108 Mile Lake & Sepa Lake hike

108 Mile Lake & Sepa Lake hike

If you visit the fabulous 108 Mile Heritage Site, and you fancy stretching your legs; You can hike in a loop around 108 Mile and Sepa Lake. This is a flat, easy-going walk alongside the lakeshores. It is perfect for just a couple of hours walking in the autumn. I imagine it would be fab in the summertime too, if you stopped for a swim.

108 Mile Lake & Sepa Lake loop map

108 Mile Lake & Sepa Lake loop the basics

Distance: 10 km 
Elevation gain
: Minimal – about 50m
Time: 2- 2.5 hours
What to bring:
Bring the 10 essentials plus bear spray.
Facilities: There is a cafe and toilets at 108 Mile Heritage Site.
Dogs: Yes. We saw so many happy dogs.
How hard is it? Easy

108 Mile Lake Getting started

We started at the 108 Mile Heritage Site. We spent time looking at the collection of historical buildings before we started walking. It was fun to see the remains from the nineteenth century Cariboo Gold rush (and scary to learn about all the murders that happened here!)

We did the trail clockwise, so one of the first things we walked past is the 108 Golf Resort. There didn’t seem to be any golfers in October!

Sepa Lake Views

The trail branches off; So you can shorten the trail by about 3km. Go right, along 108 Mile Lake for a mini loop (7km), or keep left to walk around Sepa Lake (for the full 10km).

Sepa Lake is surrounded by marshes and reeds. It is a perfect spot for birds-watching. We also loved seeing all the cool cabins at the end of the lake. It’s a beautiful area to live.

108 Mile Lake Views

The trail eventually rejoins the edge of 108 Mile Lake (with views back over to the 108 Mile Ranch.) Once you reach this view, you’re about halfway around the hike.

Great walk in the autumn

We really enjoyed this walk on a chilly autumn afternoon. The sky may have been a bit moody, but there are so many deciduous trees around 108 Mile Lake, it still felt cheerful and pretty with all the bright yellow leaves.

As well as all the fall colours, there were plenty of berries and floofy plants along the trail.

The path is flat, pretty wide and well maintained. There were quite a few boats on the North side of the lake, so I have a feeling it will be full of boaters in the summertime.

Shorter version?

If you don’t have time to walk 7-10km around the lakes, you could walk counter-clockwise and just relax on one of the benches with views across the lake.

The loop finishes off back at 108 Mile Ranch. All in all, it is a relaxing wander along the shores of two pretty lakes.

Other sights nearby

On the way to 108 Mile Lake, we found quite a few other cool stops:

  • Centenial Park in 100 Mile House and Bridge Creek Falls
  • Clinton Falls
  • Begbie Lookout

We really liked the area around 108 Mile Ranch. The heritage site, 108 Mile Lake and Sepa Lake were all fun to explore. I can totally see why this is a popular area to visit in the summertime for camping, fishing and soaking up Canadian history. In the autumn, it was quiet and lovely.

43 thoughts on “108 Mile Lake & Sepa Lake hike

  1. This looks like a lovely hike, and you’ve left me really intrigued to hear more about the murders you learned about at the 108 Mile Heritage Site. I may have to visit just for that – I’m a total true crime junkie! Thanks for sharing. Xx Sara

    1. Yeah, this part of BC is very different to the coast! It is all pretty flat, so makes it nice and easy for walks.

  2. 108 Mile Lake looks gorgeous! I sooo miss the fall, and the leaves changing color. We really don’t get much of that in FL.

  3. The 108 mile title concerned me until I saw the actual length was more manageable (phew) and pretty level. I like the scenery as well as the interesting historical site.

  4. What a stunning part of the world to explore! I’d like to see the falls and can quite imagine sitting on that lakeside bench after a hike, with a flask of tea, just to enjoy the view

    1. It’s funny, this part of BC is further away from the more traditionally epic mountain views – but the lakes are pretty is such a calming way.

  5. This lakeside hike looks lovely and easy as well. I’d also take a detour to see the Bridge Creek Falls. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. It looks like a nice way to spend an hour or so. Canada is so beautiful, you are very fortunate to live there. I’m hoping to get back to Canada in the next few years and spend more time.

    1. Sweeet! I hope you can Jenny! To be honest, most tourists don’t drive this far up away from the main cities of BC – it’s was a fab surprise to see how gorgeous the area is.

  7. What a fantastic idea to plan an epic hike! The landscapes are just so fantastic! Thanks for sharing this guide and putting this spot under my radar

    1. Thanks Lasma! Heh, it didn’t feel too epic! We just wanted to stretch our legs before driving south again!

  8. Those historic cabins look amazing, I just love that architecture so much, and what an interesting place to start from. The lake looks like a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours!

    1. The barns were so, sooo impressive! It’s kind of cool that this area was established for the gold rush, but then people stayed to run ranches. 🙂

  9. Love this 108 mile lake hike and the choice you have for a shorter hike. The views of the lake and the waterfalls look awesome. The autumn colors sure add magic to the views. 🙂

  10. Looks like my kind of walk; nice and easy. It’s weird seeing pictures from Fall since it’s so stinking hot here and feels like the middle of summer. I could almost feel the cooler air from the pictures.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  11. I’ve never heard of this but it looks so peaceful! In the fall looks like a beautiful time to visit!

    1. Yeah, I got the impression it is busier in the summer, but it never gets crazily busy. It’s more Canadian holiday makers, rather than international travelers…

  12. Thanks for sharing this guide. The 108 mile lake hike is a great way to discover the fantastic landscapes. The area is so scenic, especially with the Clinton Falls.

    1. Thanks Mayi!

      Clinton Falls was a little bit down the road, but it was such a nice surprise and easy to reach!

  13. Sometimes it’s nice to go on easier hikes. This one looks like it has a lot of nice places to see as well which is good since you aren’t hiking to any high viewpoints.

    1. Me too! Although to be honest, with this area, I learned about most of it once I got home and researched more about it. I was curious after I’d seen all the fabulous old buildings. That is when i learned about the grizzly history and all the murders!

  14. Those fall colors are stunning! A chilly, autumn hike around pretty lakes sounds so nice right now in the heat of Florida summer. I’d love to check out those waterfalls too.

  15. Every time I see a place like this I think I should get into birdwatching. It would be so interesting to be able to identify the local wildlife, and bring a whole new dimension to enjoying the outdoors. When I go to marshlands and wetlands I always feel like I’m missing out on a whole world that other hikers can see! Same with identifying vegetation or foraging type of stuff.

    1. Yeah I feel the same. Have you ever used the seek and iNaturalist apps? I used those (and google lens) to try to find out what the plants/birds are.

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