Tulip Creek Falls – Syringa Provincial Park

Tulip Creek Falls – Syringa Provincial Park

Do you like visiting impressive waterfalls without much of a hike? Well, in that case Tulip Creek Falls within Syringa Provincial Park (near Castlegar, BC) is a doozy. You can mosey up to this impressive waterfall with a 15m drop in mere minutes. Plus, the drive along the edge of Lower Arrow Lake to reach it is gorgeous too. If you are camping in Syringa Provincial Park you should definitely visit; But it is even worth driving the 24km from Castlegar.

Tulip Creek Falls map

You can see my Strava recording here.

Tulip Creek Falls – the basics

Distance: 400m
Elevation Gain:
Time: 15–20 mins
What to bring:  
Not much – just make sure you have grippy shoes as it can get slippery near waterfalls.
Facilities: Nothing at all. If you need the loo, visit the campground in Syringa Provincial Park.
Dogs: Dog friendly.
How hard is it? Easy. It’s a super short trail.

Tulip Creek Falls – Getting started

This super-accessible waterfall is located within Syringa Provincial Park, just 3.5km from the Bighorn Campground. To reach the trailhead, drive west along Broadwater road. The road is not paved, but it was in good condition (in 2022), and fine without 4×4. It is twisty with steep cliffs, so drive slowly! Stop at a small pullout with a brown sign pointing towards the falls.

The trail is very short. The sign says 300m, but it is more like 200m. You walk along a narrow trail through the forest with a bubbling creek running alongside the trail. As you get close to the waterfall, the canyon walls loom above you. Head into the canyon and around a corner to see Tulip Creek Falls.

Tulip Creek Falls up close

Isn’t this gorgeous!? Tulip Creek Falls has a drop of about 15m. There is a shallow pool at the base of the falls so it is easy to get up close and see the velvety mossy walls that line the edge of the waterfall.

Rock Climbing at Tulip Creek Falls

The canyon around the waterfall is impressive by itself. I found posts that mention some possible rock-climbing routes (one right next to the waterfall!) So if you are into rock climbing, you can see the possible routes here.

Other hikes and highlights near Castlegar

It looks like there are a couple more waterfalls further along the road, Little Cayuse Creek Falls (with a natural waterslide!) and Deer Creek Falls. Other than that, you can camp at one of the lovely campgrounds in Syringa Provincial Park. We also enjoyed the Yellow Pine trail in the park and the Brilliant Overlook near Castlegar.

Visiting Tulip Creek Falls is more of a sightseeing adventure than a hike, but it is still a fantastic (and easy to reach) waterfall. It would be a great mini adventure for kids or friends who are not keen on longer hikes!

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