Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes – Chilliwack

Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes – Chilliwack

I am excited to share this one! Lindeman Lake near Chilliwack is one of the most popular hikes in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia (Canada.) This is a short, sweet hike to a beautiful jewel-blue lake surrounded by mossy forest and limestone mountain peaks. It’s family friendly and gorgeous, so you should expect to see lots of other hikers on this one.

If you have extra energy, you can then continue on to Greendrop Lake. This longer trail is a little harder, but very rewarding with a second picturesque alpine lake, and far fewer people.

Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes – The basics

Distance: 3.4 km for Lindeman Lake; 12km for both
Elevation gain: 220m for Linderman; 495m for Greendrop
High Point
: 997m
Time: 1hr for Linderman;
What to bring: The 10 essentials, and bring bear spray
Facilities: There are loos at the trailhead plus campgrounds (with loos, bear caches and tent platforms) at both lakes.
Dogs: Dogs are allowed (on leash)
How hard is it? Easy-ish to Lindeman Lake (the trail is short and easy to follow, but surprisingly steep.) It is more than double the distance (and elevation gain) to Greendrop Lake so most people don’t continue that far.

Lindeman Lake – Getting Started

The trailhead is at the far end of Chilliwack Lake Road, just before Chilliwack Lake Provincial Campground. It’s around 2 hours from Vancouver. The road is paved so any car can make it here. However I have heard multiple stories of cars being broken into (or catalytic converters being stolen.) We were camping, so we opted to play it safe; We left our car at Chilliwack Lake and hiked the extra 1.5km to the trailhead.

The trail is really fun! There are big boulders and roots to navigate under massive old growth trees. If you are not used to hiking the coastal mountains, you’ll find this steep and rugged. But if you take it slowly, most reasonably fit folks will make it up.

You start of hiking alongside Post Creek. You cross the creek about half way to the lake on a fancy, new-looking bridge.

Bring Hiking shoes!

I should probably mention, that we saw a few people struggling with sneakers on this hike. It’s best to bring shoes with good grips to avoid slipping on roots. It must be worse in the spring when the trail is muddy.

First Peek at the lake

There is a big logjam at the southern end of the lake. I was excited to climb up and see the views. Lots of people stop right here, but I strongly recommend continuing. The trail along the lake is flat, and views from the north side are even better.

Lindeman Lake Campground

You can camp here for $5 with a backcountry permit. Pay before you drive up as there is no signal near the trailhead. There’s a toilet and a bear cache along with 6x tent pads (so you won’t damage vegetation around the campground.

We kept hiking around the lake, watching as the colours changed dramatically depending on the angle of the sunshine

The far side of Lindeman Lake is covered by a huge rock slide. There is a path through it, but it is a little faint. The views from here are stunning with massive limestone cliffs and pointy peaks (the gargoyles) towering above the teal-coloured waters.

Not bad eh!?

Continue on to Greendrop Lake?

If that was enough, turn around a follow the same route back to the car park. I have to admit, I’m not keen on hiking for less time than it takes to drive to a hike, so we were keen to continue. The trail beyond Lindeman was much quieter and I loved the scenery.

There are quite a few huge boulderfields under impressive cliffs and pretty patches of forest

There is a steep section soon after you leave Lindeman lake, but after that it’s more of a slow and steady climb. It’s a pleasure to hike.

The final kilometer is basically flat, so you’ll feel refreshed by the time you reach the lake.

Greendrop Lake views

It’s a perfect place to stop and relax for lunch or a cold swim. While Lindeman Lake was heaving, we had the shores of Greendrop Lake all to ourselves (at least for a while before the next group of hikers arrived.)

Greendrop lake is a beautiful shade of teal and incredibly clear, so you can see all the logs below the waterline.

Greendrop Lake Campground

There are some lovely camping spots right next to Greendrop Lake. Imagine waking up to that view! You can camp here for $5 with a backcountry permit

Like the previous campground, there is a toilet and a bear cache along with tent pads.

Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes are both gorgeous. They are perfect for an easy-ish day out near Chilliwack, or for if you are staying at Chilliwack Lake Provincial Campground.

If you don’t want to walk to both lakes, there are a few other mini adventures nearby like Chipmunk Caves and Bosumarne Falls. Or, if you are an experienced hiker (and have lots more energy) you can continue on to Flora Lake & Flora Peak. It’s spectacular!

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17 thoughts on “Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes – Chilliwack

  1. You discovered another lovely hike at Lindeman Lake near Chilliwack. And I would definitely continue and hike to Greendrop Lake. Stunning!

  2. Wow, Canada has so many stunning jewel-blue lakes, it’s almost hard to believe! And Lindeman Lake is just another example of its beauty. Big shoutout to you Josy for taking me on some amazing hikes all across Canada.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Canada! I’ve heard it’s so picturesque to visit! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous lake. I’ll be sure to add this spot for a future trip!

  4. Ohh look at that water!! I can definitely see why it’d be a favorite! I usually like avoiding giant crowds, so carrying on to Greendrop Lake would definitely be on the list for me! It’d be awesome to get to go camping here + check out Flora Lake/Peak on another day!!

    1. Yeah, we tend to avoid crowds normally too… but some of the pretty (and easy) hikes do tend to attract a lot of people. It’s pretty good to see so many people coming out to enjoy nature!

  5. Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes hikes – one easier and the other longer hike – both look challenging to me. The colors of the lakes are awesome and the views at the end of the hike are totally worth the hike. I would look up these hikes when I am in the region next.

    1. Thanks Jan. Yeah, I think they would be challenging if you don’t hike often (but still doable, with a few rests along the way!)

      It makes it hard to describe difficulty ratings as regular hikers will find it super easy, and new hikers will find it hard.

  6. This is a great blog post about Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes. You captured the beauty and the difficulty of the hike very well. I like how you showed the different views of the lakes from different angles and times of the day. The campground at Greendrop Lake looks very cozy and peaceful. I hope to do this hike someday!

  7. I had no idea Canada was home to so many beautiful lakes! The hikes to Lindeman and Greendrop Lake look like something we would love to do if we find ourselves in that apet of the world again! Thanks for all the great photos.

    1. Yeeees! We love BC so much because of all the fabulous places like this. Do you have any favourites? (I’m always on the lookout for more fab adventures!)

  8. I think I’d only have energy for Lindeman Lake although the full walk looks amazing. I can see why Greendrop Lake got its name.

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