Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

Bridal Veil Falls - beautiful waterfall on Highway 1 near VancouverBridal Veil Falls is an impressive waterfall located right next to Highway 1, in the Fraser Valley between Chilliwack and Hope. The falls spread out and cascade over the rocks to look a little bit like a giant bride’s veil, so maybe that is why it was given that name.

I love waterfalls! I’m happy to go on long hikes to reach pretty waterfalls. However it is also fantastic when you can visit such a beautiful natural phenomenon with virtually no effort! This waterfall doesn’t really count as a hike, but it was so pretty that I wanted to share it anyway. If you’re driving East from Vancouver, it is really worth stopping and stretching your legs to visit Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park.

Bridal Veil Falls Map

Bridal Veil Falls – the basics

Cost: Free
Distance: 300m in one direction (1 km if you follow the whole loop)
Elevation Gain: 50m (ish)
How big is the waterfall? The water drops 120m, although you can only see the bottom 60m drop from below the waterfall.
How much time do you need: You can rush in and out in 15-20 minutes. You’ll want to stay a bit longer to admire the view though
Facilities: There is a car park, picnic benches and flushing toilets (plus pit toilets if you prefer a back-country experience!?)
How easy is it: Very easy. The path is suitable for a stroller. There is some elevation gain, but if you take the full 15 minutes (rather than zooming up in 5 minutes), it would be easy as pie.
Extra Tip: There is a Tim Hortons nearby (on the same exit as Bridal Veil Falls, just the other side of the highway.) We stopped and bought timbits (Canada’s famous mini doughnuts) to eat at the waterfall.

Bridal Veil Falls – getting started

There is a sign that says it takes 15 minutes to reach the falls, but that is very generous! It took us around 5 minutes to wander up the trail. We weren’t rushing, it just isn’t very far at all! You walk along an easy to follow trail, next to a creek.

One of the really cool things about Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is you can hear the waterfall as soon as you step out your car. However as you get closer, the waterfalls really start to roar! You have to wait until you are right up close before you’ll be able to see the main waterfall though. You’ll see some smaller falls to the right before the main viewpoint.

Isn’t this gorgeous?

There is a large warning sign asking people not to go any closer to the falls. If you chose to ignore this, please be careful not to trample on the mosses (some are really rare!) also be very careful of the wet rocks as you could easily slip and hurt yourself. It seems like most instagrammers ignore the warnings and march right to the base of the falls. Still, you can get an amazing view with a zoom lens from the safe area behind the sign.

Woodland Trail

On the way back to your car, you can follow a pretty path through the forest, along the woodland trail. It’s great for seeing flowers, ferns and all the mosses.

Temperate rainforest

We arrived in the rain, so you can see the forest looks incredibly lush and green. This area is a temperate rain forest so even when it’s not raining, it may be humid and a little soggy.

Mosses – stay on the trail!

There are 250 different species of moss within the Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park(!) Each moss has a preferred tree or mineral type, so part of this diversity is down to the variety of rocks and minerals. For some of these mosses, this is the only place you’ll find them in North America. According to a sign in the car park, there is one moss species that can only be found here, and in Scotland. Cool eh!?

Picnic Area

Once you get back to the car park, there is a bench-filled picnic area, that looks like a perfect place to stop and eat if you need to stretch your legs when traveling along Highway 1.

This was our very first stop-off on our road trip/adventure exploring British Columbia with Marc’s brother Tom and his girlfriend Andreia. It’s a pretty good view for our first break on our road trip eh!?

I hope you like the look of this gorgeous waterfall as much as we did! Or, if you’re looking for other fantastic Waterfalls near Vancouver, here is a mini list:

  • Twin Falls in Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. These are next to the (free) suspension bridge. There are several hiking options nearby.
  • Kennedy Falls in North Vancouver. This is a fun, moderately difficult hike that also passes through some beautiful old growth forest.
  • Norovan Falls (near Coliseum Mountain) in North Vancouver. This one is great for stretching your legs to see an impressive waterfall.
  • Gold Creek Falls – Easy hike to a pretty waterfall in Golden Ears Provincial Park
  • Sawblade Falls (as well as a few other beauties) in Coquitlam
  • Shannon Falls near Squamish – No hike for this one, but it is one of the most impressive waterfalls in BC.
  • Head North towards Pemberton to visit Cool Creek Canyon. It is amaaaazing. The Canyon is basically a series of waterfalls up along a Canyon for 1km (with 300m elevation gain)
  • Holloway Falls at Joffre Lakes looks like a waterfall from a fairy-tale. Plus you get to see the gorgeous blue waters of Joffre Lakes if you visit.
  • This one is further away, but if you’re driving from Vancouver to Jasper, stop at Wells Gray Provincial Park for several epic waterfalls.

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Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park - stretch your legs near Chilliwack and Hope Bridal Veil Falls - beautiful waterfall on Highway 1 near Vancouver

26 thoughts on “Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park

  1. Bah, waterfall and scenery envy!! Your posts are as full of natural beauty as I remember from BUYB visits. Sadly since then I’ve been flagging somewhat on visiting everyone…my bad. Absolutely love water and anything to do with it. Really enjoyed this one!

    1. Gary! Long time no chats! I’ll have to come and visit your blog for some stories!! 😀

      I am really glad you liked it. Waterfalls seem to make everyone happier don’t they!?

      1. Too right! I had a huge dip after BUYB finished and haven’t really got going on blog visits since. So much going on and time seems to be flying past. I need to keep in touch with the blogs and bloggers who made Sunday’s one to look forward to.

        Waterfalls and running water always draw me in too. It’s a part non-anglers just don’t get. It’s not all about fishing! Nature is awesome if people would just breathe now and then. I actually find smaller waterfalls and runs better than vast ones too. Something more intimate about them. Especially for a sorcerer I once wrote about on a journey to find a dragon stone lol

  2. I also LOVE waterfalls. And bubbling, gurgling yard fountains. I guess it’s really just the sound of the water that I like. It soothes me.

    As always, lovely photos.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Me too! I mean, sometimes you may end up a little soggy after standing near them, but it’s such a refreshing feeling.

  3. I’m more of your “fraidy cat” variety of instagrammer, and don’t go past the warning signs. You got some gorgeous shots from where you were as well!

  4. These Bridal Veil Falls are stunning! What a picturesque spot for a walk and a picnic. I think I could spend all day here. And eating donuts by the falls? Sounds perfect!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!! And thank you for reminding us all to stay behind the sign, we need to take care of these places to make sure others can experience them too!

  6. Another awesome place in Canada to add to my list! It also seems to do the title ‘Bridal Viel Falls’ justice! In Australia we hiked, let’s just say a far distance, to see a ‘Bridal Viel Falls’ and we were greeted with a trickle of water on a rock – seriously so disappointing! This hike and the waterfall however look brilliant! I never knew Canada had such epic falls! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m so sorry I missed this comment back in July! That is really funny, but you must have been sad when you reached it.

      It does seem like there are quite a few waterfalls called Bridal Veil around the world.

  7. I feel like I’ve been missing out since I haven’t done much hiking & trekking in Canada! This waterfall trail has some stunning views. Thanks for sharing your tips & tricks for a great day trip.

    1. I hope you do get to at some point Abbie. You take such gorgeous photos that you would make Canada look spectacular. Although I have to admit, this one isn’t much of a trek. It was super short!

  8. Love this one Josy, this is such a great hike and nice for someone like me in and around Vancouver. Some other great waterfalls I need to check out around here too!

  9. I’ve driven past here hundreds of times, and I can’t believe I’ve never stopped! Especially now knowing what an easy walk it is, this is definitely going on my list! What a gorgeous waterfall!! Also, I love the tip about the Tim Hortons hahaha very necessary! 😉

    1. I did the same! I always tried to turn around and watch out for it as we drove past. But I needed the excuse of showing friends around to actually stop and take a peek.

      It is not a long stop-off at all, so totally perfect for a quick timbit-stop. 😉

  10. The waterfall looks AMAZING! I have only been to Toronto, but this post makes me want to explore more of Canada real soon. I love parks and this one is absolutely beautiful. I cannot wait to go one day. Thanks for the list of other waterfalls to visit.

  11. I love that you included the info about the moss <3 It's not something most people would think about in advance if they were just swinging by the falls without much planning or research – such a special detail they could miss out on! Do they have signs up that tell about it?

    It makes sense that it'd be a rainforest now that I think about it, but at first I was surprised by how lush your pictures are. When I think of this type of climate, Canada isn't usually the first place that comes to mind. I really need to watch a documentary about Canada or something lol.

  12. GORGEOUS!! Now this is the type of hike I can drag my non-hiker friends on and they won’t hate me afterwards hahaha. It is nice though to get such an amazing view without too much effort! That’s so interesting about the moss! We did see a few signs and such in Scotland that said their weather is very similar to some place in the PNW, so I guess that makes sense! I definitely need to do some more exploring in BC

  13. Wow so cool that such a beautiful waterfall is so accessible! And it’s great that you pointed out the importance of protecting moss. Sounds like a great day trip.

  14. So pretty! I love a good waterfall and Canada seems to be full of them! Also WOW I didn’t even realize that were that many different types of moss, haha. And thank you for reminding people to protect it 🙂

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