I have only lived in Japan for three and a half years, but it stole a whole section of my heart! I’ll always love my Japanese friends and family (well, host families). I love the mountains and the gorgeous places to explore. I also love the festivals and the food. Most of my photos of Japan are from yeeeears ago, but when it is raining and I have time, I am slowly writing about my favourite walks, festivals and adventures.

You can find My Japan posts (so far) below:

Japanese Food:

Firstly if you are heading to Japan, or if you just like to drool over tasty food. Please have a peek at my Japanese food guide. This should help ensure you try all the tastiest foods.

Walking or exploring in Japan:

Japanese sights:

These don’t all involve walks, but quite a few of these places are not very famous for non-Japanese people. I am just keen to share the cool and quirky places that most people miss.

Japanese Festivals:

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