Vancouver Sights – Nitobe Memorial Garden in Autumn

Vancouver Sights – Nitobe Memorial Garden in Autumn

Nitobe Memorial Garden in autumn I’ve already written one post about the beautiful Nitobe Memorial Garden. It is a small slice of Japan on the edge of Vancouver. I loved seeing it in the summer, so I’ve kept going back as the seasons changed. The photos in this post are spread over October, November and the start of December.

Some of you may have noticed that I have posted far fewer adventures over the last month. This is basically because Christmas shopping, a nasty fever and an incredibly busy husband meant we didn’t manage to go for any new walks recently. (Boo!) So, I thought I could show how pretty Vancouver’s autumn leaves were instead. Back in Early October (when we had our first visit to Whistler,) the leaves were just starting to change. There was still plenty of greenery, so Nitobe Memorial Garden was still pretty green and lush.

The entrance to the garden is still stunning as the summer starts to change.

You can’t really see much of the change in my photos. Some of the leaves were starting to turn yellow. Most of the reflections in the post were still pretty summery though.

It is so, so relaxing to walk around the garden like this. For some reason when I visited, there weren’t even many other people there. It’s not often you get somewhere this lovely to yourself! In early October, there were quite a lot of dragonflies with bright red bodies zipping around. There were also quite a few carp swishing along in the ponds.

On the edge of Nitobe Memorial Garden there is a traditional tea house. It is so pretty and Japanese-y! It is so nice to see the tatami mats and shoji blinds. I’m not sure when it is used for the tea ceremony, but I hope I get to see it when it is open for matcha and visitors.

The next time I went back to Nitobe Memorial Garden was around a week later. Trees can change a lot in a week! This was also about the same time as I got distracted cycling around Vancouver to see all the gorgeous leaves. The garden is pretty sheltered, so the colours had not changed as much as the rest of Vancouver.

All of these visits are during my lunch hour, so the sun was high in the sky and streaming through the trees. The trees around the water were starting to look a little golden. Isn’t it lovely!?

One maple tree changed before all the others…

The one thing that breaks the spell to show we’re not in Japan are the huuuge trees that surround the garden. Those trees are truly Canadian!

The following week the garden had changed again…

There were definitely more people out to appreciate the Nitobe Memorial Garden now the leaves had changed a bit more!

The view from the centre of the garden over the pond is so, so lovely.

This is the view in the other direction.

So, you probably get the idea by now, but I quite like the momiji leaves.

I went back one more time this week, now all the leaves have fallen. This is how it looks now.
I quite like the way the reflection of the trees and sky still look stunning now the trees are bare.

I should also probably mention that Vancouver did NOT look this gorgeous all through the autumn! It rained quite a lot, it’s just I am far more likely to go out for a long walk to the Nitobe Memorial Garden in the sun! It might still be lovely in the rain, I just don’t want to get my work shoes wet by heading all the way over there in the rain.

44 thoughts on “Vancouver Sights – Nitobe Memorial Garden in Autumn

    1. Thanks James. I won’t!

      Although we didn’t go back to Stanley Park for a while. I quite liked the beaver lake in the middle of the park… but we still have plenty to explore over there!! 😀

  1. We’re driving to our family Christmas party right now and I’m reading your post while the snow flashes by on both sides of me at 70 MPH. I loved the pictures so much I made my husband glance at them while we speed along (don’t tell!). The tall Canadian trees sourpunding the Japanese garden captured my imagination. Both beautiful in their own way, both a feast for the eyes–Different and yet coexisting.
    Your post made me happy.

    1. Eep!! Please be safe!! Isn’t the garden lovely! I am so glad that you like it too!

      Have a brilliant time with your family for Christmas!!

    1. Thank you Melanie!

      I know what you mean! I feel the same way when I’m writing about our adventures. Words are pretty rubbish at describing how pretty the world can be!

  2. These photos are incredible, Josy! Wow! What a perfect place to be on your lunch hour. And seeing how the leaves changed over time was beautiful! Those bright red leaves are my favorite! I am honestly speechless by these beautiful photos! Truly a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. Oooh I hope you can go to Japan in autumn one day. The leaves there are so, sooooo pretty! If you like this Canadian/Japanese version you would be blown away by some of the gardens in Kyoto/Nara. 😀

  3. Absolutely loved your pictures and the fall colors. Hey, when you are back from NZ, would you like to Thursday Tree Love? It’s a blog hop and I host it every 2nd and 4th Thursday of a month. Looking at your pics, you look like a nature lover just like me. 🙂 would love to have you around.

    1. Ooooh that sounds like an excellent idea! I’ll try to remember to contact you once I’m home. 😀

      If I forget, please give me a nudge on facebook!

  4. Beautiful, Josy! Your pictures are fantastic, and I believe I could spend days exploring and studying the gardens there. Have the best time in NZ!

  5. I miss autumn so much! Even with all the rainy days…! It always seem so short with all the snow everywhere. The colors here are gorgeous! My favorite were the beautiful red leaves against the lush green background.

    1. Oooh I think I’d love the San Francisco version too! When I lived in Nara, the gardens there put all of these to shame…but then they are over 1000 years old, and use the surrounding scenery as “borrowed scenery” for the gardens. Those places blow my mind with their prettiness!

  6. Looks like such a tranquil spot – somewhere I’ll add to my list of places to visit next time I’m in Vancouver. Loved the pictures especially with all this snow around at the moment!

    1. I actually want to go back and see what it looks like in the snow…but when it was snowing, I was too busy to pop over there at lunch!

      If I take snowy photos, I’ll post them in the summer when we’re all feeling too warm! 😉

  7. i had the same deterrents during the holidays and poking back on sunshine filled pictures was what saved me! I am definitely putting a Japanese garden on my visiting list for the next year in the fall (or maybe even the spring), the colors are so amazing!

    1. I was pretty surprised how good the autumn colours were in Vancouver. I thought it would be less impressive because the surrounding mountains are all so evergreen. It was looovely though.

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