Nairn Falls – Whistler Waterfalls

Nairn Falls – Whistler Waterfalls

Nairn Falls - beautiful Waterfall near WhistlerNairn Falls is yet another amazing waterfall, just 29km North of Whistler. You do need to go on a mini hike to reach the Nairn Falls viewpoints. However the walk is pretty easy so the effort-to-view ratio is fantastic. I am pretty sure this waterfall would always be interesting; But in springtime, when the snow from the surrounding mountains starts to melt, it is truly dramatic.

We stopped here on our road trip from Lillooet back to Vancouver. Marc and I have driven past Nairn Falls Provincial Park before (on the way to the gorgeous Joffre Lakes) but we’d never hiked over to visit the actual waterfall. I am sooo glad we finally stopped to see it.

Nairn Falls Trail Map

Nairn Falls – the basics

Distance: 3 km (there and back)
Elevation gain
: minimal
Time: 1 hour
What to bring:
Make sure you have plenty of water as it can get hot, even on the shady trail.
There is a car park with a pit toilets and a camp site (you need to book in advance.)
Dog friendly – keep them on a leash
How hard is it?
Super easy. There were a few toddlers and grannies on the trail at the same time as us.

Nairn Falls – getting started

You don’t need to worry about getting lost for this one. There is one path heading from the car park towards the waterfall. You’ll have the Green River on your left the entire time. The trail itself is really relaxing as you walk under the canopy of beautiful trees.

Nairn Falls rock formations

There is a little bit of elevation gain as you get closer to Nairn Falls. You need to clamber up an outcrop of rocks at the end of the trail. Once you reach the steep-ish section, you’ll know you’ve made it!

First waterfall viewpoint

The main viewpoint for Nairn falls has a metal boardwalk to keep you safe as you look down into the churning canyon full of frothy white water. We spent a while here as the river is pretty amazing!

I had to lean over the rails to take this photo. There is a pretty impressive rush of water after the first waterfall.

Second waterfall viewpoint

Once you’ve taken all this in, don’t head back just yet – there is an even more impressive view around the corner. This one is easy to miss, as there is a fence between the first viewpoint and this second. However, if you head to the bottom right corner of the fence, there is a gate which leads to a second area with an even more impressive view.

Isn’t it blooming amaaaazing!? My photos don’t really do it justice, but this waterfall was truly roaring as it cascaded down the cliff. We came back a couple of days later, after the sun had melted more snow, and it was even more impressive!

It was a pretty warm day, so after seeing the waterfall, we walked down to the river below (there is an easy path down, close to the car park.) Even 1.5 km away from the falls, the water was moving very quickly. I dipped my fingers into the river, so can confirm that it is freezing!

Nairn falls is a great waterfall to visit if you are staying near Whistler. It would also work really well as a stop off on the way (or way back) from Joffre Lakes. We came back to camp here, so I can confirm it is a great spot for camping too.

Nairn Falls - take a short walk to a gorgeous waterfall near Whistler Nairn Falls - a fabulous waterfall between Whistler and Pemberton Nairn Falls - beautiful Waterfall near Whistler

15 thoughts on “Nairn Falls – Whistler Waterfalls

    1. It would be amaaaazing for kiddos. You’d just have to watch them near the waterfall – at least there is a fence, so it is pretty safe.

    1. I bet they might be bothersome sometimes. We didn’t find many at all when we first visited (it’s at a low elevation, where there are fewer) BUT I did get bitten once or twice when we camped there.

  1. Nairn Falls looks stunning! We have been talking about visiting Whister for awhile, so I’ll keep this pretty hike in mind. It looks like you have gorgeous weather that day too!

    1. Oooh nice! Are you thinking of visiting in the summertime, or waiting for the snow and skiing? Whistler is gorgeous either way!!

    1. You might find that it is a bit short, BUT if that is the case, you can always find a second mini walk to do afterwards. 😉

  2. Still loving your Whistler posts. We drove past Nairn but couldn’t stop unfortunately, wish we had made time now as it looks wonderful in your photos. Nice one.

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