Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

Yay for Canada!

Marc and I moved to Vancouver in June 2017. Since then, we have been using every opportunity to explore and walk around the gorgeous countryside of British Columbia. I have written soooo many posts since then that I thought it might be good to bring lots of them together in a new page. If you’d like to search for posts by region, you can use this map:

Hikes Near Vancouver

If you would like an overview of the amazing mountains and possibilities of hiking near Vancouver. Please have a look at my introduction to Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains. Or you can click on the icons above to see all the hikes we have done so far.

Adventures in the Rockies

Sooo many waterfalls

If you had read a few of my posts you will probably realize that we love finding waterfalls. I’ve made a map so you can find amazing waterfalls close to your location. Green means you don’t have to walk, Blue is for waterfalls with easy walks and Dark Blue means you’ll need to do a slightly longer/harder walk to reach them.

Hiking information and resources

Are you unsure what to bring with you hiking? No worries, I have you covered with my post about what to bring on day hikes (the 10 essentials)

Sometimes, when I really love Canadian hiking guides, I review them. So far I have written about 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia and the Glorious Mountains of Vancouver’s North Shore.

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Learning to Ski

I have quite a few posts about our journey learning to ski as adults. You can find all my posts about skiing in Canada here.

For the record, I blooming love this country! I realize that our language is not quite the same, but I hope my heart is half as open as the sweeties we have met here so far. In the UK our government (and boarder agency) is not particularly nice to migrants. My lovely friends from Japan, NZ, Canada and the US have had nightmares trying to sort out their UK visas. I have been pleasantly surprised by how painless it has been for us to move here, and how welcome I feel. Anyway, thanks for letting us in Canada! I’ll do my best to integrate and visit all your pretty mountains!

Oh, and just in case you are thinking of bringing a pet to Canada, I have a post about that too!

29 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Wow moved to Canada!! We visited Whistler last Feb & immediately fell in love with Canada & knew we wanted to see more. We’re going again this coming Feb to Fernie & can’t wait. We snowboard so enjoy the Winter there but would love to see the country for some walking & mountain biking in Summer too 😊 will be following your adventures x

    1. Yay! Thanks Sam!

      It is a REALLY welcoming place to move to, especially in the summer when everything is so pretty!

      I’m excited to try skiing and snowshoeing for the first time too. Hopefully I can find some tips for when you come out in February!!

    1. Thank you Jane!
      I would LOVE to go to Banff at some point. It looks amaaazing there! πŸ˜€
      p.s. I am sorry about my slow response! I am afraid I lost your comment in my spam folder.

  2. Wow, just gorgeous ! Wonderful glimpse into what Canada has to offer than Niagara falls! And Oh my that suspension bridge! Thanks a lot for your insight dear!

    1. Thanks for popping by Sylvia! πŸ˜€

      There is another large suspension bridge that is free to cross. I need to visit that one next!

    1. Thanks Angela! I loooove maps so I’ve been meaning to make one of our hikes for a while. It several hours to put this together. Most of the time went into making a spreadsheet of all these posts!

      1. The results are so awesome. Worth the time. My husband is a map aficionado also. So much so that I bought him a centuries old one from Etsy and had it framed. (I think it was only a 150 years old, but it will be “centuries” soon enough. :))

        1. Ooooh that is awesome! My mum is a big fan of old maps as well, so I have always loved seeing them on her walls. What was your map of?

  3. There’s so much to do in Canada, I can’t wait to visit! I don’t know if I could’ve left the UK like you did for it, though! That’s amazing. I’m glad you are having a great time πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! We are really enjoying it here so far. Although I do really miss family and friends back in the UK (especially as now it would be harder to go home with covid-19)

      Even if you don’t move here to live, it’s a fabulous country to visit. πŸ˜€

  4. Thank you for coming to Canada and profiling what it has to offer. My love affair with the country started as an 11-year-old when Canada appeared on the curriculum (in Australia). i came as an adult and never left. I’m currently on the east coast but love reading posts about beautiful BC.

    1. Thanks Anne! I know how you feel, we were only meant to stay for three years, but we love it so much (especially the access to amazing mountains!)

      Was is a bit of a shock to come from Aus to those Eastern Canadian winters!?

  5. Welcome to Canada! Love this post, there really are a lot of great hikes around here! I hope you get to checkout the Maritime sometime, too, especially in autumn.

    1. I would LOVE to do that! I have some blogging friends on the other side of Canada – it is so gorgeous over there too!

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