Walks in the Cotswolds – Uley & Owlpen

Walks in the Cotswolds – Uley & Owlpen

Walks in the Cotswolds - Owlpen and UleyEngland can be so blooming pretty! We visited Uley for the wedding of our awesome friends, Chloe and Jack. While we were in the area, we thought it would be nice to do some walks in the Cotswolds. None of our walks were particularly well planned. We just found footpaths between the villages of Uley and Owlpen and followed them through the green fields of springtime flowers. I am sure there are even nicer proper day hikes in the area. But if you find yourself in the Cotswolds, it seems like any direction you take can lead to a pretty walk!!

This post is slightly different to my normal posts about hikes. Rather than an official route, this just includes some photos of our wanders, as well as a little information about where we stayed, just in case you like the look of these villages so much you want to visit too.

We arrived in the spring, so we got to see sooo many cute little lambs in the fields. It’s just a shame that they always seem to run away as soon as I get my camera out.

This was on the road between Uley and Owlpen. It was pretty on this overcast day, so it must be gorgeous under a blue sky!

We spotted a footpath, so walked along the edge of bright green fields that were full of fluffy daffodils.

The only problem with this path was that it finished too quickly! We found ourselves over in Uley in no time at all!

Wild Garlic flowers

I really, really love smelling, and seeing all the wild garlic flowers in May. If you have never walked through a patch of garlic, you are in for a treat. It really smells like roast dinners. There huge patches of garlic all around Owlpen and Uley, and the whole of the cotswolds. Even if you are driving through you’ll be able to see plenty even at the side of the world.

I think this was the best patch of wild garlic that I spotted.

Bluebell time

The bluebells were starting to fade, but the cottage we stayed in was surrounded by them.

Holiday Cottages at Owlpen Manor

We stayed in the lovely Grist Mill on the Owlpen Manor Estate. There was loads of space, so even with eight of us it felt spacious. If you are thinking of exploring the Costswolds, this would be a perfect base.

The gardens at Owlpen Manor were lovely too.

We had to walk through the village, past this chapel and gardens to get out to the footpaths from the village.

Once you make it back, this is the view of Grist Mill.

This was our room inside the house. The house is filled with the machinery of the old mill. I really loved seeing it all, even if it not what you expect in an average bedroom!

Vestry Cafe – Uley

Just as one extra note, I’d like to mention that we ate some really, really tasty food at the Vestry Cafe in Uley. I may have really over ordered, but everything we tried was delicious and presented beautifully.

Our walks in the Cotswolds were the last of our hikes around the UK. Marc and I were only home for a week, but we explored quite a few new places. If you’d like to see the others, these are my other recent flower-filled posts:


Walks in the Cotswolds - Owlpen and Uley  

24 thoughts on “Walks in the Cotswolds – Uley & Owlpen

    1. I don’t think I had been to the Cotswolds before either. It is full of cute villages and pretty backroads. <3

      You can add it to your list if you head South!

  1. WOW – It’s so pretty! Can we move there? Like just take over the land and kick everyone else off of it? The sheep can stay though haha and whoever is making that yummy looking food.

    1. Oooh I hope you get blue skies so it’ll be even prettier! I look forward to seeing your photos!

      p.s. if you end up near Uley, that cafe was sooo nice, but my friend told the food in the pub is nothing to write home about…

    1. Lolloping lambs are the cutest aren’t they!? I think you get similarly cute ones all over the UK!

  2. I spent a lovely few days with a friend in Stow-on-the-Wold. Also Upper Slaughter. Even if it weren’t breathtakingly beautiful there, you’d have to love the names (!)

    1. I was the same. As soon as we arrived, it *felt* like we’d been there before. It all seems to quintessentially English!!

  3. I love the bluebells and Ionian plants too! What a gorgeous place and the names, Owlpen for instance, are so cute. We were in UK last spring and it’s so different to our Aussie spring! A lovely interesting post Josy.

    1. I’d love to see an Aussie spring too. I loved visiting New Zealand, but it was strange not to know any of the plants. I have a feeling I’d feel the same in Aus.

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