real life!) But I am genuinely chuffed that you like my corner of the internet! It’s really exciting that I’m not just writing for mum and dad!

  18. If there was an award for jumps in the blogging world, we know who would crack it 😉 Those are some cute photos and you have mean jumps in your kitty there, Josy. I will check these bloggers you recommend. Always lovely to come across new bloggers. xx

  19. Wow, these all sound like fantastic reads – definitely going to be having a look at them all, and casting some votes! 🙂 And congrats on your own nomination – definitely well deserved <3 thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much Celeste! That is such a sweet message. 🙂

      I really hope you like this bunch of sweetie bloggers as much as I do!

  20. Hi Josy, so nice to meet you, love this post with chuck full of good recommendations. Some of the bloggers you mention I follow already but most of them I’m not familiar with, so will look them up. Thanks

  21. Love this!! This is so much fun. Having really just started my blog a month ago, this is so inspiring to see the community built around it and the hilarious and wicked cool people out there sharing their stories.

    1. They are all soooo lovely! If you can, watch out for when the ‘big up your blog’ facebook group takes new members as they are all sooo friendly and kind about sharing each others posts!!

    2. p.s. I must have got lucky and found you right when you started blogging! I assumed you’d been blogging much longer than that!!

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