Walking with Pokemon!

Walking with Pokemon!

Last summer I had quite a lot of fun wandering around London attempting to catch cute critters called Pokemon (with Pokemon Go.) I caught quite a lot of the original cohort just by walking everywhere when my phone had a teeny bit of battery. Well…today niantic brought out a whole new batch of smiley virtual reality animals, so I turned my app back on and attempted to catch a few on my walks to and from work. I was running a little late this morning, so didn’t catch many Pokemon on my way to work…but I ended up taking a very winding route home so I could catch all of these little dudes:

*Please note, my names for them on the photo gallery are definitely not their official names!! 

Now unlike my other (ehem, more sensible?) walks, I found Pokemon-hunting in London can be very unplanned but still fun. I always caught the most Pokemon within London’s parks and open spaces. So I decided to go through my phone and find photos from my 2016 Poke-walks in case it helps other Pokemon hunters find their own Poke-friends.

My best Pokemon-hunting tip is to try walking along London’s canals and rivers:
I found dratini, slowpoke, goldeen, poliwhirl and squirtle while I walked along Regents Canal.  Dratini, geodude, and diglett and poliwag were all in Battersea park. And the psyduck was in regents park by the pond.

Pokemon must also like flowers as I often found them popping up near bushes or flowerbeds! The most impressive place for this is probably the Japanese Garden in Holland park! When my friends and I visited, there were hundreds of people who had travelled to the park to catch bulbasaurs. Hitmonchan and charmander are from Queen square. Vulpix was outside Buckingham palace. Bulbasaur, voltorb, growlithe and poliwhirl were all in Holland Park. Rhyhorn and vaporeon were in Russell Square. Machop, vulpix and golbat popped out in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. All the others are from the various parks on my walk home from Holborn to Tufnell park. Ask in the comments if you’d like me to tell you exactly where they were!!

If you just walk around the streets of London, you’ll find plenty of urban Pokemon (especially rattata and drowzee!!) So here are some images of them too! I found Chancey next to Topshop near Oxford Circus. Kabutops was by Hyde Park corner. Everybody else was on one of my many routes home over the summer. Please just as if you’d like to know where they were.

Slightly embarrassingly, I do have a few more photos of Pokemon from all over London. I originally just shared them with my Pokemon-catching friends. But there are so many, they deserve a walking blog post too. I hope you like them!

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  1. As someone who played a lot of Pokemon Go when it first started, this is awesome. I loved all the pictures, and more than anything the hilarious little names you gave them! So funny!

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