Brunswick Point Trail – Vancouver Walks

Brunswick Point Trail – Vancouver Walks

Brunswick Point TrailThis is another one of the easy, flat walks in the Tsawwassen/ Delta region, south of Vancouver. Marc and I did this a few weeks ago after our hike around Boundary Bay. We had seen so many bald eagles and birds of prey that we had walked incredibly slowly on our first walk. I had been stopping to take so many photos! This meant we both fancied walking a teeny bit further, so we drove over to this other trail at Brunswick Point.

The views from the Brunswick Point trail are totally different to other walks in Vancouver. You can see the north shore mountains off in the distance, but mostly the vistas look out to flat agricultural areas and marshes, with some views out to the strait of Georgia and Vancouver Island. This walk is meant to take about 2 hours, but it took us less than an hour and a half, even stopping for more photos. I actually think this walk would be better as a destination to cycle as it was so flat with a wide gravel road.

Brunswick Point Trail

Distance: 8km
Time: 1.5-2 hours,
Elevation gain: None at all!
Facilities: I didn’t see any loos or facilities and you are out in the open, so it’s not a good walk if you need to pee behind a bush
Can you do it? 
YES! This is another super-easy walk, with some stunning (if flat) views.

It wasn’t quite as good as Boundary Bay for seeing the birds of prey, but we did still get to see quite a lot of wildlife.

Dikes, nests and posts

The walk starts by the dikes of the Fraser River. There is a car park right at the end of River Road. Just walk through a metal gate at the end of the road, and you will find yourself on the path for the Brunswick Point trail. While we were there, quite a few cormorants were perched on the wooden groynes (I had to google the name of those!) But the coolest bird on this walk was a bald eagle mum who was chilling in her nest waiting for her chicks to hatch! The nest was MASSIVE! If you zoom into my photo you can see her eyes as she watched us.

Snow Goose Territory

After we went past the bald eagle nest, we started along the main Brunswick Point trail to see the huge flocks of snow geese. These dudes are really noisy as they chat and grab things to eat before they head north again for the spring.

I love watching these loud, chatty snow geese. They look especially lovely when they stand over large mirror-like puddles. When this second group of snow geese flew off, the whole area seemed ridiculously quiet!

The walk follows a path between farmland and the shoreline. There is a cool picnic area next to one of the farms along the track. It has a pretty good view out to the islands in the Georgia strait as well as all the cranes next to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal.

One side of the path looks out to agricultural land in the delta, with mountains as a far-off back-drop. The other direction looks out to the field of cranes that help shift goods off and on to the huge boats.

Marshy views

We also had some good views out to the marshes. Apparently this is another really good spot for bird watching. Once the snow geese had flown away, it was all pretty quiet so we didn’t see a huge number of feathered friends. I think they were all avoiding the noise of their loud snow-goose neighbours.

The walk ends at the train line leading to the ferry terminal. It is a bit of a shock seeing so much industry after a long path next to farm land and marshes! To get back, you just turn around and walk back the way you came.

This is probably one of the easiest walks we have tried as it was so flat and quiet. If you fancy other super easy walks, these are other possibilities…

Other Easy Walks

Boundary Bay Regional Park – This is the walk we did earlier in the day. It is flat and full of wildlife.
– Dog Mountain – This is a mountain BUT it is basically flat. You just wander along the mountain path, rather than up it.
False Creek – You can walk as far as you like around False Creek within Vancouver. This is a good option if you’re not sure how far you can walk – when you’re tired you can pop into a bar or jump onto public transport.
Stanley Park Sea Wall – Vancouver’s most famous (and obvious) walk. The sea wall goes for 10km around Stanley Park with gorgeous views of both the city and the North Shore Mountains.
– A Beach Trail from Jericho beach, along the Spanish banks and over to UBC. This is a busy, but pretty trail near the city.

38 thoughts on “Brunswick Point Trail – Vancouver Walks

  1. I have never heard of snow geese before but they are lovely. How do you decide what kinds of walls to take? Do you make it a point to go every week or a couple times a week? I was just wondering because you’re awesome.

    1. At my last job (before we moved to Canada) they knew I loved walking, so they bought a book of good walks near Vancouver as a leaving present. I’ve just been working my way through that so far!

      We’ve finished most of them though, so I also look for places to explore on here:

      1. Awesome. That is so cool. I think, if you ever get around to it, I’d love to read a post about why you walk. There’s always the nature side, but you have a drive to be out there and doing things that I admire so much.

    1. Oooh I bet you could! Although the road to the start of the trail is still a bit of a drive away (as the trainline at the end of the walk doesn’t have a crossing/access to the ferry…

      1. A mixture of flat and smallish hills is good, gives some muscles a rest while using different ones. Just walk faster to get your heart pumping if you can’t do a long one. Though you do enough so short ones won’t hurt 🙂

  2. I had no idea snow geese existed! I kind of love geese…mostly because other people hate them. They’re cute too, but too bad their poop is kinda toxic.


    1. I didn’t know what they were called until I found a list of birds that appear in the delta area! I guess they like the snow, so don’t go much further south!

      I didn’t know goose poop is toxic!! Is that like a superpower!?

      1. Yup their poop carries a lot of pathogens! So if you get it on your shoe…spray it off before it can contaminate any of your belongings, car floor/mats, etc.

  3. Aww you’ve made me miss Vancouver. So much beauty. Lovely photography with all the birds!! I really love walking through the obvious choice of Stanley Park 🙂 Many memories there.

    1. Me too!! Stanley park is the place we normally take visitors as it’s easy, flat and has so many pretty views!

      I’m slowly working my way to all the other pretty walks around the city.

    1. Yes, they looked about the same size, just different colours and in waaaay bigger groups. They were sooo chatty and loud!

  4. The Brunswick Point Trail looks so beautiful! I haven’t been to Vancouver yet but can’t wait to do some hikes there when I go. All the nature seems incredible! And your photos capture the hike beautifully 🙂

    1. Oooh are you heading this way soon? Vancouver is fantastic for hikes in the summertime! We did sooooo many last summer! 😀

  5. I was raised in the area…Vancouver is home..I’ve never heard of this trail so beautiful and I loved your gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing next time I go home, have to check it out!

    1. You are sooo lucky to have grown up here! But I think it’s pretty normal to forget to explore the places close to where you grow up! I am the same with lots of the tourist locations in Cambridgeshire.

      We’re trying hard to keep exploring now we’ve lived here for a while as it is sooo easy to slip into a non-exploring routine!!

  6. I’ve never heard of this location and it looks lovely. Glad that it’s an easy trail since I am not very athletic these days 🙂 Love your photos!

    1. Don’t worry Candy I don’t think this one is famous at all!

      We did lots of the famous walks when we first moved to Vancouver, so now I am getting around to walking in lesser-known areas. This was super easy though, so I am sure you could manage it!!

    1. Thanks Nafisa!

      Although lol, when you see the snow geese, it’s not really that peaceful! They are sooo chatty and loud! 😉

  7. There is something kind of cool about walking somewhere so marshy and flat…it feels like you are the only people for miles. It looks like a really cool place to see birds (Good nest spotting with the eagle). I always find it amazing what amazing nature surrounds Vancouver, and I will certainly bear this walk in mind when I visit.

    1. Thank you!

      If you do plan a visit here, please feel free to give me a shout, I have soooo many good ideas for visiting nature out here!! 😀

  8. I never heard of this trail, there’s so many other things in Canada that capture the attention of tourists. It’s quite easy that a trail like goes unattended. I would love to walk here just for the views and pictures, wow your pics 🙂

    1. Thanks Shivani!
      (and i am sorry about my slow reply! I just found you in the spam-land!)

      Yeah, as a tourist, most people tend to go to the more famous walks, but there are sooo many pretty quiet walks to explore as well. I am really glad that you liked it.

  9. I love such walks where you can see so many wonderful things and animals while walking, Josy! If I ever visit Vancouver, I am definitely going on this walk. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Thank you so much Lydia! You should take a peek at our walk to Boundary Bay. We did it on the same morning, but there were sooo many birds of prey. It was brilliant!

  10. We love heading out to the dykes on a nice day in the winter to get those big open views! And to see the wildlife too – great pictures of the snow geese!

    1. I am hoping by next year Marc will have a bike so we could cycle down here. It was really pretty, but my legs felt like they were cheating as it was so easy!!

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