New Cat Harness – Monty Update

New Cat Harness – Monty Update

Monty Update - new cat harnessI have sooo many things that I want to write about, but I’ve also had a few requests for a Monty update! So I thought I should write a post about how Monty Monster is getting on with his new life in Canada. If you’d like to read more about Monty, a while ago I wrote a post about bringing him to Canada. If you need to see kitten pictures or silly photos of his belly, see the other post here.

We live in a ground floor apartment here in Vancouver BUT around our building there have been recent sightings of a coyote and there is a resident raccoon that lives in a garden just around the corner. This means we don’t feel comfortable letting Monty outside on his own. He used to rule our whole building back in London. In summer he would visit all of our neighbours if they left their windows open. Plus there were several gardens for him to roam around. We could tell that he has been missing his outdoor life. We do have a small patio here, so he sits by the window staring out at it.

Anyway, because I am wrapped around his little paw, we bought a harness for Monty. As you can see from the shape of his ears in the first photo, he wasn’t into it at first!

When I first opened our back door, he was not really sure about it. He sat by the door smelling the world for ages before he built up the courage to step out. For once, he seemed really nervous! The poor little dude kept close to my legs and did a LOT of sniffing the walls to learn his surroundings.

Monty walks pretty strangely with the harness. He didn’t get used to it yet. He crouches close to the ground and sort of waddles along. It is totally different to his normal sauntering-style! The photo on the left is from his first few minutes outside last weekend. He gained a little confidence today (the photo on the right) but he still walks strangely.

Last week he was excited and worried all at once! Monty stayed right next to my legs, so I could feel that he was breathing super-fast! He calmed down and had the most fun when Marc picked him up and showed him around.

Since last weekend, Monty has been pretty sure that he should be let out more! He has been meeping by the window. After dinner of course! He still cares most about the inner cat! I’ve let him explore a couple of times in the dark. He is already getting used to it all and will come over and sit down next to me when I bring out the harness. He is still pretty nervous outside and he’s normally ready to go back inside after 10-20 minutes.

Today he seemed far happier and spent some time sitting on our gate post watching the birds and being startled by the cars!

There is a small hole at the end of our fence that leads into our neighbour’s garden. This is where Monty wants to go most! I’ve had to pull him back twice after he tried to run off through the hole! He also managed to jump onto the top of the fence (which is taller than me!) So I had to lift him back down from there too!

After his escape attempts, he decided to relax and sit in the leaves for a while, before he went back inside.

So, that is the latest Monty update. He is just getting used to our small garden and the harness. It is all working better than I expected it too. It turns out you can teach an old cat new tricks!

I’ll leave you with a modest photo that always makes me laugh.


26 thoughts on “New Cat Harness – Monty Update

  1. Josy dear I am delighted to know that Monty is still ruling your lives! He is a very special animal and I am happy to know that he is settling down to be a Canadian cat. Polly has stopped work and the baby is due in about a month now. Did you know your parents are deserting everyone and going to the Scillies for Christmas. I hope they don’t sget tranded by an Atlantic gale. Love to Marc and you of course. Grandma x xx

    1. Thanks Grandma!
      Yep, we’re still being ruled by Monty. It’s just his kingdom is surrounded by Canadian animals now!!

      I did hear about mum and dad’s adventures! I can’t wait to see their Christmas photos!! πŸ™‚

    1. I think so, I heard that one escaped a few weeks ago! It seems he is not the only one that wants to see outside! Most people seem to have indoor cats here.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like him too Hayley! Every time we speak to my (or Marc’s) parents, this is the kind of thing they want to see!!

    1. You could always cheat and give him a kitten for Christmas. Cue evil laugh. Bwahahaha. I’m happy with one cat at a time. Monty is enough of a handful for me!!!

  2. He is so handsome! I loved reading and then seeing in the photos how at first he was apprehensive and then pretty excited. So precious. I wish I could have a pet to love ❀️🐱

    1. You really just need to visit Vancouver and come for hugs!! He’ll give you all the hugs, and then I can tell you about how he wakes me up at 5:45 every day (to help put you off)

  3. Oh my, you could have left Monty with SOME dignity 🀣 Glad to see he’s adjusting well to Canada life, even if he’s not quite king of his castle any more!

    1. We did have another harness for when he was smaller, but he hated it (he’d just roll onto his belly and refuse to stand up!!)

      This red one was from our local pet shop. We just went for a really light one so it doesn’t annoy him too much!

    1. I’m not sure. He once managed to squeeze out of his old harness so I wouldn’t be surprised. If he escapes we’ll have to grab him fast!!

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