Murray Creek Falls – Gold Country

Murray Creek Falls – Gold Country

If you are ever driving along Highway 1 beyond Lytton, you will reach the beautiful town of Spences Bridge. This area is located within the traditional territory of the Nlaka’pamux Nation, who speak Nłeʔkepmxcín.

Lots of people visit this area for watersports; Either fishing or rafting. However if you have time to stretch your legs, have a peek at Murray Creek Falls to the West of the town. The waterfall was impressive, even in October despite being located in this desert area of BC, Canada. It must be incredible if you can visit in the springtime.

Murray Creek Falls Map

Murray Creek Falls – The basics

Distance: 1km-ish (if you park before crossing the trainline.)
Elevation gain
: About 50m
Time: 5-15 mins, depending on how many photos you take!
What to bring:
You don’t really need anything. It is so short!
Facilities: Nothing. I saw a porta loo, but I didn’t see if it was open.
Dogs: Great for doggos.
How hard is it? Easy peasy pudding and pie

Murray Falls – Getting Started

We parked on Colvin Road, to the west of Spences Bridge, just before the road crosses the trainline. The falls are on towering sandstone cliffs next to the Thompson river.

You need to cross the railway to reach the falls. Be really careful when you cross (as the trainline is active.)

Just to show off, a couple of minutes after we crossed, we got to see a freight train chug past.

Murray Creek Falls

The trail to the falls is about 200m from the road. You’ll be able to see and hear the waterfall; So look for the trail leading into the bushes. Murray Creek Falls is made up of two tiered plunges. The lower falls are 37m, and then there is a second waterfall above that, dropping 12m. It’s pretty cool to find such a big waterfall in the middle of this desert-like region.

Climb up to the falls

If you want to get closer (I always do!) There is a rope to help keep you steady as you climb up the super dusty, slippery path.

Not bad eh!? You can wander right to the base of the falls and get slightly soggy. Be extra careful near the edge in the springtime when the waters are a bit more rage-y.

Best Season to visit Murray Creek Falls

This is a fun little stop-off all year round, but if you want to see the waterfall in full flow, visit in the springtime. It also looks fabulous in mid-winter when it freezes. We enjoyed the autumn because the foliage and trees turn beautiful shades of gold.

I really loved seeing some of the desert plants, like these rubber rabbitbrush flowers. They really brighten up the landscape.

Spences Bridge Salmon run

This area is known for coho salmon and trout fishing in the summertime and steelhead (trout) fishing in the fall. There was a bit of a pong in the air, so we knew there must have been a lot of fishes spawning recently. We went to the riverside to look.

We must have just missed the salmon run (again!) We went down to the Thompson River, and found fish carcasses in various states of decay. Some were enormous like this steelhead!

We may have missed the salmon/trout runs, but we loved stopping off to visit Murray Creek Falls! What do you think? Does Spences Bridge look like a fun area to stretch your legs?

17 thoughts on “Murray Creek Falls – Gold Country

  1. This looks amazing! I loooove your photos! I have never been to Canada, but it ha always been of my dreams and these falls are definitely getting on my list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Francesca! This isn’t one of the more famous, massive waterfalls, but there are plenty of those too if you come to BC in Canada. 🙂

  2. Very cool! It looks gorgeous with the autumn colours. We’ve never stopped off in that area, just driven through a couple of times, but looks like we found an excuse for a road trip….

    1. The other really good reason to stop is the fruit stands! They grow some seriously tasty fruit in this part of BC!

    1. No, it wasn’t scary at all. It’s just the soil is sort of dusty/sandy, so it was hard to grip it, even with hiking boots. That rope made it all fine.

    1. Heh, we were fascinated by them! There were about 50 fish in all states of decay. It was kind of cool (although we were glad there were no bears there to eat them!)

  3. I always say it but you live in the most wonderful place, Murray Creek Falls is yet another amazing location for to explore. Looks absolutely fantastic. who doesnt love a waterfall?

    1. Thanks Jonno! This was still a little far away from home… but I am really glad we stopped to see it!

  4. Great Post ! I have read your other posts which are really informative for any traveler. Articles that have meaningful and insightful comments are more enjoyable. Thanks

  5. This is my most favourite hike that you’ve posted! I love how quick and easy it is, sometimes I’m not too bothered with the hike itself, but just getting to the water so this is ideal! LOVE IT!

    1. Oh yay!! Lol yeah this one isn’t really a hike – but the waterfall is pretty fab despite the lack of effort to reach it!

  6. All your posts are so imformative and you always gather it all. Never even heard about this place, but now I want to visit 😍

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