Capital Ring – Section 5: Streatham to Wimbledon Park

Capital Ring – Section 5: Streatham to Wimbledon Park

This is another section of the 126km walk around London. This part starts in Streatham and heads North through Wandsworth to Wimbledon Park. I thought this section was pleasant (if a teeny bit boring…) as it winds its way through quite posh residential streets and parks. We had to wait for ages on a freezing platform waiting for a train to get to Streatham Common. So try to plan your route if you’re walking on Sundays, as you might have to wait for a train.

Crystal Palace to Streatham to Wimbledon Park

Distance: 9 km
Public transport: Stretham Common rail station to Wimbledon Park
Best sights along the way: Wandsworth common is great for doggo spotting.
Loos: Streatham Common, Balham as well as Earlsfield.

Crystal Palace to Streatham to Wimbledon Park Map

Capital Ring Section 5 – Route

Once you come out of the station, turn left and follow the railway line along a residential street. You’ll need to go through a slightly creepy footpath in a tunnel called Potters lane. It’s an appropriate name as I could imagine dementors turning up there!

Right near Streatham Common station on Conyers Road, there is a dilapidated, but nice looking building. It has domed sections on its roofs a bit like a Russian church. It is actually an old Thames Water pump house.

So, the house-lined streets will lead you to Tooting Bec Common. You’ll walk through the common parallel to the train tracks. Then you’ll emerge into more (really lovely) residential streets and wind your way through them to Wandsworth Common.

I loved the number of puppies out for walks in Wandsworth! Most of them are the teeny-cutie variety of doggies (rather than real big dogs.) We had fun making up names for them all. The pond area in Wandsworth common was also pretty nice.

After this you walk along the edge of Wandsworth cemetery. We walked along the edge outside the cemetery, but there are plenty of entrances and exits further down the hill, so walk inside if you can! The buildings in Wandsworth were really pretty and there were a few good pubs along the walk. We also became distracted by a friendly squirrel.

You cross the train tracks at Earlsfield station, and then cross the Wandle river. This is the river that gave its name to Wandsworth… I have walked along the river from Colliers wood on a different walk, and there are some really nice pubs along that section. So if you are taking the capital ring slowly, feel free to get side tracked here!!

Lastly the final few roads will take you through another residential area leading to Wimbeldon park station. This entire walk is only 9km, so it is easy to join it to one (or two) of the other sections and keep going!


– I liked walking through Tooting Bec common and Wandsworth common.
– You don’t need walking boots! The whole route is on tarmac, so you’re less likely to get muddy.

Less amazing:

– There are quite a lot of sections through residential streets, and the walking sign posts are not always very obvious. Bring a map or your phone so you don’t go too far off course.
– I have a feeling this is a better walk if you already live near Streatham, so you won’t have to spend a long time at the mercy of tfl before you get started!

You can find a map for this section here and here. You can find links to the next sections of the Capital ring here.

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