Lillooet Lake Campgrounds

Lillooet Lake Campgrounds

Lillooet Lake is a gorgeous glacier-fed lake 23km from Pemberton (or 55km north of Whistler.) As we were driving through the area, we spotted a bunch of campgrounds in the BRMB (back road map book) for BCs coast and Mountains region. We took a detour to take a look at them. It turns out there are 4 Lillooet Lake Campgrounds dotted along the northeast shore of the lake along In-Shuck-ch road.

If you like the idea of camping by a picturesque lake in BC, you will probably love them all too.

Camping in BC, Canada has become more and more popular over the last few years. This is partly because so many of us could not travel due to the pandemic, so we all started to explore the regions where we live. This means the fabulous campgrounds within BCs Provincial Parks are almost always busy, and it has sometimes been hard to snag reservations to visit them. However there are other campgrounds, like those listed below that are available with no reservation. You’re just not guaranteed a site.

Camping along Lillooet Lake – the basics

Each of the four campgrounds; Strawberry Point, Twin One Creek, Lizzie Bay and Driftwood Bay had posters up with the same rules.

Camping fee: $15 per group
You need to bring cash to put in an envelope and post into their collection box.
Facilities: It’s a bit basic. Each campground had an outhouse and bins. There is also a bear cache at Strawberry Point Recreation Site
Water: There is no potable water. You need to bring bottled water, or a way to filter lake water.
Open: Apr 1 to Oct 31
Max people per site: 6
Max vehicle per site: 1 (you need to pay extra if you have more vehicles)
Max length of stay: 14 days
Check out: By noon.
Quiet time: 11pm – 7am

The campsites themselves are lovely! Almost all of them are surrounded by trees to give you a little privacy, and they all seemed to have a picnic bench as well as a fire ring.

Bare Campsites

The most important rule about camping in BC is keeping a bare campsite. Basically you need to pack away all food, cups, plates, pans, grills etc., and anything that has a scent that might attract bears. Store things in your vehicle or in the bear-proof storage lockers. Never leave any of food or these items unattended for even a minute, and do not keep them inside your tent. 

Strawberry Point Campground

This fabulous campground is 7km down In-Shuck-ch road. There are 27 campsites within the forest (none at the level of the lake.) Then there are loos and a bear cache and some cool structures made from driftwood down by the lake. There is also a day-use parking area.

If you walk down to the lake, the views are lovely, even on a moody autumnal day like when we visited. This must be simply stunning in the summertime.

This campground won’t give you views of the lake from your tent, but it seemed like all the campsites were new-ish, flat, with nice picnic benches.

Twin One Creek Campground

This was my favourite of campgrounds, 10km down In-Shuck-ch road. There are 15 campsites all with benches and fire pits. I loved that each site is surrounded by trees, but that there are a few sites right next to the lake. 2-3 of the sites can accommodate an RV, but most of the others would be better for tents. There are loos and rubbish bins as well as a boat launch by the lake.

This is the view from Twin One Creek looking North to Pemberton along Lillooet Lake. It was so lovely that we stopped here for lunch.

Lizzie Bay Campground

This is another gorgeous place to camp! Lizzie Bay is 15km down In-Shuck-ch road and has 15 campsites. Some of the campsites are right next to the lake, so they may be flooded in the springtime. Like the other sites, Lizzie Bay campsites each have benches and some kind of fire pit. There are also loos and rubbish bins.

We found an easy hiking trail along the lake towards Driftwood Bay. The views out to Lillooet Lake and the surrounding mountains are gorgeous… but the other reason I loved Lizzie Bay was for the old growth trees. There are some real giants close to the campsite.

Driftwood Bay Campground

The site furthest south is 17km down In-Shuck-ch road; Driftwood Bay. This is a small campground with 10 sites (some you can drive to, some you’ll need to walk a little way into the forest.) There is another flat path along the lake if you’d like to go for a walk. In autumn it was fabulous for finding mushrooms.

Mushrooms along Lillooet Lake

We found loads of really cool mushrooms near the Lillooet Lake campgrounds in October. Here are a few of the good’uns:

Panoramas of Lillooet Lake

I’ll finish with some panoramas of Lillooet Lake from each of the campgrounds as you move south…

We only saw a few campers that were actually staying at these Lillooet Lake Campgrounds in October. I have a feeling you’d need to get here early to nab one of the best campgrounds during the summertime. At least there are so many campgrounds near each other, hopefully there is always enough space for everyone that needs it. Having said that, I guess on any statutory holiday weekend, you’ll want to arrive early to nab a campsite!

Camping near Pemberton - Lillooet Lake Campgrounds - BC, Canada Lillooet Lake Campgrounds - Great for finding cool mushrooms and pretty lakeside views Gorgeous Campsites near Pemberton - Lillooet Lake Campgrounds - BC, Canada

43 thoughts on “Lillooet Lake Campgrounds

  1. This looks like a lovely park to camp. I love all the different types, colours and sizes of mushrooms. Reserving a campsite has become cut throat in Ontario during the pandemic as well. There were even crazy stories about people re-selling their campsite reservation at higher price.

    1. Oh wow. I don’t think I heard any stories about people doing that here…but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did!!

      There were complaints of people booking Thursdays so they could pre-book fri-sat-sun before other people had access to book for Fridays. I am not sure if they thought of a way to prevent that this year.

  2. What an exceptional place. It looks fairly calm in your pictures, but were there alot of other campers. Here, it has become hard to find places to camp just due to crowding. It can make it hard to find space and some people aren’t very caring about others’ peace either.

    1. Yeah I think that is the issue everywhere. It’s so good that there are few places left like this that are first come first served.

      Hopefully people are careful about their camping neighbours. We didn’t actually camp when we visited, so I’m not sure…

  3. Wow they all look like amazing places! My husband and I are really into camping but haven’t made it up to BC yet. It’s definitely on our list though!

  4. Such amazing views! Looks like a really great place to camp and I love that you have different spots along the same camp ground. That was looks freezing especially as you mention that it is glacier-fed. Definitely somewhere to add to my bucket list, love the simple points at the top with information to know.

    1. Thanks Venaugh. I am keen to go back in summer on a super hot day and attempt to swim there. It’d be cold, but maybe swimmable on a hot day…

  5. This looks so beautiful! I have family up in Vancouver and during the pandemic they did a lot of outdoorsy things, not necessarily camping but more biking, swimming and hiking. Great post! I am tempted to eat the mushrooms lol. And thanks for the tip on making sure you store bear-proof stuff!

    1. Yay! Vancouver is fab for biking, swimming and hiking! I hope you can come up to visit your family and get involved. 🙂

    1. Yes. You don’t have to do much, just make sure your campsite is free of food/plates etc. It’s the things that smell like food that attract the bears.

  6. Lillooet Lake Campgrounds are so beautiful! I’d absolutely love to go camping there. The mushrooms are really cool!

  7. The view of Lake Lillooet are amazing from all 4 of these campgrounds. I would love to stay at any of them. And my kids would have the best time coming up with names for all the mushrooms and fungi around the area. My favorite is the faire clubs, since we love to build fairy houses.

    1. I love the idea of making up your own names for the mushrooms – I guess we always do that too until we get home and look up what they were.

  8. It looks like a great place to be in peace and relax! very nice photos! I really enjoyed them! thanks for sharing

  9. Looks like such a relaxing area for camping – lots of space and doesn’t look too crowded. I loved the mushroom pictures!

    1. I have a feeling it must get crowded on weekends in the summer…but it was all totally deserted when we went!

      (There were two groups at Driftwood bay and one RV at Twine One Creek – that’s it!)

  10. I camped at driftwood bay last year I absolutely loved it! You are right though everywhere is overrun. The people who run the sites are great with emptying the trash cans, just wish people had more sense to pack out what they pack in.

    1. Oooh I was wondering if you had visited this area. I am glad to hear it is fab in the summer.

      I always find it a bit strange when people don’t pack out their rubbish. I mean, who do they expect will do it for them!?

    1. Me toooo! I think i’d be happy at any of them, but I loved the trees and camping sites best at Twin One Creek. 🙂

  11. Eek! Your bear photo is both thrilling and terrifying. I’ve seen bears on hikes before but always from a safe distance. It’s always amazing but very humbling! I love all your mushroom photos too. I’m hoping to go morel hunting this spring for my first time. Have you ever heard of the app called Seek? While hiking, you can point your phone’s camera at any plant, flower, mushroom, etc. and the app will tell you what it is! I think that’s a great way to stay safe, especially if you are eating the plants/mushrooms.

    1. Yeeees! I love that app (and iNature) although even google photos does pretty well for plants. I am nit sure I’d trust it for mushrooms though!

      Good luck with the morels! I heard they often show up the first spring after fires (in case that helps!?)

  12. Lillooet campground looks amazing! The views!! And my kids would be all over taking pics of those mushrooms! They are obsessed… and we have yet to see those varieties anywhere else! LOL

    1. Oooh nice! I have a feeling your kids would love BC! The best ones we’ve seen were the strawberries and cream mushrooms that look they are bleeding! If you ever visit in the autumn, let me know and I’ll let you know about the best locations to find some!

  13. Each of these campgrounds have such beautiful spots! Even though I prefer toilets and water I’d be ok if I had a spot right along the lake for those views. I’ve never seen such cool and vibrant mushrooms, my favorite is the orange peel!

    1. The orange peel one was sooo cool! It covered a huge amount of space as well – I have never seen anything quite like them!

  14. This lake is an amazing place to visit. My family has a cabin a few kms past Driftwood Bay and I’ve been visiting there since childhood. Its a great place to canoe and fish. It can get pretty smokey in the summer with all the wildfires, but even then the campsites are usually packed on weekends. There’s very little light pollution, making it a great place for stargazing and astrophotography. Be warned that there is a lot of wildlife in the area. I’ve seen everything from deer and moose to cougars, wild horses, and even packs of dogs out there. brown and black bears tend to visit near the campsites.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Jordan! You are so lucky to have a cabin out near there – it is such a magical area.

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