Walking around the world – Loos with Views

Walking around the world – Loos with Views

Loos with Views - Toilets in amazing locationsWhen I first started this blog, my mum mentioned it is always good to know about the facilities on walks. So, in the last few years I have really started to notice how good the outhouses can be when we walk around the world. Without really trying, I have amassed a collection of loos with views! I figured it might be fun to share the most terrific toilets, worthy washrooms and brilliant bogs!

I’ve listed these in order of how much I like the vista from each toilet, so these should get more epic as you scroll down! I’ve also included links to each hiking post, just in case you fancy spending a penny in these exotic locations! I even have some other lovely blogging collaborators involved. It turns out I’m not the only one who appreciates a loo with a view!

11. Whyte Lake trail – Canada

I need to go back for better photos of this one! The Baden Powell trail has a really beautifully built outhouse near Whyte Lake. This loo is surrounded by douglas fir trees, and it even has an upper and a lower door! I guess that means you could pee with the top door open if there were no other hikers around!?

10. Hollyburn Mountain – Canada

Marc and I had out first proper snowshoeing adventure on New Years Day 2018. So we started off the year with a pretty lovely view from this outhouse on Hollyburn Mountain! This washroom is attached to a warming hut, but it has a lovely view of snow-laden trees, so I figured it’s okay to include it! Remember if you’re out in the cold; Never eat yellow snow!

9. Buntzen Lake – Canada

I have sprinted to reach this one! There is an amazing hike called the Diez Vistas trail. I’ve done it twice, once with Wanderung friends, and then again with Marc. The thing is, the trail involves several hours walking before you reach the north side of the lake, and on hot days I drink a lot of water! Marc laughed at me as I danced down the trail to reach this loo! Luckily there was no line on the ladies side! This restroom is quite new, and isn’t that a lovely view back to the lake!?

8. Grand Canyon – USA

Leigh from Campfires and concierges shared a good outhouse view from her whitewater-rafting adventure:

“I’ve done several multi-day whitewater rafting trips and it’s always fun to see where the river guides place the loo. Sometimes it’s in a spooky cave, but usually it’s around the bend from camp, with a prime view of the river…and anyone who happens to float by! On the river, they call it a groover and this is an example of the view you might get on a Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip!”

7. Watersprite Lake – Canada

This hike, close to Squamish, finishes at the beeeeautiful Watersprite Lake. The trail for this walk is only a few years old, and there is a new cabin, complete with a new latrine. I cheated slightly with the view from this loo! The lavatory is a few steps back from the trail, hidden in trees. So you need to take around 10 steps to see the epic view!

6. Tongariro Crossing – New Zealand

The Tongariro Crossing is one of NZs Great Walks, and quite a few people mentioned that I’d love it when we were planning our trip to Kiwiland! No-one mentioned the loos though! The bad thing about these outhouses is they always have queues (and there are so many people that they are pretty stinky!) Still…you’re walking through Mordor, you need to expect some discomfort! You should also look at my post about Tongariro, as there are even more spectacular vistas further from the toilets!

I like the way they have decorated each toilet with photos of the surrounding rocks to help them slip into the background! The first loo is just before the hike up to the saddle between Mount Tongariro and Mount Ngauruhoe.

This second loo is right after the dark lava field, just before you start the knee-knackering descent down to the Ketetahi car-park.

5. Annapurna Base Camp – Nepal

Savannah from Savvy Dispatches shared this amazing loo-view:
“When my partner Emmett and I were doing the Annapurna Base Camp trek in Nepal, we stumbled upon a guesthouse in Landruk called “Super View.” We were given an end room which, once the clouds parted, afforded us the promised super view: snow-capped Annapurna South. We could see the peak from the windows in our room – including the loo. It was definitely not only one of the best loo views I’ve ever had but one of the best views ever, period.”

4. Joffre Lakes – Canada

Joffre lakes is incredibly beautiful, and also quite an easy hike. This means it is also very famous, and very busy! But as there are so many people that visit, and pay to camp in the area, they have upgraded the facilities. So there are three toilets within less than 5km! There is one in the car-park, one at the second lake. These photos are from the last loo, by the campground at the third lake.

Once you’ve walked up the stairs, this is the amaaazing view from the loo. This has to be one of the most picturesque places in the world for a pee! You’re surrounded by mountains in all directions and can look over this stunning azure-blue lake.

3. Elfin Lakes – Canada

Elfin lakes is another gorgeous (and famous) place to walk in Garibaldi Provincial Park. We also found three restrooms along the trail to the lake. One at the car-park, one at red heather meadows (about 5km in) and one at the campground by the lakes. They are all loos with views! You can tell that this trail must get a lot of snow! The middle loo is built up high to allow snowshoers to access it in mid winter.

However the view that reeeeally blew me away was from the final toilet stop. There are no windows…but I stood back to grab a photo of this loo on location as it is so, so pretty! Remember, if you’re hiking up to the Gargoyles, this is your last chance for a place to pee.

2. Milford Track – New Zealand

Cat from Walk my World, has a really helpful post about hiking the Milford Track that includes a excellent loo-view:

“Hiking track toilets are generally a necessary evil, but not so for the one on day three of the Milford Track in New Zealand. The view is so staggeringly good that when you tell someone who has already hiked the track that you are about to do it too, they will invariably mention that loo with a view. It’s an unusual contender for one of the ‘finest walk in the worlds’ must do’s! The million dollar view looks out on to the mountain range just over the MacKinnon Pass, it’s so good that everyone chooses to leave the toilet door open! This is one bush toilet you do not want to miss.”

1. Mueller Hut – New Zealand

This is my favourite loo with a view! Although, it takes quite a lot of effort to reach it! The outhouse by Mueller Hut is surrounded by truly spectacular scenery. Plus, while I was using the facilities, part of one of the glaciers broke off and made a huge thunder-like roar sound as snow cascaded down Mount Sefton. I loved the view from this toilet so much that it became the header image on my post about this hike!!

*Extra* Sooo many amazing Aussie Loos

Finally, I found out that I am not the only one to collect photos of toilets in pretty places! Marion from Red Nomad OZ has a whole bunch of posts about Australian dunnies. If you like this post, then you should definitely have a look at her loo with view posts! The outhouse on the left is by Quobba Blowholes, and the one on the right is on Lord Howe Island in New South Wales. However she has loads more ideas for beautiful places to pee! She has even written a book about it; Aussie Loos with Views.

Should I add more?

Do you agree with my order? What is the prettiest place you’ve peed? Do you have an amazing loo with a view that I should add to the list!? I am happy to add more (and link back to your post about the area) if you have a view you’d like to share! 😊

Now I’ve started this, I will probably update this post as I find more lovely lavatories!

62 thoughts on “Walking around the world – Loos with Views

    1. I was thinking it’s a shame there were no loos for you on the Isle of Skye! That would make a great addition to the list!! 😉

    1. Hmmm…I wonder if I could find an amazing loo near a historical location that would make it fun for you to explore there!? 😀

    1. Lol It was quite fun to put this list together…although there are other hikes that has stunning loos, just nowhere near there views!

      These ones are all good if you like to hike *and* don’t fancy peeing on a rock! That sounds like a must visit to me. 😉

    1. Thanks Isabella!

      I was surprised to find other people had the same idea. I guess it’s always fun to pee in impressive places! 😀

    1. Hehe I think I’ll keep taking piccies, so I can always add a few more. Although, they are not always this beautiful!

      I have a terrible bladder too… so I sometimes have to find a large rock to go behind…

    1. Thanks Rachel! I LOVED that view…I think it is my favourite view of any lake so far.
      It’s just you can’t quite see the lake view from the loo, so I didn’t list it as number 1. 😉

    1. Your Aussie loo posts are brilliant! I am sooo glad I found you through facebook before I published this!! 😀

  1. Dear Josy, The most memorable loo of my life is the Nun’s loo on Croagh Patrick,the Holy mountain, Co Mayo, Ireland. When I climbed it with my family as a girl, not even to the top, we stopped by this desperate looking half a hut.It was on the saddle before the last push to the top. It had been erected as a convenience, half way up as it takes amateurs a very long time to climb, and being a religious pilgrimage path, Nuns go there. No one should see a Nun needing a bush to scoot behind.The hut has fantastic views, all over the Southern Sheffry range. It is or was in my day, more than half a century ago, just 3 walls and a plank to perch on to pee.All you produced, dropped away down the hill below heading for the lake where St Patrick drowned the Irish snakes. ( supposedly!) For sheer terrifying pee experiences, you cannot beat this loo. And the climb is also brilliant, panoramic until th very top. Views out to sea, Islands galore in Clew bay and then all those mountains behind you. Wow. You have climbed this in your teens, It is where George lost his tamagotchi, did the loo still exist then I wonder. Love, Mum/Lis

    1. Thanks mum!!

      Next time we visit Ireland, I’ll see if Marc is up for wandering up Croagh Patrick. We can check if it is still there for you! I don’t remember much about that mountain, apart from the loss of the tamagochi and all the sliding rocks!

    1. Thanks Hannah!!

      Hehe, I think I need to add some from the UK and Ireland! We just don’t have that many out in the wilderness!!

    1. Yaaaaay!! Let me know if you find any good ones when you’re out on your runs! I can always get you involved and link back to your beautiful blog!!

    1. Lol once I started noticing them it didn’t take long to build up quite a collection of loos with views!

      I feel like I’ll need to go back to earlier walks and look out for more facilities in epic locations!!

    1. It was pretty smelly for us too! I think the only one that wasn’t was the Joffre lakes. That was new, and not yet stinkified!!

      I will go and peek at your sunshine coast post now. I can’t wait to explore that area!!

  2. Brilliant idea for a post. In my job I drive around a lot. I have a friend with the same job that wants to create a app that tells us where all the good loos are. Also, somewhere in the world there is a loo made of one way mirrors that is in a cube in the middle of a street. That’s the one I want to use!

  3. Yes, I love a good outside loo. The best I ever had was a hole we dug behind a perfect, hidden beach in remote Western Australia. Those top to NZ loo’s look amazing. We’re thinking of heading there in the next year or so and I’m going to make a point of visiting there.

    1. Ooh you will loooove the hikes in New Zealand! The scenery is just gorgeous (even when there are no loos!!) I hope you can make it to Mount Cook!

  4. That Elfin Lakes loo was definitely AMAZING, Josy! My favorite loo is on the summit of Hidden Lake Lookout in the North Cascades (a hike that should be on your list!). The loo itself is not much to shout about but you sit with views that go on for miles!

  5. I have a super tiny bladder, so this is actual incredibly important to me (in all seriousness). However, I’m also kind of a baby and port-a-potties and outhouses totally freak me out… Are there really true hikes that don’t have a washroom of some sort?? That seems so bizarre to me!!

    1. Yeah me too. But there are loooads of hikes that don’t have any loos, or that just have one at the start!! I have had to resort to peeing behind a rock on many occasions!

    1. Thanks Corinne!

      I’ve been thinking about this for a while…but I found loads of other bloggers that also take photos off loos with views, so it’s less original than I originally thought!!

  6. What a fun list! I usually try to avoid any outdoor loos if possible but these don’t seem so bad. The view would help distract from any smells! Ha!

  7. This post is amazing! I always check what the toilet situation is like when I go somewhere, I’m not sure I’ve visited any as nice as these though! A few more places to add to the list… ;D

    1. Hehehe It’s funny isn’t it…it does feel a bit safer when you go on a hike knowing you’ll be able to pee!

  8. I’m actually partial to the open air seats out in the wilderness. There are some pretty fantastic ones through the Glacier Peak wilderness in Washington. Some of them were even newly dug for this season!

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those!! I’ll be taking photos (before using them of course!!) for sure!

  9. Gave me a chuckle when i realized what it was about. Very useful and helpful. The Annapurna loo view is priceless. Can’t think of any pretty places I’ve peed but I’ll give it a think….

    1. Thanks Sue! The toilet at Annapurna (well, everything at Annapurna) looks amaaazing! I hope we can visit there one day!!

  10. What a brilliant post, I love it!! What amazing views, I can’t get over the colours of those lakes, I definitely wouldn’t mind using those toilets 🙂 And Annapurna – truly stunning!

    1. Thank you!

      Riiight!? You can see why I started collecting photos, I mean, these are some seriously cool places to use the facilities!!

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