Miller & Eva Lakes – Mt Revelstoke National Park

Miller & Eva Lakes – Mt Revelstoke National Park

The route to Miller and Eva Lakes is one of outstanding hikes at the top of the Meadows-in-the-Sky parkway in Mount Revelstoke National Park. I don’t mind putting in some hard work to see beautiful views, but I am also a fan of trails like this; Where you can drive up the mountain and start at over 1800m elevation. It means that the views are incredible the entire time as you romp through alpine meadows, surrounded by scenic peaks. Then, the views get even better when you reach the stunning gemstone-coloured waters of Miller Lake and Eva Lake.

If you have extra energy the trail continues to the jewel of Revelstoke – Jade Lakes. I’ll write about that in a separate post so this doesn’t become too massive.

Miller Lake and Eva Lake trail map

Miller & Eva Lakes – the basics

Distance: 15 km 
Elevation gain
: 400 m
Time: 4-5 hours
What to bring:
The 10 Essentials
Bear spray
Swimming things if you fancy a dip
There are loos at the trailhead as well at both lakes.
Dogs: No. You cannot bring dogs to the alpine meadows in Revelstoke National Park
How hard is it? Intermediate. The trail is pretty easy to follow, but I guess 15 km with a some elevation gain makes it moderately hard.
Extra Notes: This area does not have a long hiking season- you need to visit between June and October

Miller & Eva Lakes – Getting started

There are a few car parks on the top of the Meadows-in-the-Sky parkway. We opted for the first one, but you can keep going a teeny bit further to Balsam Lake. From there in normal years, there is a shuttle bus to the summit area. I don’t think it’s worth waiting for the shuttle though- it’s a short, pleasant walk up to the Firetower at the summit.

Historic Fire Lookout

Before you get started on the main trail, take a mini detour to look at the firetower. The beautiful wooden cabin has two stories to allow fire wardens to watch out for forest fires in all directions. It was built in 1927, but it still looks amazing.

Meadows in the Sky

This is one of those walks that you will love even if you can’t hike the whole way to Miller and Eva Lakes. The trails from the Meadows in the Sky (the name of this part of Revelstoke National Park) are all beautiful. This is the scenery from the fire lookout (South Parapet) with Heather Lake below.

Heather Lake

The second lake of the walk (if you include Balsam Lake) is Heather Lake. It is small, but surrounded by wildflowers and looks amazing. I especially loved the red paintbrushes.

North Parapet Views

There is a second fantastic viewpoint that looks out to Lake Revelstoke. This amazing scenery is all just over a kilometer away from the car park.

Miller Lake Trail

We spent a while exploring the flower filled meadows near the summit, but after a while it was time to start on the main event – the Miller Lake trail.

How busy is Revelstoke National Park?

There were lots of people near the start in the Meadows in the Sky. The crowds thin out as you hike further into the park. This is a popular trail, and we had not started particularly early in the morning, so once we got moving there were quite a few hikers on the trail. We were planning to go a long way so we walked quite quickly and ended up overtaking lot of hikers. If you go at a slower pace, it won’t seem so busy.

The Miller Lake trail slopes downhill for the first part of the walk. The route alternates between forest and meadows, but you can almost always look out to the mountains.

You gain around 170m in elevation as you walk up to Miller Lake. The route goes through some boulder fields, created by rock slides. But the path is really well made, so you don’t need to scramble (or do anything even vaguely technical.)

Miller Lake

Miller Lake itself is gorgeous! It is one of those crazy blue alpine lakes that changes colours as you look at it from different directions. It is named after the school principle in Revelstoke, Mr A.E. Miller, who explored the area in 1906 and then wrote excited letters to the local newspaper about how beautiful it was.

We spent some time sitting at the lake and admiring these gorgeous views. From here, you can continue on the Jade Lakes 4km one way (hike up to the mini peak in the middle of the photo below). Or you can go slightly further to Eva Lake 1.2km. Or (the best option) is doing both!

Miller Lake from Above

I’ll write a second post about hiking to Jade Lakes as if you can believe it, the scenery is even better. I took way too many photos to include them in a single post. Anyway, this is the view down to Miller Lake from the Jade Lakes trail.

On to Eva Lake

For now, I’ll show you the easy option – continuing on to Eva Lake. This mini adventure is only an extra 1.2 km beyond Miller Lake. The trail is uphill the entire way, but it’s not steep or difficult.

Eva Lake

This stunning alpine Lake was named after Eva Hobbs, a local school teacher who was one of the first settlers to explore Revelstoke National Park and set up the popular trails. Eva was the first person to see the lake in 1909 during a hike from Miller Lake. I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to be the first to see these views!

The Parks Canada website says that little is known about the area’s use by First Nations groups prior to European contact. Still, the views around the lake are incredible so I like to think people had been up here before the 1900s.

Eva Lake Cabin

The warden’s cabin at Eva Lake is the second oldest building in the park (it was built the year after the Fire Lookout, in 1928.) It is a pretty gorgeous location.

There is a loop around Eva Lake. If you visit – do walk around it it’s less than a kilometer and worth the extra effort. These are the views from the far side of the lake. You can look out to the fantastic views of the Selkirk Mountains.

We made it this far right at the end of the day at about 5:30pm. It was a bit too chilly to swim for us, but I would love to come back camp at this lake and swim here!

On this occasion we simply hiked back to Heather Lake and the car park. We spent so much time hiking, that everything turned golden on our way back as we raced the sunset.

Panoramas of Miller and Eva Lakes

Just to give you an idea of how stunning the views are for the entirety of this hike, here are a few panoramas.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is not anywhere near as famous as some of the other parks in the Rockies like Banff or Jasper. We have actually driven past this National Park countless times before finally stopping to explore these trails this summer. Now I have seen how stunning the area is, I whole heartedly recommend stopping to hike or camp here.

Miller and Eva Lake hike in Mount Revelstoke National Park, Canada Meadows in the Sky to Miller Lake and Eva Lake - Mount Revelstoke, Canada Mount Revelstoke National Park hikes - Meadows in the Sky to Miller Lake and Eva Lake - Canada

52 thoughts on “Miller & Eva Lakes – Mt Revelstoke National Park

  1. Oh my gosh!! I saw “Miller Lake” and thought for a second you had come to Ontario! There is one here too and I used to spend my a few weeks every summer there with my church. But it wouldn’t be good for a hike LOL you could walk around most if it I suppose but it would be all on roads since there are cottages all around it hehe

    1. Oh no! We didn’t make it to Ontario again yet (although we did visit a few years ago when we were deciding if we should try to move to Canada…) You guys win for amazing lakes!!

    1. Yeah, it was one of the nicest days on our trip (we also hiked in the rain quite a lot) I think it would still be pretty in the rain, but it was spectacular in the sun…

  2. Your photos are stunning! Picture after picture, I feel like I’m looking at postcards. What a gorgeous hike, perfect weather and vibrant wildflowers. The reflection shots are stunning too. I am so jealous that you can visit such a gem of a park but glad you shared your hike with people like me, stuck in the city.
    PS: I would love to stay in that cabin!

    1. Thank you sooo much Mayi!

      Just FYI, I don’t think you can stay in the cabin, it is for park rangers to store things. You can camp at Eva lake though. <3

  3. The hiking available in that area is AMAZING! I can’t wait to get the opportunity to go back and do this hike. Your pictures are very beautiful!

  4. What I love about hiking is that you come close with the soothing power of the nature. As I look to your images I feel how much I would love to hike that trail! Unbelievable how clear the lake looks..Looks a challenging one with 15km trail

    1. It sounds challenging, but it really wasn’t too hard (I guess because the trail is so well built?) I totally agree though, hiking really can be soothing.

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yeah, I regret that we didn’t go swimming. On this occasion, we hiked over 30km, so we only had time to paddle. Next time I would go a bit more slowly (maybe camp) so we’d have more time to swim and really enjoy the area.

    1. It’s mad isn’t it? I loved that the great views start near the beginning of the hike…you don’t have to wait until the end for a viewpoint. 😀

  5. We have only been to Revelstoke once and it really left an impression. I pinned this post for hiking next time we are there! I also loved the drive in, the train tunnels along the way, and everything!

  6. Your photos are amazing. I love hiking in the mountains, I was born in Dolomites area in Italy and for me it is natural to do outdoor activity. I hope in the future also to visit Canada.

  7. Another gorgeous hike in Canada – I thought the wood carved sign was really neat! Your posts always inspire a visit to hike those incredible mountains! 🙂

  8. Alright, so 15km is a long way, but starting at 1800m up makes me feel a little less wary about this hike. Plus all your incredibly gorgeous photos help as well. And the fact that the views aren’t all at the very end of the hike, so there’s plenty for me to admire while I’m trying to catch my breath!

    1. I feel like you get extra energy from how pretty the walk is…so if you can normally manage 10km, you’d find 15km somewhere this pretty totally doable 😉

    1. Yeah, the lack of steepness made it all pretty easy. Although we made this one harder by going further (on to Jade Lakes) on the same day. In the end we hiked almost 29km, so it was a little more epic. 🤣

  9. Wow! The scenery rivals just about every national park I’ve ever been too! Do you need special permits to camp near off the trails here? I see a national park road trip in Canada in my future!

  10. WOWWOWOWOWOW you literally grabbed my attention from Meadows in the Sky and didn’t let go the entire time! Wow, this hike is…UNBELIEVABLY beautiful. Idk if I could do 15km tho…I feel like it’s always the length of hikes that get me more than elevation or terrain

    1. You can dooooo it Kay! At least, now you have your backpack, you can build up the distances you walk little by little…then you’ll be ready for longer adventures by the summertime.

  11. I really loved seeing this hike. There is something special about alpine meadows. I love alpine flowers and the paintbrush is a favorite (along with elephant head). Stunning photos.

    1. Oooh Karen I just googled elephant head- what a beautiful flower! I don’t think I have seen that in the alpine yet. It’s gorgeous!

      I love red paintbrushes and the alpine lupines. 😀 Oh, and the glacier lilies (after my blogging friend Andy got me to notice them)

  12. Wow!! Miller Lake is SO pretty!! It looks like it’d be good for a little dip on a hot day but i’m guessing it’s ice cold 🙂

    1. Yes! Each lake was super cold. I am regretting that we didn’t stop for a dip though. If we camp there next time, I will go for a swim!

  13. This is my kind of hike! Amazing views, 5 hours, a spot for swimming. You had the perfect day for this hike to Miller and Eva Lakes! I also love that you checked about First Nations history – that is something I often do when hiking in the US. I am itching to go hiking again – soon as this snow melts.

  14. I absolutely love reading about your hikes and recommendations, and there’s always inspiring photos and incredible details. I hope I get a chance to take one of these hikes someday. This one speaks to my love of swimming though and that sounds like such a worthy hike! The Meadows in the Sky look incredible, so surreal and gorgeous.

  15. I never heard of these lakes before in the Canadian Rockies. They are so beautiful though! I am definitely adding this to my bucket list when I revisit Canada! 🙂

  16. What stunning photos! Ive never heard of this area before but it is on my bucket list now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. What a place, looks amazing. I agree, I like doing the longer trails but since I love nothing more than a good view it’s even sweeter to be able to drive closer to somewhere so the view is even better. It’s still not like you just parked, looked at the view and left, there’s a good amount of work to do. Already sent this to my friend to plan for the summer

  18. Beautiful walk! I doubt I will be able to visit Canada soon but the pictures look absolutely stunning! Love the detailed photos including the terrain. Not an avid walker here, always scared to wimp out or have trouble with too rocky paths, but after reading this I would feel comfortable tackling this walk!

  19. I have never heard of this place, but it’s amazing. I can’t believe how beautiful the landscape is 🙂

  20. We’re planning our holidays and would like to stay in Revelstoke for two nights to do this hike on september 6th. I wonder how hard it is to get to Balsam lake parking area with a motorhome just under 26 feet

    1. I’m really glad you like it! I guess it must be frozen by now, but it is fabulous in the summer (as is going further to Jade Lake!)

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