Vancouver walks – Queen Elizabeth park

Vancouver walks – Queen Elizabeth park

Queen Elizabeth ParkI have found my new favourite view of Vancouver! It is the best place to see views of the buildings in downtown aaaand all the mountains at the same time. Queen Elizabeth park is perched on the top of a hill and surrounded by pretty gardens. Plus it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from our apartment. If any of my friends visit us, I am pretty sure I’ll need to bring them here!

So, although I have been LOVING all the walks in Vancouver, I still don’t know many people. Job hunting was starting to seem like a full-time job, but not a very productive one, as I wasn’t hearing back from any of the myriad of places I had applied to. So, one evening while Marc was working late, I was feeling a little sad and lonely. I knew from my time living in Japan that it’s normal to feel a little sad when you’re away from friends and family, culture shock-like sadness comes in waves. I also know the best way for me to swim back to the top to my normal level of happiness; So I looked at a map and worked out a walk to get me out and about.

I chose to explore the path up toΒ Queen Elizabeth park mostly because I hadn’t yet wandered in that direction. I didn’t google it before I left, so I had no idea what to expect. The walk there was a slight incline the whole way through pretty residential neighbourhoods,and then a slightly steep climb right at the end, leading to a huge car park on the top of the Β hill. There is a golf course on one side, and a busy-sounding baseball stadium to walk past, but the actual park was pretty empty on a Thursday evening.

The northern side of the Queen Elizabeth park carpark leads into the amazing views! If you’re not sure which way to turn, head towards a massive flagpole and a dome-like conservatory. From there you can see the whole of Vancouver and look at all the mountains! The mountains in the middle include Grouse Mountain and Dam mountain which we climbed last weekend, and the mountain to the right with three bumpy peaks is Mount Seymour, our first Canadian mountain.

I spent a while attempting to take panoramas and admiring the view. Then I noticed the other side of Queen Elizabeth park is a gorgeous botanical garden.Β The dome is the Bloedel Conservatory. I didn’t go inside as I figured I should wait for Marc, but nothing could stop me from a quick wander around the garden.

Starting from the mountain-viewing area, you have a fantastic view down into the Queen Elizabeth park garden. It reminds me of Kew gardens, but it was a lot smaller (and on a hill!) Maybe a closer London version is the lovely Pergola and Hill gardens. That is gorgeous and on a hill too.

I found some interactive artwork. These ladies with brollies are starting to be covered in locks. It might look really nice by the time their dresses are all covered in locks. For now, they just looked fabulous and shiny in the sun.

Once you make it down inside the garden it seems quite manicured, but really lovely. I am sure if I ever feel sad again, the Queen Elizabeth Park would be the perfect antidote.

I did bring Marc up to Queen Elizabeth park the following week, but it was after our date night so a little later.

It was a little misty that night. There was some haze from the massive forest fires in the B.C interior that made the sky look quite pink. We walked around the garden again, but I couldn’t really take more photos as it was just a little too dark.

Anyway, my sadness prevention walk seemed to work. The following morning I had a call from the University of British Columbia. They had found me a temporary job. Yay! That is why I didn’t have a chance to write up our adventure on Dam mountain yet – last week I was busy learning as much as I can about the Mechanical Engineering department at my new job. Everything feels a little better now. I’ve met lots more people and I am working, so feeling less like a scrounging wife! Phew!

Anyway I liked Queen Elizabeth park so much, that I am sure I will come back and take more photos. If you come to visit me in Canada, and don’t want to climb a mountain, I’m planning to bring you here! If you’d like to see other gorgeous Vancouver parks, I have a whole post about them here.

27 thoughts on “Vancouver walks – Queen Elizabeth park

  1. Well congratulations on the job but I’m going to miss your posts about your adventures. You’ll have to do a lot of weekend exploring.

    Lovely photos and I’m going to tuck this place away in my “places to visit” folder. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the new job!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Aww thanks Patricia!

      Don’t worry! I’ll keep exploring at the weekends and keep writing about the places I visit. The only reason I didn’t this week is because I was a little exhausted working after having more than a month off!! Waking up at 6am each day was a bit of a shock to my system!

  2. QE Park is definitely a lovely place to go relax and enjoy a stunning view of the city. I like the photo showing the hazy view over the city. Very atmospheric.

    Congrats on the job – you’re just over the road from me πŸ™‚ Enjoy the quiet bus rides while you can! It’ll be mayhem when the students start again in September…

    1. I was worried that might be the case!
      I bought a bike, so I’ll attempt to cycle, but those big hills might defeat me! I think I’ll have to give myself looooads of time to get used to it.

      Where are you? There are different departments in all directions!

      1. I’m in the School of Population and Public Health, on the opposite side of East Mall from the Engineering building.

        Yeah, about those hills… they’re great for going home at night πŸ˜‰

        1. Eep! Ah well…at least it means once I can cycle, I’ll be a little more healthy. Until then I’ll be tired.

    1. Oooh this is helpful! I can ask you!! How do you pronounce Coquitlam? I keeping seeing it on the map, but I have no idea how to say it! Is it Ko-quit-lam?

      If you visit her again, you could visit me too! πŸ˜€

      1. Ahhh she literally just moved back to Ontario at the start of June! But I had been to visit her a few times in BC. I loved it. It’s also where my flight anxiety comes from but that’s a whole other can of worms.

        And yes – Ko-quit-lamb….although I tend to pronounce it ko-quick-lum. They sound almost the same. You really do need someone who knows how to say it to teach you that first time lol. I had to do that when I was in teacher’s college, the teacher I was observing was reading a Terry Fox story and couldn’t get it lol

        1. Oooh Ontario is lovely too. Now you can visit her and go swimming in the lakes.

          I totally just had to google Terry Fox. I had seen his statue and knew his story, but I forgot his name. *So much more Canadian culture to learn about!!*

          1. Ontario is very lovely!

            And thats ok! You have plenty of time to learn about Canadian culture! Little tip: if someone offers you a beaver tail, its 98% likely to be fried flat dough with sugar on top. Not an actual beaver’s tail πŸ˜‰

            *I still cant reply to your comments directly from my notifications bar. So strange! It only happens on your posts…..*

            1. Dammit! πŸ™
              I have no idea what is wrong. I’ll attempt to look into it. I did try a while ago when Katie was having a similar problem, but they basically told me there was no problem. πŸ™

  3. Ha! Now I can write! Sorry but my android gave me no place to participate in the reader but on line it’s there…. weird. I love your pictures we were there in Oct 2015 on that day we went to the marina for the classic boat show and a blues festival obviously too preocupied to go to the gardens I feel I missed out awfully. I love mary Poppins and those umberella ladies would have been photographed to pieces had I seen them. When you go somewhere even incyour own country you gravitate to what is happening and sometimes miss out. I would like a picture of the ladies please please please….

    1. I can go back and take more photos of the ladies covered in locks! Next time we head up there I’d be happy to! πŸ™‚

      The boat show sounds amazing so you probably didn’t miss out. Now you have an excuse to come back! πŸ˜‰

      p.s. Sorry! I replied to your other post before I saw this one…now it might not make sense!

  4. Congratulations on your job. Walking always lifts my spirits too. I have an uncle who lives in Vancouver and I’m sure I visited Queen Elizabeth Park many years ago. Look forward to reading about your next adventure.

    1. Thank you! The world is so much better when you have something to do! I was thinking, once machines take over, and there aren’t many jobs for humans left…I wonder what people will do to keep themselves busy!?

  5. Queen Elizabeth Park is one of my favourite places in Van city! It’s gorgeous and quiet and the perfect place to let your mind wander with your feet. Even if someone wants to hike mountains, they should walk the Park!! And congratulations again on your new job!!! Welcome to university life 😎

    1. Thank you!!

      I am really glad that it’s not just me that loves the park! It was pretty empty compared to the madness on Grouse Mountain, but I think I liked the view even more.

    1. You have the right blog handle – that *is* a brilliant point of view. Plus this kind of walk leads you to brilliant viewing points. πŸ˜‰

      I’m really glad we found each others blogs.

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