Lundbreck Falls – Crowsnest Pass

Lundbreck Falls – Crowsnest Pass

Lundbreck Falls is a pair of spectacular waterfalls just off the Crowsnest Highway (Highway 3.) There are viewpoints on both sides of the Crowsnest River as well as a bridge and a path to the base of the falls, but you can view the waterfalls from multiple angles. We visited in August, so if you visit earlier in the year, the volume of water will be even more impressive. This is a perfect place to stop for a picnic and dip your toes in the cool waters.

Lundbreck Falls – the basics

Distance: Less than 1km. If you’re happy with a single viewpoint, you don’t need to walk at all.
Time: 30-45 mins
What to bring: You don’t need much. Bring swimming things if you want to swim in the river.
Facilities: Loos and picnic benches.
Dogs: Dog friendly.
How hard is it? Easy

Waterfall details:

Lundbreck Falls is impressive for a location that you can reach with hardly any effort!
Waterfall Type:
Two separate plunges
Height: 12m

Lundbreck Falls – Getting there

Lundbreck Falls location is just off Highway 3, 15 minutes east from the Frank Slide. There is space to park and picnic benches on either side of the waterfall. Most people parked on the northwest side (by the loos) but if you cross the bridge, there is extra parking.

Fancy a swim?

The water near the base of the falls is very shallow. But if you continue beyond the bridge, near the Lundbreck Falls campground, the water is calmer and better for swimming or fishing. Just be ready for cold, glacial water.

In August the water was so shallow that you could easily cross the river under the bridge. But walking over the bridge has better views! There are steps down to the base of the waterfalls on the northwestern side.

This is the close up view from the north west side – not bad eh!?

My favourite spot was down at the base of the falls. You get slightly soggy from all the spray, but it is a beautiful sight.

If you are staying near the Crowsnest Pass, or even just driving through – Lundbreck Falls is a fantastic place to stretch your legs and see the impressive waterfalls. We found a few other fantastic waterfalls in this area, but none were quite as large (or easy to reach) as this one.

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11 thoughts on “Lundbreck Falls – Crowsnest Pass

  1. I love easy access to waterfalls. And these falls are quite impressive so definitely something to look for in Alberta.

  2. Yay for waterfalls!! <3 This is definitely a great "bang for your buck" one, haha. I am a total wimp when it comes to the cold so I would probably just admire from afar-ish.

  3. This hike looks amazing, waterfalls always add so much! I probably wouldn’t going swimming if the water was really cold though Lol

  4. I really need to keep places like this in mind during road trips! I don’t think I have ever stopped to have a picnic or lunch someplace special; I always just eat gas station food while continuing to drive lol. Why not pull over and make a short little detour to take in local scenery like this instead of just muscling through? I’d see so much more of the countryside that way, and it’s not like I’d have to do an entire multi-mile hike or lose much time.

    1. Wait whaaaat? I would have assumed this would be what you do every time! It’s such a good way to break up road trips (and eat in pretty places!)

      We tend to find food somewhere tasty. On this day we’d bought bagels in Fernie and brought them with us for a picnic… I strongly recommend that too as gas station grub can be so depressing.

    1. Right? That is how we feel too (we visited so many waterfalls along the way for this road trip but Lundbreck falls was one of my faves.)

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