Cypress Mountain Skiing – Christmas holidays

Cypress Mountain Skiing – Christmas holidays

Cypress Mountain ski runs Do you fancy skiing or snowboarding on beautiful North Shore Mountains, all within view of Vancouver? Well, skiing on Cypress Mountain is a really good option.

Last year we took skiing lessons on Cypress Mountain after work, so we spent quite a lot of time up on this mountain in the dark. This year, we went back to see this pretty ski area in the daytime. It turns out, I LOVE it when you can see the views. We also made it right to the top of Mount Strachan, so I’d like to share those misty views with you all.

Cypress Mountain Skiing – the basics

Cypress Mountain isn’t really a mountain. It is actually the name of three mountains, Black Mountain, Mount Strachan and Hollyburn Mountain. The first two, Black Mountain and Mount Strachan are covered in ski slopes. Then there is an area for cross country skiing and snowshoeing over near Hollyburn Mountain.

Getting there:
– It is 25-30 minutes drive from North Vancouver
– There is a shuttle bus from various locations in the city

– You can rent equipment from the lodge (although there are often long queues)
– The is a cafe, a restaurant, a coffee shop and a shop for clothes and equipment.

Lift Tickets:
You can get cheaper tickets by purchasing them in advance online. If you are planning to buy a season ticket, we found they were cheaper, the earlier we looked at them!

Cypress Mountain Skiing – Queuing

Cypress Mountain lifts open at 9am, but on busy days, it is best to arrive before 8:30am. In the week before Christmas, we were stuck in a queue on the road for just over 30 minutes, just to reach the car park! Once you’re up at the lodge, if you need to line up for tickets, it’s best to be there early! When we last visited all the credit card machines broke, so this took a loooong time!

Despite the queues, by the time we made it to our first lift of the day, there were hardly any people waiting, so we zoomed straight up the mountain.

Cypress Mountain – Great for beginners

There are quite a few black and blue ski runs on Cypress Mountain, but there are also plenty of fun places to practice for skiing newbies. When we first started learning, we spent most of the time on the Easy Rider chairlift and the Runway. Once you gain a little confidence, the Colins run on Mount Strachan and the Panorama run on Black Mountain are both great fun.

Top of Mount Strachan – Intermediate & advanced skiers

This year Marc and I finally made it onto the Sky Chair up to the highest part of Mount Strachan. This part of the mountain only has blue and black runs, so this week was the first time I dared take the lift up. At the top, we had a slightly misty view of the Lions.

The blue ski runs up at the top are short, but so fun! I found them a bit steep and scary, but the views were gorgeous. Plus, I am just excited to manage the slightly harder slopes.

The Sky Chair is a bit older than the other lifts, so you can only ride two at a time.

Black Mountain

There is one main green run on Black Mountain. This means it gets pretty busy sometimes. Especially at this pretty view point where you can look down to Vancouver. If you visit Cypress Mountain for skiing at night, this view is gorgeous when you look down onto the lights of the city.

I love the second half of the Panorama slope is so fun! It opens out and you can really zoom down the hill.

Black Mountain – Advanced skiers

There are also a bunch of black runs in the Raven Ridge area of Black Mountain. This aea wasn’t open this week, but there are a couple of blue runs too, so I’ll try to take a peek and report back next time we visit Cypress Mountain.

Warm up at the Lodge

We stopped for lunch here a few times and the food isn’t bad. The Whiskey Jack burger is actually one of the best burgers I have had in Vancouver…but then the croutons on the kale salad were so terrible that I couldn’t eat them! Basically, you should order the least healthy items because they fail less often.

Cypress Mountain Skiing in the afternoon

We went back for a few extra runs after lunch, and the slopes slowly get less and less busy as the sun starts to set.

I hope you liked my mini tour to show off what it’s like skiing at Cypress Mountain. If you liked this, you might like to peek at my other posts in this area:

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36 thoughts on “Cypress Mountain Skiing – Christmas holidays

    1. Heh! We’ll both keep getting mountain envy! I would LOVE to explore the French Alps!! When are you going? 😀

  1. Another beautiful place to ski! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos you took when you got to the tip top of the mountain. All the shades of blue and white on the tips of the snow covered trees and top of the clouds are almost ethereal.

    1. Hehehe I was making squeee noises when we made it to the top as it was sooo blooming pretty! Those snow covered trees are magical aren’t they!! 😀

      Still, I’d like to see a clear like the one in your recent post. It’s a different kind of magic.

    1. Hehehe I read that as crabs for a second…I mean, munching on crabs would be amazing after skiing!!

      Carbs are always good too 😉

    1. Oooh are there mountains near you in the rust belt? If not, come North! We didn’t get as much snow as this time last year, but the mountains here are great fun!!

  2. It looks like great fun! I have never skied, but the husband would love to try it if we ever visit Canada during winter… Cypress Mountain looks stunning, but a bit far from my hometown! 😉

    Happy new year by the way! I hope you have many more wonderful adventures!

    1. Happy New Year right back atcha!!

      I’d never skied either before last year…it’s a lot pricier and harder to try from the UK!! Maybe you guys can take a holiday on this side of Canada, I’ll be able to show you the pizza (how to get started skiing!)

  3. It all looks so beautiful, Josy, but so many people! I’d be bumping into everyone. The burger sounds good, though, so maybe I’d just wait in the lodge for everyone? 😂

    1. Naaaah, there are some amaaaazing snowshoe routes near the skiing area, so I am sure you’d be out there!

      Skiing on the Christmas holidays WAS busy, but then it got even more busy in the new year. We’ve decided to go back to skiing at night, after work. Visiting on Sundays means we spend more time queuing than skiing!

  4. Skiing in Vancouver/BC is so incredible. I went to Whistler last year and it was a game changer, but it is a bit far from Vancouver. Really cool to learn about these beautiful ski mountains so near Vancouver.

    1. YES!! I blooming love Whistler!

      It’s not tooo far. We normally go for day trips. We ski all day, eat then drive home again to sleep. The good thing about these local mountains is we can practice, so our ski legs are ready for the even more epic days in Whistler!!

  5. I was in Vancouver a year and a half ago for the summer and now I’m gutted I missed the winter season!! Another excuse to go back though 😉 it looks absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I do love these mountains in the summer too! I spend my summers hiking on them, and winters sliding down them!! 😉

      It IS a good excuse though, come back in winter!!

  6. I could never get passed the bunny slope so skiing isn’t really my forte, but we have a lot of clients at the agency I work for who do! Definitely have to research more so I can suggest it, but this was a great start!

    1. Don’t worry Jasmine, I only started learning last year and I spent a looong time on the easy slopes (I also spent a while crashing into trees!!)

      If you ever give skiing another try, I promise it gets easier and more fun. (I have terrible balance and I hate the cold…but somehow I am really loving the slopes this year!)

  7. Cypress Mountains look stunning. I love the forest covered with white snow along the slopes and the altitude of them. My husband went skiing in Canada several times and now, after seeing your pics, I understand why I choose Canada for its winter holidays.

  8. Wow Cypress Mountain looks amazing! I’ve never skied before but I know where I need to go when I finally decide to.

    1. Oooh do you live nearby? I hope you do get to give it a try! You might want to start with a lesson (that is what we did…they call the total newbie classes “never-ever” classes!!)

  9. Awe this so reminds me of how much I miss HOME! I was raised in Greater Van area and forgot all about Cypress mountain! I don’t do much out of the way wilderness stuff as I have asthma and scared I will have probs away from where the emergency servcies are…

    I really need to get up to home more often, great story about Cypress MTN!

    1. You grew up in SUCH a fun area! I blooming love it here!!

      If you come back to visit, give me a shout as you could come for a mini adventure with us. We can always go somewhere easy/near emergency services like Grouse!

    1. Lol I was sure that would be my favourite part too before I gave skiing a try.

      Stopping for a hot choccy is always a good idea!

  10. Wow, I’d love to do some skiing again. I live in Hawaii so my chances to ski and snowboard are few and far between. Definitely would like to try this spot. Thank you!

    1. I hope you can give it a go! I only started last year, so I know it seems a bit scary at first. I do it for the views…

  11. Ooh Canada, it’s scenes like this that reminds me how beautiful my country is. And Vancouver is just a stunner! Thanks for introducing Cypress Mountain to me. I’ll remember it if we are ever on the west coast.

    1. YES!! Canada is ridiculously pretty isn’t it!

      Although if you’re coming to ski from the East coast, I think you’d be more likely to go to Whistler vs the local mountains.

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