Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip

Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip

Jasper Road Trip - One of the prettiest drives everThe road trip from Vancouver to Jasper has to be one of the most gorgeous long drives in Canada. I previously wrote a post about our Vancouver to Banff Road Trip, but this time we decided to be even more epic and go all the way to Jasper. We brought my little brother, George and his wife Cerys along for the ride. We also made more over-night stops to spread out the driving, rather than zoom the whole way there in a day.

I would love to take the train the whole way to Jasper, but as tickets on the Rocky Mountaineer start at $1579 (they can be as much as $2700!) it is not quite in our price range. Especially when you multiply that price by four! Driving ourselves meant we managed to do the whole adventure, but without those crazy costs! This trip cost us around $200 in gas.

Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip Itinerary:

If you do the whole drive from Vancouver to Jasper in one go, it will take over 8 hours to go via Clearwater, or 11.5 hours via Banff. But, driving that much in a single day would take half the fun out of this epic journey as there is sooo much to see along the way! We did enjoy driving the whole way to Banff previously, but this time we decided to break the journey up more, so we stayed the night in Clearwater on the way, and in Revelstoke on our return journey.

Day 1: Drive to Clearwater 475km (about 5 hours driving) Explore Waterfalls in Wells Gray Provincial Park
Day 2: Drive from Clearwater to Jasper 318km (3.5 hours driving)
Day 3: Explore Jasper and go skiing
Day 4: Drive along the Icefields Parkway to Banff 287km (3.5 hours driving)
Day 5: Explore Banff with as many hikes as possible!
Day 6: Drive from Banff to Revelstoke 382km (3.5 hours driving)
Day 7: Explore Revelstoke, then drive back to Vancouver 565km (6.5 hours driving)

Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip Map:

Hopefully this map will give you some idea about our route. I have included all of the stop offs we made along the way (although there were a few others for food or gas.) There is sooo much to see that I could easily double the time, number of walks and viewpoints.

Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip Essentials:

  • Winter Tires – The first time we visited Banff it snowed in September, so we kept our snowtires on for this trip in April. It snowed 2 days before we arrived in Jasper.
  • Bring Snacks – We bought a cooler and filled it up with bread, cheese, fruits, carrots, nuts and spreads. Plus a little milk for tea once we arrived. We’re so English.
  • Map – Because you never know when you might lose phone signal
  • Sunglasses – There are always moments when you’ll be driving towards the sun!
  • Camera – Because you will take a zillion photos out the window, even if you know photos from car windows never come out well!

Vancouver to Clearwater

We did this part of the drive very early in the morning (we started at 5am.) This was mostly so we’d have some time to explore Wells Gray Provincial Park in the day light. This turned out to be a fantastic decision. We stayed in a cheap hotel in Clearwater, and spent several hours walking and looking at the waterfalls. We had so much fun, that we went back for more waterfalls the following morning before driving on.

The photos below are Spahats Creek Falls and Helmcken Falls – but take a look at my post about all the waterfalls, as there are so many impressive ones in the area.

Clearwater to Jasper

We started the day with a quick hike to Moul Falls, then visited the supermarket in Clearwater so we’d have a picnic for the road trip. Most of the journey was under clouds and rain, but the scenery is always interesting. We noticed some massive sections of burned forests, and other large sections that look like they have been hit by pine beetle infestations.

On a whim, we made a quick stop off at Rearguard Falls, which turned out to be an incredibly beautiful place to stretch your legs.

This is the view just passing through Mount Robson Provincial Park. We couldn’t see above the clouds, but it was spectacular anyway!

Once we’d made it to Jasper, we walked around the town to explore, and found a whole herd of deer relaxing and eating the grass right outside out hotel! It was a fantastic welcome.

Exploring Jasper

We split up on our day in Jasper. Marc and I spent a truly awesome day skiing at Marmot Basin. George and Cerys took the car to explore Jasper and take the Jasper SkyTram up Whistler Peak.

We met up later for tasty food at to watch the sunset by Pyramid Lake.

Jasper to Banff – Icefields Parkway

This was the most epic day of our entire trip! The Icefields Parkway has to be the most beautiful highway in the world! We basically started early and spend the entire day stopping off to see ridiculously pretty viewpoints, taking mini hikes to waterfalls and exclaiming at how awesome it is to see Glaciers up close! If you did not see it already, please take a look at my post about Hikes and Highlights of the Icefields Parkway. It’s hard to describe just how epic that part of the road trip can be!

Exploring Banff

Marc and I had previously only seen Banff in the snow (and clouds), so it was a bit of a revelation to arrive to see how picturesque it can be in the springtime! Our group split up again so George and Cerys could explore the town, while Marc and I went hiking. We climbed up the amazing C-level Cirque trail, and then up to Castle Mountain Lookout.

I also have a bunch of ideas about what you can do in Banff in the springtime.

Banff to Revelstoke

We had another pretty epic day. We started by visiting the Banff Hoodoos. Then we showed off Johnston Canon and Lake Louise. They were both covered in ice, but great fun to explore.

After that, we drove on to one of my favourite places, Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. Although Lake Louise and Emerald Lake were both still frozen, the natural bridge (which you’ll pass right before Emerald lake), was all thawed out and looking pretty.

Revelstoke to Vancouver

As we got closer to Revelstoke, we noticed two fun-sounding spots to explore, the Giant Cedar Boardwalk and Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk. So, before we continued on our drive, we popped back to take a peek. They are both really fun places to explore on route from Banff.

This involves a little extra driving, but we made a quick stop off at the Sicamous Lookout.

We also stopped for a picnic and a mini hike to Gibraltar Rock in Paul Lake Provincial Park near Kamloops, which seemed like a fantastic area to return to and explore more!

Final Tips for Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip:

Be prepared for all kinds of weather, especially in the winter and shoulder season. When we have driven these routes in April and September, there was plenty of snow and ice, so we were glad we had our winter tires.


It is very likely that you’ll be able to spot some Canadian wildlife on your drive to Jasper. You might see big horned sheep, caribou, elks, mountain goats and bears. We have never seen a moose, but we were told in winter you can often see them near Clearwater. If you do see animals close to the road, (and it is safe to park and watch them) please do not stay for more than a couple of minutes.

  • Whatever you do, do not feed the bears (or any of the wildlife.) It may change their behaviour to associate humans with food. This can lead to the bears having to be slaughtered because you fed it to get your photo.
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the road or get in the way on oncoming traffic. (Duh!?)
  • Do NOT get out of your car!
  • Never drop litter (I mean you shouldn’t be throwing litter out from your car anyway…)

My friend Susan has a fantastic post about how to survive when hiking in Bear Country if you’d like to read more.

Avalanche areas

We had a few delays for road works, but friends have told me sometimes you need to wait much longer for highway closures for avalanche control. Actual avalanches can also occur at any time, so if there is a road sign that says you’re in an avalanche area, don’t stop there.

I hope you like the look of this fantastically fun road trip. If you are travelling to Canada, or if you live in Vancouver, it is a great way to explore and see the Rockies.

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Jasper Road Trip - One of the prettiest drives ever Vancouver to Jasper Road Trip - Even beautiful in the clouds Vancouver to Jasper Road trip - You will love it

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  1. You should open your own tour company or travel agency because you have such amazing experiences and provide such detailed information. You could write off all of your travel expenses and hiking and skiing adventures as “research” for your business. (Hey, I’m here to help.)

    Thanks again for the beautiful photos.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. You are the sweetest Patricia! Thank you for the lovely comment. I would loooove that…although I am not sure I’d find enough people willing to pay for it!

  2. What a fantastic road trip through the most incredible countryside. I was only talking about returning to BC and Alberta the other day and your post has just brought all of those memories flooding back. The Icefields Parkway has to be the worlds most amazing drive surely? Wonderful photos.

    1. It really is an epic drive! I would really like to go back in the summertime. I know it will be far more busy, but I would love to see the Rockies looking even more rocky!

    1. Yeeees! It is way better to take extra time over it. If we had double the numbers of days, I could easily have filled them!

    1. Yay! I am so glad I finally worked out how to embed maps. I just need to work out to add hiking maps now.

      +1 for needing to see more of Mount Robson. It’s my friend Lisa’s favorite mountain and she has good mountain taste, so I need to see more of it!

  3. Wow Josy! I’m so full of wanderlust thanks to your amazing photos! I’m in New Brunswick right now and we are heading to Vancouver in the next 3 weeks in our van. The idea is to beat the freezing cold and snow before it gets too bad. I’m so sad we won’t be able to explore the parks like this since it’ll probably be too cold or closed!

    1. I bet you’ll still be able to explore a bit on your journey! We went to Banff in October last year, and although it snowed, we had an amaaazing time. I really love it in early winter when the mountains are covered in snow, but the waters have not yet frozen, so you can see their gorgeous blue colour!

      Fall is *just* starting here in Vancouver, so you might catch the end of it on this side of Canada.

      Your drive is going to be amaaaazing! Let me know if you’d like to meet up for ramen or something once you get here.

  4. I am ashamed to admit, I’m a Canadian who hasn’t done this road trip yet. It’s such an iconic one, I don’t know what I’m waiting for!? Thank you so much for the helpful map with the pit stops and the travel tips like making sure the car has winter tires, I would have never thought to ask that! Beautiful photos, I have to get there soon!

    1. Oooh you always have SUCH good photos – when you do get around to it, I am going to want to follow along!! 😀

  5. Such an incredible adventure! I really want to do the cross-Canada train journey but like you said, tickets are pricey. This post just makes me want to do it even more though as your photos of Banff are stunning! <3

  6. Some of my favourite places. It would be a great drive. I’ve driven a lot of BC when I went up to Barkerville through Quesnel but didn’t get all the way to jasper on that trip. Even going all the way out there I still never saw a moose either. The waterfall pictures though, love it!

  7. I have to be honest, I had never heard of Jasper until I read this post. Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this winter wonderland. You’ve captured it beautifully and made me want to visit.

  8. Lovely post! Definitely making me miss Canada haha! There’s just so many beautiful places to explore in this part of the country. We did Vancouver to Banff to Jasper, beautiful views anywhere you looked!

  9. This has to be one of the most epic road trip in the world. I love seeing all the waterfalls, mountains and lakes but it’s the wildlife that pulls me in. Seeing bears and other animals in the wild like that is such a privilege. As always amazing photos!

  10. The road trip from Vancouver to Jasper really looks to be one of the most gorgeous long drives in Canada and not of Canada but it looks the most wonderful road trip in whole world. This drive is high on my wishlist and I would surely refer all your nature trips from Vancouver when I plan this road trip in future. Pinning it for my reference.

  11. Wow, what a great road trip and amazing landscapes! While I might not be a skier I appreciate the beauty of the nature. Your photos are awe-inspiring! Thanks for providing a detailed guide and marking all the places on the map.

  12. What an amazing road trip! I’d love to do this! A visit to the NP on its own would be amazing (and it’s on my bucket list!), but the whole trip looks beautiful, and like so much fun! Your photos are also gorgeous! Did you take the one with the bear? I’d be the happiest of campers if I could take that pic 🙂

  13. I LOVE road tripping around Alberta and BC (I live in Ontario, where we don’t have such majestic mountains). I have yet to make it out to Jasper though. Thanks for this inspo, and love the pictures, so gorgeous.

  14. What an incredible trip. Hiking in Canada sounds goergous. The spots in the Rearguard Falls and at Emerald Lake seem awesome. Is the picture from the bear is really from you ;)?

    1. Thank you so much! That bear was right next to the road. We were the first people to see it, so we could park near him and take that photo. I stood up (so was out of the sun roof) and used my big lens with a zoom, so he looks closer than he really was!

  15. Hi. We would like to take our motor home to Jasper from Ontario and then onward to Victoria. Could you tell me what the roads are like from Jasper to Vancouver.


    1. Hi Dena,

      It depends which route you decide to take, but you should be fine. You can take highways the entire way. The roads are in great condition. 🙂

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