Amazing walking holiday – Crete’s Aradena gorge

Amazing walking holiday – Crete’s Aradena gorge

Hiking in Crete - The Aradena GorgeRecently I have been sharing pretty walks from my time in Vancouver. BUT I keep going through my hard-drive and finding photos from older walks that I’d like to share. So I figured I could join in with a Flashback Friday Post. 🙂 This one is about our exploration of the Aradena gorge, near Loutro in Crete.

What do you do when you plan a holiday? I normally choose a destination, and then try to find out if I have any friends from that area that can give me tips. So, I asked a Greek friend for advice about where I should visit in Crete. She told me that most English people go to the North of the Island, but that Greek people head to the South. If I wanted quiet beaches and less touristy food, I should head to a place called Loutro. This was amaaaazing advice. Especially when I looked at photos of Loutro! It is a small village that is only reachable by boat. So you won’t see a car for all the time you are there. I booked flights to Crete and a room in Loutro and we were ready to go.

Our honeymoon plan was pretty simple. Relax for a week in Crete, and then have an epic week of hiking in the Dolomites. But Marc and I are both rubbish at sitting still on a beach for hours, so the first thing we did when we arrived in Loutro is buy a map, and work out if there were any good places to explore nearby. It turns out there was a stunning hike down the Aradena gorge. We had walking boots with us anyway, so we decided to give it a go!

Now, the problem with hiking in Crete is that it is soooo hot in summer! Seriously! When we arrived at the airport, the hot air seemed to hit us like a sledge hammer! So, we decided to set off crazily early at 5am, as soon as the sun rose. Starting from Loutro, we basically had to climb a small mountain before we could start the walk to Aradena gorge. We managed to stay in the shade for part of the way up, but then we needed to race the sun as it slowly revealed the gorgeous views behind us. You can see Loutro down below.

Crete is not a particularly lush or green landscape. The dry soil makes everything look orange or golden in the sun. But this is the perfect environment for some herbs. The mountains and cliffs are covered in the fragrant purple flowers from thyme. They are full of bees too – so even if you don’t explore the mountains, you can taste their nectar in the local honey.

Not too surprisingly, the sun won our race with the shadows! So we had beautiful views of the golden landscape. This made our walk pretty warm though!

Luckily our early start meant it wasn’t toooo long before we’d made it to the top of the mountain. There is a small church, the Church of St Catherine, at the top, that has stunning views out to the sea.

We then hiked down to a village called Anopli, which has gorgeous views of the local mountains and very friendly doggos! There were also some cool spiky flowers that I have never seen before. How pretty are these!? I also loved the red and yellow bugs that you can see if you look carefully inside the first purple flowers! (You might have to click on the photo to enlarge them to see the bugs!)

We found a pretty foot path between Anopli and the abandoned town of Aradena. One of the dogs from Anopli decided that we were its humans for the day, so it joined us for the walk. We were a little worried as we walked further and further from his village, but in the end, he didn’t want to cross the crazily high bridge at Aradena gorge. It was nice to have doggo company for a while anyway!

Before you can walk along the Aradena gorge, you have to cross the amazing Aradena Bridge. The bridge is 138m (453 feet) high. It also has plenty of holes between the slats so you can peer down into the gorge below. I LOVE looking down from high places. But even I thought this bridge was slightly scary to cross! Apparently you can even bungee jump off it!

Anyway, the steep cliffs either side of the Aradena gorge look spectacular from above. The shade within the gorge also looked pretty inviting, so we started to head down the zig-zag path down to the bottom. We passed through the abandoned village of Aradena on the way. There weren’t many humans around BUT the goats haven’t left! We found so many friendly goats climbing on walls and even a couple in the church. Who knew Cretan goats were religious!?

Once we made it down into the Aradena gorge we were given a bit of a break from the hot sun. The sides of the gorge are so steep that you can hide in the shade for quite a lot of the day. I have not done many hikes like this where you are enclosed by such high walls, for such a long way. It is pretty cool to see the various rock colours and formations as you walk.

After a few twists and turns, we started to see the Aradena Bridge again. This time it looms from above! It is easier to see just how high up it is from below.

The view straight up:

Once we’d passed the bridge, we meandered slowly down the Aradena gorge heading towards the sea. You might expect this kind of hike to be boring with a small slither sky above you and cliff faces in all directions. However I didn’t find it boring at all. There was a lot of variation in the sides of the rock-faces and the plants. Quite a few times we’d need to clamber up the edges pf the gorge to avoid boulder fields. Other times it would open up a little so we’d meet more goats grazing over floors covered in smaller pebbles.

One of the plants that we saw the whole way along the walk was this funky-looking thing, full of colourful seeds. It looks a little bit like corn on the cob, but in impressive colours! I saw green, yellow, orange and red versions, and quite a few with graduations of the colours in a single plant. For a place with so little vegetation, this really brightens up the walk!

We didn’t carry enough water with us (eep!) So we were both starting to wilt a little near the end of the walk. The final section goes through a valley covered in pink flowers! This perked me up again as I loooved the way the decorate the bare edges of the gorge.

The last section also had really pretty markings on the rocks. By now we could hear the sea, so we knew we were getting close to the end.

And how amazing is this for a reward at the end of a long, hot hike!? The Aradena gorge finishes in the gorgeous Marmaras bay. There is a taverna right on the beach, so you can refresh with food and drinks there.

We ordered a couple of tasty dishes and huge glasses of drink! This made our whole world better! We’d started at 5am, and it was 2pm by the time we made it to the taverna so it had been a pretty long walk! The tavern has a shady patio looking out over the beach; It is the perfect place to find yourself when you’re hungry and thirsty. There were also quite a few kittens patrolling the tavern for scraps, so we managed to have some kitty cuddles too!

The brilliant thing about starting our walk so early in the morning, is even after a long walk, we still had the whole afternoon left! The beach at Marmaras bay is rocky, rather than sandy, but that didn’t stop us from going for a swim! The cliffs at the edge of this beach are lined with caves, so we spent several hours swimming around this beautiful blue water and exploring the caves.

So, in the end, we spent 9 hours walking, and then another 3-4 hours swimming. We could have taken a boat back to Loutro, but we fancied a glass of wine instead of rushing back. So we drank some wine, then hiked back for another hour to get back to Loutro for our dinner. I really enjoyed this final wander as the sun started to set. We got to meet plenty more goats who have taken over the cliffs.

Marcs sweaty walk!

Marc had brought a change of clothes, but even after our cooling swim, the hike back to Loutro was enough to totally soak his shirt! This just shows we made the right decision to try our hike early in the morning!

By the time we’d made it back to Loutro and changed out of our hiking clothes, it was night time.

My friend had been right about this being a destination for Greek people! Almost the whole village had been taken over by a famous Greek politician for his daughter’s wedding.  The village had been covered in lanterns so we returned just in time to see this gorgeous spectacle. It was the perfect end to a fantastic (if knackering) day!

50 thoughts on “Amazing walking holiday – Crete’s Aradena gorge

  1. What a spectacular hike! I’ve always wanted to go to that part of the world. Someday, maybe…
    You two sound like me and my hubby. We hear about major tourist destinations – then head in the opposite direction! You see and learn so much more if you go where the locals go.

    1. Oooh you would love Crete! I don’t think it would be possible not to like it with all the pretty views and gorgeous food!

      It’s funny though, quite close to this walk there is a super famous hike along the Samariá Gorge. That is the place most people visit so apparently it is REALLY crowded. I sort of wanted to do that one too, but I am so glad we found this quieter alternative!

  2. That bridge? Nope. No way. I would not have crossed it. I’ve discovered recently that I am afraid of heights. I’m like the opposite of you guys, though, I can totally veg out and sit on the beach for days at a time!

    1. I can veg out at the beach for a bit…but even on our relaxing days we tended to hike for a couple of hours to find the coolest beaches! I’l like a veggy failure!

  3. After hiking in hot weather, I know I would be completely comforted with just a look at Marmaras Bay. That photo alone makes me want to visit that part of the world. I have never seen water so clear and blue/aqua!

    1. It is a stunning colour isn’t it!

      That water was pretty cold BUT as the weather was so hot that I loved swimming there. We even saw a giant turtle swimming around the following day! Do visit if you can!

    1. The thing is, we knew we’d be doing some long hikes the following week…so this was like a get-our-legs-ready type hike!

      I bet you could manage it if you knew they’d be a pretty beach and amazing food waiting for you at the end!!

    1. Aww thank you!
      It’s a bit far from the states, but once you get there, it is a really cheap, lovely place to visit!

    1. There is a more famous gorge pretty close by too – the samaria gorge. This one is just nice if you don’t fancy walking with the crowds. 🙂

  4. Greece has been on my list for the longest time but I’ve always been put off by the swarms of tourists I often hear about. It’s so good to hear there’s somewhere you can go thats quieter and actually has more to do than just chill on the beach! The colour of that water is amazing! One to add to the list for sure!

    1. That water was cold, but sooo lovely to relax in.
      I think there are quite a few good, less crazily busy places in Greece. Even on islands that are well known, there are often quieter areas that have not been developed quite so much. I guess you just have to follow the locals.

      I hope you make it there one day!

    1. Oooh you have more willpower than me! I don’t think I could ever turn down a trip to Greece! <3

      Thank you for visiting! 😀

  5. wow what a great hike! It reminds me my trip to Santorini this year when I did an amazing hike as well. and funny enough we also had a local dog who followed us all day long 😀 your photos are magical, so glad you got to explore such a nice place

    1. Thanks Adrianna!

      Oooh where did you hike on Santorini? I went there yeears ago, but we hired scooters rather than hiking. It is such a gorgeous island. 😀

      Yay for being joined by friendly local doggos!

    1. Thank yooou!

      I do like the beach…it’s just I’ll end up walking along it, or finding shells…or swimming. I suppose I’m just rubbish at sitting still!

  6. I have read quite a bit about this town. Looks so beautiful! I am one of those who cannot sit still. I would have hiked and walked around too. My husband likes to check out plants like the “corn on the cob” you saw. I bet he would have tasted one of the seed (I think one day he will get poisoned).

    1. Those plants didn’t look very edible to me. But I’m the same with berries here in Canada. I want to try them as soon as I find a new one. 😀

      Loutro is lovely, I am not surprised that there is lots to read about it.

    1. Thanks for visiting! 😀
      This one was a little haphazard to be honest (I was too busy planning our wedding) but it worked out well in the end.

  7. Lovely photos, brought back memories ! I’m a truly nature lover so I would definitively love to visit Aradena gorge. I’ve visited the Samaria Gorge few years ago and I’ve really enjoyed the hike. Crete has enormous charms… Beaches of turquoise water, mountains, wine, olive oil, feta cheese, greek yogurt, grilled octopus 🙂

    1. Yeeees. I love all those things!

      I was slightly surprised by just how much meat there was in Crete, I mean as well as fish. One of the restaurant owners told us that Cretan people eat more protein per capita than anywhere else in Europe!

      How was the Samaria Gorge? Was it really really busy?

    1. Oooh where did you go? Did you explore the Northern part of the island or did you head south to the quiet areas?

      I’d still quite like to visit the Northern parts as well…

      1. I’ve spent two days in Chania and a week on the other side, in the small village near Agias Nicolas … Nature around Chania is super green and rich, I didn’t have time to explore but I will next time for sure!

        1. That is where we ended up too. I really loved walking around Chania – and the food there was amaaaazing.

          I’ll have to look up Agias Nicolas if we go back. We can swap sides of the island to explore!

    1. If you like hikes, you’d love it. As long as you can wake up early. I don’t think I could have managed the mountain in the afternoon sun!

  8. Isn’t it amazing what you discover when you go off the beaten path? Loutro seems so lovely and the perfect way to have spent a lovely day. That’s funny about the religious goats 🙂 Your landscape photos are amazing. I haven’t traveled enough around Greece and this makes me want to go back again. Great fun on your honey moon.

    1. Greece is dangerous for that! As soon as you look around one island, you find out about ten others that are also begging to be explored!

      I LOVE the name of your site by the way, travelling to try food is the best! I am just taking a peek now.

    1. Thank you! We really really did.
      All the extra walking meant my husband even lost half a stone, even though we ate tonnes and drank all the wine! 🙂

    1. It was pretty in a golden way. The light is really beautiful and makes all the rocks sort of shine.

      But you’re right, there is so little greenery. I think if I stayed for a long time I would really really miss seeing bright green trees and vegetation.

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