Happy New Year! Mount Seymour Skiing

Happy New Year! Mount Seymour Skiing

Mount Seymour Skiing - Happy New YearHappy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had fantastic Christmas breaks and giggles over new year.

Marc and I decided to have a quiet new years eve so that we could get up early and have an epic start to 2019. It worked. We went to bed early, then woke up to make it up to the slopes for some Mount Seymour skiing. I wrote a post about Skiing for Newbies, as last year we had our very first ski lesson there. However, on our first skiing lesson, we spent most of our time on the super easy beginners slope, so there is quite a lot more mountain for us to explore! New Years Day was our chance to explore Mount Seymour a bit more!

Mount Seymour Skiing – the basics

Mount Seymour trail map:
You can see what the slopes are like here.

Getting there:
– It is 25-30 minutes drive from North Vancouver
– There is a shuttle bus from Rupurt Sky Train, or from Parkgate Community Centre in North Vancouver.

– You can rent equipment easily. Rentals are included in the price of lessons.
– The is a cafe and a restaurant, but the food is pretty dire. We tried it a couple of times last year, and I am not keen to go back!
– You can rent snowshoes and try snowshoeing at Mount Seymour too.

Lift Tickets:
Surprisingly, New Years Day did not seem too busy when we first arrived! We only had to line up for a few minutes to buy ski passes! This was MUCH easier than skiing at Cypress Mountain a few days previously, where the queue was complete chaos!
However, if you go on other days, you can buy tickets more cheaply online.

Mount Seymour Skiing – Getting started

Our first views from the skilifts were a little misty. Still, this was a pretty lovely view to start 2019! It was snowing when we first arrived, so most of the slopes were almost free of tracks. I have never made the first tracks on a ski slope before, so it was all quite exciting.

Skiing for Newbies – You’ll improve!

It’s funny to think that this time last year I found the longer runs on Mount Seymour pretty terrifying! The first few meters at the top of the green run (called Manning) are quite steep, and as a newbie, this can be quite intimidating. Last year, I HATED the start of this slope as I was so scared that I kept falling. This year my fear seems to have left me, and it was just great fun!

I do not have good balance and I am not particularly flexible, so learning to ski as an adult seemed like an impossible idea. Still, If I can do it I promise you can too! Don’t leave all this fun to the folks that were lucky enough to learn as young children!

Mount Seymour Skiing – Stunning views

I LOVED the views on New Years Day as we’d only skied in the clouds on our previous visits. We were even treated to some blue skies.

This is the view over to one of my favourite North Shore Mountains, Coliseum Mountain, which looks gorgeous under a blanket of snow.

Brockton Chairlift

Last year I thought we’d made it to the top of the mountain, but it turns out that there is an extra chair lift, the Brockton Chairlift that takes you even higher. There is a green (easy) run from the very top of the mountain, but most of the runs up high are black or blue.

After a few tries, I really loved the slopes at the top of the mountain. They are quite rolling, so you have to keep up your speed on the downhill moments, to get enough momentum to make it up the hills again. This encouraged me to ski at faster speeds, which is scary at first, but so fun.

My first ever black run

I am now fairly confident on the blue runs (they are a bit steeper then the green runs), but I have never tried to ski down a black ski (hardest) run before. Marc encouraged me to try one by telling me that it was blue. On my first attempt, I made the mistake of stopping at the top to look down the steep slope. Eep! I tried to ski down it, but somehow I ended up on my back with my skis in the air, sliding down the slope head-first and backwards! I then tried one more time, but the same thing happened.

It turns out, I am not quite ready for black runs yet!

Back to the easier slopes – More falls

As well as my fail on the black runs, I managed one spectacular fall on one of the non-steep sections of a green run. I had finally built up my confidence to zoom down some of the blue slopes, so I was going quite fast near the bottom of the mountain. One of my skis hit a block of ice, and so I went flying, landing on my front winding myself. Oops.

It didn’t feel too bad at the time, so I kept skiing for a couple of hours, until I noticed that one of my ribs was really hurting. I stopped skiing and headed to the cafe for a hot chocolate to recover. Ah well.

In some ways I am a good advert for newbies attempting to learn to ski as adults. I mean, I am having so much fun on the slopes this season, and I can now ski. At the same time, I do still fall over and cover my body in bruises! Marc is a far better example, as he is now a brilliant skier!

All in all, I am really glad that we moved to Vancouver and started to learn to ski.

Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR from Marc and I! I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Mount Seymour Skiing - Happy New Year Mount Seymour Skiing - Vancouver's North Shore Mount Seymour Skiing - Learn to ski

Learning to Ski near Vancouver

If you’d like to read more about learning to ski, have a peek at my posts on various mountains near Vancouver:

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Mount Seymour Skiing

  1. Good for you for trying the Black Diamond! My husband picked up downhill skiing last year and we (my son and I) jumped on board this year. My son is taking a series of lessons and I took one. We’ve been 3 times so far this year. It is so fun! Minnesota has nowhere near the nice long slopes of Canadian mountains, but it’s still a great time-and great exercise.
    I emailed your post to my husband so he could investigate the spots you mentioned. It’s a dream of his to get us on a ski holiday.
    Thanks for your optimism and for willing to keep falling and getting back up again!

    1. Heh! I am going to get myself even more confident on the blue runs before I try a black diamond again though! I wasn’t quite ready for that!! 😀

      If you head near Vancouver for skiing, I think Whistler is the best option (although it can be pricey if you don’t book early) it is sooooo lovely there! The North Shore Mountains near Vancouver are really nice too though.

      If you guys head up this way, I reeeeally hope we can meet up!!

      1. Thank you Orla! I think you’d end up taking a zillion photos of your girls! There was a tubing section of the mountain with kids shreaking with joy and sliding down the hills on inner tubes!! 😉

  2. Happy New Year, Josy! Looks like you had the most amazing day! That picture of the slope, though, turns my stomach. You are much braver than I. Are you counting bruises? I know I am from snowshoeing but it is all worth it. Love the picture of Marc with the goggles, I can just imagine you two having so much fun on the lifts!

    1. I don’t think that slope is even the really scary one! (I was too busy trying to ski on the scary slope to stop and take a photo!!)

      You are right though, it is all worth it to see the pretty views! I do have quite a few bruises but they are starting to fade, and my ribs don’t hurt quite as much now it’s a week later!!

  3. Happy New Year, Josy! This looks wonderful – I know I’ll never be able to ski now, so at least i can do it through posts like yours! My eldest would love to learn to ski, but he worries he is too old at 22 and everyone else his age will be able to ski. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award and shared one of your posts on my regular “Monday Magic” feature – find details for the award here: https://painpalsblog.com/2019/01/06/old-year-new-year-and-being-a-versatile-blogger/. It would be lovely if you join in, but don’t feel you have to – either is cool! Claire x

    1. Thanks Claire! Especially for the share and the award!!

      Please tell your son to give it a try if he is interested! I am in my mid-30s, so he’d be waaay younger than me when i started learning to ski. There was a lady in my class who had skiing lessons for her 40th birthday, and she was great at it too! 😀

  4. Wow I am impressed, it looks amazing!! You are far braver then me. Many years ago I went skiing in the alps with school.. never again. I fell over many times, I fell off the button lift many times, I got firemans lifted up the mountain by the ski instructor, ( I would have been about 14 I think) also had a massive fall out with my school friends as you do in a foreign country miles and miles from home. It’s a holiday that I should have enjoyed much more then I did and skiing is really hard and it’s cold and it hurts when you fall. Well done for trying the black run, I admire you, go you!!

    1. That’s the thing, I am not brave at all…I think that is why I failed on the black run. I was a bit too much of a wimp! Ah well.

      I wonder if you’d like spending time in the snow as an adult, or if your childhood skiing holiday spoiled it forever. You might really like snowshoeing!?

  5. Oh thank you I am so happy that you enjoyed my art! I am a full time independent artist and illustrator and I love when my art touch the soul of people! Thank you I just hit the follow button on your blog I hope we can follow each other and stay connected! <3

  6. Hey Josy! Good for you! I loved reading your post. I just turned 40 (eeep!) and have started learning to ski as my husband has ski’d and snowboarded all his life and my 7 year old son is skiing and now my 4 year old is starting to learn! I’ve been to Seymour a handful of times now and and am pretty confident on Manning . Which easy blue would you recommend for someone just graduating from Manning ?

    1. Hi Patty!

      Yaay for learning as an adult! I haven’t been to Manning yet, so I not sure how they compare. But the blue runs at the bottom of Seymour are the easiest (like lower unicorn/chucks place/ Seymour 16s etc.)

      The runs in the middle of the mountain are great too, especially if it’s not too icy – like Pete’s, Friendly Nuthouse etc.

      I found the blues at the top of the mountain a little harder (as they can be quite narrow) but I bet you’ll be able to manage them if you give the lower runs a go first. 🙂

      We didn’t go back to Mount Seymour for ages, you have made me want to go back again too.

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