High Knoll Trail in Minnekhada Regional Park 

High Knoll Trail in Minnekhada Regional Park 

High Knoll Trail - Minnekhada Park Easy Hikes near VancouverAlthough I have really enjoyed our epic hikes this summer, sometimes we both fancy something short and easy. The High Knoll Trail in Minnekhada Regional Park is perfect for those days. We did this walk in the afternoon after sleeping in. It made for a fun relaxing day with just enough effort to make us feel like we hadn’t wasted the sunshine. This park is located in Coquitlam, so about 40 minutes from Vancouver.

This hike (or a shorter variation of it) would be great for kids, or people that are just getting into hiking. The path up to the high knoll will get your heart pumping, but it is not very difficult. Just be aware if you do this hike with little’uns, you should all stay together in a group as there are lots of bear sightings (as well as occasional cougar sightings) in this area.

High Knoll Trail Map

High Knoll Trail – the basics

Distance: 7km 
Elevation Gain:
High Point: 
Time: 2-3 hours
What to bring:
This walk is not too hard, but you’ll want water, snacks and your camera!
There is a car park and a pit toilet at the trailhead.
This is doggy heaven, but you must keep them on a lead.
How hard is it?

Minnekhada Park

Minnekhada Regional Park is north of Coquitlam, near the Pitt River and the Pitt-Addington Marsh. There are a bunch of trails that you can make into a fun loop that involves three viewpoints as well as the historic Minnekhada Lodge. The best thing about this park is all the wildlife and birds that you’ll be able to see as you hike along the marsh.

Be Bear aware

Last week I wrote about one of my hike fails when we had to turn back because there was too much snow on the trail. Well, the first time I visited Minnekhada Park with my friend Lori, we had a bear-related hike fail. We had to turn back after I nearly walked into a bear! When we started the hike, we found some *very* fresh looking bear poop (you can tell it’s bear poop as it will look like a chewed pile of berries.) Then, as we started to hike up the trail to the high knoll, I came around a corner to be face-to-face with a very cute juvenile bear! I had my camera in my hand, so I snapped the photo below – but I didn’t stop to check it or frame it as I was right next to a bear! The bear walked off down the trail and we went back the way we came; The path is narrow so we couldn’t get around the bear without disturbing it. On that day we never made it up to the high knoll.

If you are ever in a similar situation, you should keep at least 100m between you and a bear. On this occasion I only saw him when I was about 10 meters away, so we needed to back away straight away.

I came back a year later with Marc, and on our second attempt, the park was super-busy, so we didn’t meet any bears, so I can show you the views!

Tiny toads

Both times I have visited this trail, there have been thousands and thousands of teeny toads hopping around on the paths. You need to be really careful not to stand on them!

Once you make it to the marshland, you’ll see there are plenty more toads coming soon!

Minnekhada Marshlands

The wet areas of the park are fantastic for spotting birds and insects. The views are pretty great considering you don’t need to put in any effort to reach this area.

Low Knoll Viewpoint

Once you have crossed the marsh, head into the trees and take the mid-marsh trail up towards the viewpoints. We went to the low knoll viewpoint first because I was not paying attention, but it’s probably better to head for the high knoll first (so you don’t need to backtrack as much.) This lower viewpoint is a bit blocked by trees, but it’s still a pleasant place to stop.

The forest in Minnekhada Regional Park are so lush and beautiful. I love the way the sunlight lit up all the ferns, and the ground is covered in awesome mazes of tree roots.

I love these kinds of forest walks.

High Knoll Viewpoint

The path is steep, but it doesn’t take long to reach the high knoll for fantastic views of the marshes, the Pitt River, and it you look carefully, you can see the sky scrapers off in the distance.

Heading to Addington Lookout

There is one more viewpoint along the route (which is a mini detour from the main path.) I totally forgot to take a photo, but it has closer views of the Pitt River.

We just enjoyed our hike through the trees, with the sun streaming through the new greenery. There were fewer toads on this side of the park, but we still had to watch out for them to make sure they didn’t get squished.

There were quite a few wildflowers and berries along this trail as well. I guess this is why it is so popular with bears.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I especially loved all the blue hydrangeas by Minnekhada Lodge. They reminded me of our wedding in the English countryside.

Minnekhada Park’s Marshlands

Once you’ve visited the Minnekhada Lodge, you just need to walk back along the mashland to return to the car park.

If you fancy a pretty, but not too exhausting walk, or you’d like to take children out on a hike; The High Knoll trail in Minnekhada Regional Park, is pretty perfect. It is also open all year ’round. So I think this would be a great option during the shoulder seasons, when there is snow at higher elevations.

High Knoll Trail - Hikes near Vancouver- Minnekhada Park High Knoll Trail - Minnekhada Park Easy Hikes near Vancouver

31 thoughts on “High Knoll Trail in Minnekhada Regional Park 

    1. The first time we visited it was on a week day so much quieter… I think you’re way less likely to meet a bear at the weekend as there are so many people around. But still, it’s good to know they are around so you can be loud and try to avoid them!!

  1. Ive been wanting to explore Minnekhada for a while! Thanks for a starter hike to explore.

    Small correction – your blue flower is actually a hydrangea. As far as I know rhodos don’t have a blue variant. They’re all pinks, reds, and purples. 😊

  2. Looks like my kind of place. Well, minus the bears. It reminds me of hiking through the giant redwood forests in Northern California. Lots of ferns and wildflowers there as well and the sun makes some glorious ray through the giant branches of the trees. Very picturesque.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I would loooove to go and see those giant redwoods!! Plus nothing is prettier than the sun streaming through bright green trees. 😀

  3. Full of amazing wildlife and incredible views. You did well to get the shot of the bear as most people would have turned and ran! The hike looks great although I can’t pronounce any of the names at all.

    1. I did turn and walk away! I didn’t run as I am pretty sure you’re meant to move away slowly.

      Still, my camera was in my hands, so I snapped it as I left! 😉

  4. I so can’t wait to be in Vancouver!!! We’ll have to go on hikes together! 😀 I’ve sent you a PM on Facebook but I think it might have gone in the message requests 😉

  5. Wow !! This place looks INCREDIBLE ! This views though ! And Brandywine Falls are just gorgeous. I am mad at myself not knowing this place exists!! I must visit there. Especially if you say that it isn’t a hard hike. And the bungee bridge, I am too scared to go bungee jumping but it does look amazing.

    Maya, travel-by-maya.com

    1. Thanks Maya! There are sooo many good spots! Both this one, and the Brandywine falls hike are really easy, you will love them both if/when you visit. 😀

  6. These photos are beautiful! The picture where you were jumping, though, I had scrolled past it to read the next paragraph and could only see the bottom half of the picture and it totally looked like you were jumping on a slanted cliff. I got nervous for you! But when I scrolled up to see the whole picture, I could tell that it was just an optical illusion!

  7. I love hikes that include marshland, you will always get the best bird, animal sightings (didn’t expect the bears) and get to hear the harmonies of all those frogs.

  8. This looks like such a great hike! There are always days when I want to take an easy hike while still enjoying nature. I think the tiny toads would be my favorite part of the hike! I usually don’t get to see many.

    1. It was a bit of a surprise to walk right up to that bear! They are not keen on meeting humans, so you don’t need to be scared. Just make lots of noise and normally you won’t even see them.

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