Camping in Sasquatch Provincial Park

Camping in Sasquatch Provincial Park

If you fancy exploring the fabulous area around Harrison Hot Springs on a budget, then one option is to camp in Sasquatch Provincial Park. There are three campgrounds within the park; Deer Lake (where we stayed), Bench, and Hicks Lake. All three are beautiful, rustic and have easy access to the lakes for swimming so are perfect if you want to explore the area. Camping in Sasquatch Provincial Park is an absolute pleasure.

I should probably mention, Sasquatch Provincial Park is a totally different location to Sasquatch Mountain resort! The ski resort is on the other side of Harrison Hot Springs up in the mountains around Hemlock Valley. The Provincial Park where you can go camping is to the east of Harrison Hot Springs (off Highway 7).

Saquatch Provincial Park campground map

(map from the Provincial Park website)

Sasquatch Provincial Park Camping dates

It used to be possible to camp in the wintertime at the Deer Lake Campground. This is no longer an option, so you can camp at Sasquatch between April and October.

  • Deer Lake – sites: April 6 to October 10 (2023)
  • Hicks Lake: April 28 to October 10 (2023)
  • Bench Campground: May 19 to September 17 (2023)

Booking campsites in Sasquatch Provincial Park

Book campsites via the BC Frontcountry Camping Reservation website.

  • Deer Lake – 42 sites (40 reservable)
  • Hicks Lake – 72 sites (54 reservable)
  • Bench Campground – 64 sites (62 reservable

We made plans late when we visited. You can show up and claim any of the campsites that are not reserved. We did this and just paid the ranger cash as he came around in the evening.

Sasquatch Provincial Park Facilities

Each campground has pumps for water, pit toilets and drive-in access to each campsite. There is a playground by the lake at Deer Lake campground, and pretty day use areas with picnic benches at each of the lakes.

Each campsite has a fire pit, a bench and plenty of space to park and set up your tent (or RV.)

There are plenty of individual campsites as well as double-sized sites (that can fit two groups.) We noticed that most of the double-size sites were not booked in advance, so we were able to snag half of one without a reservation.

You should only make a fire within the designated fire pits. Never leave your fire unattended and make sure it is completely extinguished before you go to sleep! If you need more fire tips, or ideas for cooking on campfires, check out my previous post!

Mosquitoes at Sasquatch Provincial Park

I should probably mention that the mozzies were absolutely ferocious every where we visited in Sasquatch Provincial Park! This shouldn’t put you off visiting, just make sure you bring long-sleeved mozzy proof clothes and consider getting a thermacell or at least bringing mosquito coils for your campsite!

Swimming in Sasquatch Provincial Park

Lots of people were swimming in each of the lakes within the park. Deer Lake and Hick Lake both have pontoons you can jump off. If you don’t mind swimming in colder waters, you can swim at the beach at the Green Point Day use area, on the edge of Harrison Lake.

In the summer time, both Hicks Lake and Deer Lake sometimes have a microscopic parasite in the water that can cause swimmers’ itch (an allergic reaction that causes red sores/itchy skin.) To reduce your chances of being affected, rinse your skin with fresh water and dry off completely with a towel as soon as you get out of the water.

Walks or hikes in Sasquatch Provincial Park

Within the park there are a few easy hikes through the forests at the edge of each lake:

  • Easy Hike – Hicks Lake – 6.6km
    Hicks Lake is a pleasant hike in Sasquatch Provincial Park. The trail is easy to follow, doesn’t have much elevation gain and has oodles of tasty berries. Full details here.
  • Easy Hike – Deer Lake – 3.2km
    There is a trail along the edge of Deer Lake. It’s not a loop, so you need to return the way you came.
  • Super Easy – Beaver Pond – 1km
    This is a great option for kids – there is an easy to follow flat trail around a small lake. This one is great for spotting wildlife; frogs, squirrels, herons and if you’re lucky, beavers.

The area around Sasquatch is great for hiking. There are several mountains nearby with fun trails with spectacular views. Or, you can explore the surrounding forests, lakes or go chasing waterfalls. I’ll share a couple of options below:

  • Intermediate Hike – Campbell Lake 
    This was the first hike we did near Harrison Hot Springs. It is known as the Harrison Grind (so you can guess it has some steep sections!) But it is a nice walk up to a lake then then beyond to a gorgeous viewpoint. Full details here. 
    Distance: 10km or 8km if you stop at the first viewpoint
    Elevation gain: 679m (890m elevation change)
  • Challenging Hike – Bear Mountain
    Bear Mountain takes you past a mine and a waterfall along a flower-filled trail to incredible views of both Harrison lake, and the rest of the Fraser Valley. It can be a bit of a slog, but worth it for the viewpoint near the top. Full details here.
    Distance:18km – 20km.
    Elevation Gain:1100m

Other fun things to do near Sasquatch Provincial Park

I have a whole extra post about hikes and highlights near Harrison Hot Springs and Sasquatch Provincial Park. There are (of course) hot springs to soak in, some fabulous waterfalls, tasty food and of course loads more of great hikes!

Camping at Sasquatch was really fun. We didn’t love the mosquitoes, but everything else about this area is just great, even on moody, gloomy days! The Provincial Park Campgrounds in BC are always decent and the three campgrounds at Sasquatch are no exception. I hope this is helpful if you end up exploring the area around Harrison Hot Springs. Click on the pins below to save the details for later.

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  1. Love seeing what you’ve been up to! Great post as usual, and excellent photos as always!
    Thanks for sharing these hikes with us all.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful area for camping – lovely photos. Thanks for sharing this in depth post about what to expect when camping in Sasquatch Provincial Park 🙂

  3. Mosquitos can definitely bring down an experience but sounds like you still had a great time camping and hiking! You always inspire me to get outside. I love that there are hikes for all levels in this area too.

  4. The lakes here are soooo beautiful! It looks a bit cold to camp during the winter! But I bet it would make a wonderful experience during the summer.

    1. Thanks Emily. Yeah, they are not quite as stunning as the bright blue alpine lakes but they are pretty in such a calming way.

  5. Looks like a great place to camp except I’m not much a fan of mosquitos. I’d have to go in the off season. Those meatballs on the fire look realllllly good.

  6. This looks like a great drive-in camping option. Thank you for the tips on mosquitoes AND swimmer’s itch! Also, whatever you are cooking over that campfire looks delish!!

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