Walking Around New York City

Walking Around New York City

This week I have my first ever guest post!
I would like to introduce the lovely Winta from Wandering Outside the Box. She loves walking and exploring her city, so she has written a post about exploring NYC on foot. She wrote this just for a walk and a lark so I am feeling honoured! Winta has loads of gorgeous photos from her travels around the world, so please do pop over to her blog and take a peek. I mean, do that *after* you read/like/share this post. πŸ˜‰

New York City is a walker’s wonderland. It is my favorite method of exploring the city. New York City is really a walk, ferry, walk, bike, walk, subway, taxi, Uber kind of city. We all know about New York City rush hour horror stories. Because of that, I typically prefer all the other means of transportation. Today, as a dedication to Josy’s A Walk and A Lark Blog, my partner and I decided to take a trip into the city to show what it’s like to take a stroll around this magical place that draws the attention of millions.

We have recently moved from Manhattan to Staten Island (sometimes known as the Forgotten Borough of New York). For those who aren’t familiar with New York, it has five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Manhattan and Staten Island are like night and day. Where as Manhattan is loud, hustling and bustling with activity, Staten Island is very peaceful and quiet. Our apartment accessible to Manhattan by a 25 minute pleasant ferry ride. Rent is much cheaper and living conditions are much nicer. This is great because we will be able to show you the quiet side of New York as well as the loud and bustling streets we see in movies. We started our expedition from our apartment.

The walk to the Staten Island ferry from our apartment takes about 15 minutes. Along the way, we enjoy views of beautiful tree blossoms. Spring time in New York boasts tree blossoms and flowers of all spectrum of colors. The blossoms stay brilliant on the trees for weeks.

We don’t mind the quiet lifestyle that Staten Island offers. We’re both reserved people who like to explore on our own at our own time. While most people go into Manhattan to party, sight-see, shop, we like to walk around in a quiet park. We discover things that aren’t typically seen in Manhattan.
More tree blossoms paired with the signature NY graffiti art.

Here we’ve reached the ferry terminal. Right outside the ferry terminal are sets of busses. Busses are probably the easiest and fastest way to get around Staten Island.

The ferry ride lasts 25 minutes, giving us wonderful views of the New York skyline. The best thing about this ferry is that it’s completely free. En route to Manhattan, we pass by the Statue of Liberty. A closeup view of her for free versus a $40 Liberty tour boat is a good deal to me. In comparison with Manhattan’s over-packed subway commute, Staten Island’s ferry is much cleaner, roomier, and more relaxed. It’s also much cheaper (free)!

To get anywhere quickly, we like to bike to the area we want to go, then get off and walk around. We bought a year’s plan of CitiBike. We use a pass retrieve a bike from a dock, and deposit it in one of the thousands of bike docks throughout Manhattan. We took the East River Bikeway to get up to midtown. Bikeways in NYC are the best, and lets us enjoy sights that would not have been seen while in a subway or car.

It is a beautiful day to go on a walk. NYC is full of parks. There is always people walking their pets, jogging, reading in the park. Here are some of the lovely views of the park and surrounding areas. When hungry, we typically eat at food stands or hole in the wall shops all over Manhattan.

Today, we won a lottery ticket to see a Broadway show that reduces the ticket price from $300 to $40. We made our way to the famous Times Square. The energy in streets are brilliant, people are diverse, and buildings super impressive tall. It is shopping central. It is party central. It is people-watching central. And it is Broadway central. We love going to the Hershey’s store to get us some free chocolate.

It was already past 11pm when we left the theatre. Here is the night view of the Brooklyn Bridge as we biked back to the ferry. New York is truly beautiful. We biked in the night, mostly in an empty bikeway.

Google Maps (maps.google.com) was indispensable as a travel gadget to us. It was very up to day, providing ferry schedules and walking/biking estimated travel times. For those who don’t have data, you can still download offline maps for your convenience. There are also LincNYC and public libraries/parks that provides free WiFi!

Thanks for reading!!
Please seeΒ Wandering Outside the BoxΒ to hear more from Winta. I wrote a post for her aboutΒ Getting Lost in London if you are interested. πŸ˜€

19 thoughts on “Walking Around New York City

    1. Winta makes it look amazing doesn’t she! I have never been so I am sooo chuffed she could write this for me. πŸ˜€

  1. Interesting walk/bike/boat tour of NYC. I had no idea they had a bike rental system and were so bike friendly. I haven’t been to NYC for a long time, but have always found it to be exciting and fascinating. Thanks for the glimpse.

  2. I love NYC because you get to walk around unlike LA but I try in my neighborhood and other neighborhoods. My neighborhood may be more suburban but it’s still doable.

      1. Yes, I live in LA. Most people do drive around but I would say, depending on your neighborhood, you could walk around. I described my neighborhood looking more suburban than other neighborhoods in LA but I am close to library, a pharmacy, several chain restaurants, and pet store to either walk or bike. It’s nice so I can give my car a break. I use a car as my daily vehicle to get to work. Public transit could do better.

        1. It’s such a shame when public transport isn’t actually good enough for people to actually use. πŸ™

          Your neighbourhood sounds good for escaping your car!

          I’ve been walking to work for the last few years so it is going to be a shock to move to North America where we’ll need a car!!

    1. Thank you for coming!!
      Definitely have a peek over at Winta’s blog, she knows far more about NYC than me!!

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