Shannon Falls near Squamish

Shannon Falls near Squamish

This is just a quick post about the amaaaazing Shannon Falls in Squamish. There is an epic hike near here, but we were actually heading to Crumpit Mountain when we popped by to see this waterfall.

Tips for visiting Shannon Falls

The main tip is to arrive early! We left Vancouver just after 8am, so quite late by Vancouver weekend standards. When we arrived at Shannon Falls there were only a couple of parking spots left. When we left, about 20 minutes later, the car park was completely chock-a-block.

There wen’t too many people looking at the waterfall when we took this jumping photo. About ten minutes later two busloads of people arrived.

How amaaaazing is this waterfall!? It was actually difficult to fit it into the viewfinder on my camera because it is so massive!

It also looks slightly different each time you look up. The different spurts of water and spray change the shape of the waterfall by the second!

So, that’s it. I just wanted to show how pretty Shannon Falls is.

Shannon falls is a perfect place to visit on the way to other walks in the area. The Stawamus Chief is right next door. Mount Crumpit, our next hike was also just a few minutes away.

Shannon Falls near Squamish  

Edit: Eep. I just found out the tragic news that three hikers lost their lives at this waterfall last weekend. They climbed up above the waterfall to swim in the pools directly above it. We didn’t hike above the waterfall yet (although I am really keen to do that walk) so this is just a reminder to be really careful and cautious when you venture into the wilderness. Just because you see people near beautiful spots on instagram, that does not mean it is safe to visit there. 

15 thoughts on “Shannon Falls near Squamish

    1. I know right!

      You can see why there were busloads of visitors. Although apparently it slows to a trickle later in the summer.

    1. It is gorgeous isn’t it!

      I just found out that three people died there last weekend. They hiked up to a pool above the waterfall to swim. 🙁

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