Seton Lake Lookout (Lulu Lookout)

Seton Lake Lookout (Lulu Lookout)

Seton Lake Lookout is a bite-sized adventure just outside of Lillooet in BC, Canada. This mini hike will allow you to wander up to a fabulous viewpoint above the bright blue waters of Seton Lake. This hike is popular with instagram-folks because there is a hair-pin bend in the road right below the cliffs, that looks a bit like the Lulu Lemon logo. Even if you’re not interested in taking a photo from the “Lulu viewpoint”, this is a gorgeous little walk.

This viewpoint is located in the territory of the St’át’imc people. The St’át’imc Nation is made up of 11 self-governing communities, including T’ít’q’et (Lillooet), Sekw’el’wás (Cayoose Creek) and Tsal’alh (Seton Lake) which are closest to here. If you’d like to learn more, you can learn some click on the links above or basics of their language here. As visitors to the area, please tread lightly and be sure to leave no trace.

Seton Lake Lookout Map

Seton Lake Lookout – the basics

Distance: 1.3km 
Elevation gain
: 80m
Highest Point: 380m (ish)
Time: 45 mins
What to bring:
You don’t need much it’s a short walk. I brought the 10 essentials because I always do.
Facilities: No facilities. This is not a maintained trail.
Dogs: Yes. Although there are cliffs, so it’s safest to keep dogs on a leash.
How hard is it?
Easy. It’s a quick walk with great views. There’s a bit of a scramble at the top but it is not hard.
Extra notes: This view is popular because the curve in the road looks like the Lulu Lemon logo. 

Seton Lake Lookout – Getting started

This trail starts right next to the Sea to Sky Highway. Park at Seton Lake view rest stop about 7km outside of Lillooet. There is plenty of space to park and notice boards with information about the history of Lillooet, the local St’át’imc people. There is no sign to mark the trailhead, but you can easily see a path heading into the trees.

Follow the trail into the trees.

After a couple of minutes you can look back over the Sea to Sky Highway, down to the turquoise Seton Lake.

Once you emerge from the trees you can look northwest over Cayoosh Creek and Seton Dam Campground towards Lillooet (Lillooet is just beyond that ridge at the base of Mount McLean.)

You also get great views southeast along the Duffey Lake road (The Sea to Sky Highway.)

Seton Lake Views

There was no-one else around when we did this mini hike, so we spent some time drinking tea and looking out to the gorgeous views. That is Mount McLean behind the lake.

Loop back around

This isn’t shown on the map, but there is a clear path that allows you to follow a loop back around to where you started.

That was our introductory hike to the Lillooet area. We visited in mid October while the Vancouver area was cold and wet. It was a lovely surprise to find sunshine and blue skies further North.

Panoramas of Seton Lake

I somehow failed to take a panorama from the main lookout, but here are a couple from just above the road, and then down at Seton Lake.

If you are taking a road trip up to (or beyond) Lillooet, I highly recommend stopping to stretch your legs and see the lovely Seton Lake viewpoint. Click through if you’d like to see more ideas for a fabulous Sea to Sky Loop Road trip. I also have a post about the area around Seton Lake and Naxwik park.

25 thoughts on “Seton Lake Lookout (Lulu Lookout)

  1. I love how manageable and short this hike is. Definitely looks like one I can actually do! The views are absolutely stunning. Pity it doesnt have facilities but I guess a little extra prep can help.

    1. It’s pretty close to Naxwit Park that has facilities like picnic benches/loos… so I guess you could stop there afterwards if you drank too much tea!

    1. I totally agree. I always try to add a couple of mini walks along the route when we go on road trips! 🙂

  2. What an awesome hike! I love those stunning views of the lake from the top. A hidden gem indeed. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful viewpoint! I love the brilliant blue waters of the lake! It looks so magical in your panoramas! I’d love to visit and soak up the views one day! Thanks for sharing this beautiful gem!

  4. Wow just a 45 minutes hike to get this stunning viewpoint? Likely to be 1h30 for me but sounds easy enough. The pictures are stunning as per usual, Josy. You certainly have a nose for beautiful locations! Great find, would love to visit.

    1. To be honest, I think we were walking for just over 20mins…(we just spent time drinking tea at the top) so I still think it wouldn’t take long, even taking it super slowly. 😀

  5. I was wondering what that road reminded me of! It’s great that this is a short hike as well, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

  6. Beautiful photos and beautiful lake! I’m not sure I’d take a photo because it looks like the Lulu logo, but yes because it looks great! I’m always in awe of the views you find on your adventures

    1. Lol yeah taking photos because it looks like a logo was a bit baffling to me too…but it is a gorgeous spot!

      (I think there are just a lot of Lulu lemon fans here!!)

    1. It really is. It is also less rainy than Vancouver so the flora and fauna is all different and new to us too.

  7. Looks like another beautiful hike. Especially when you can get out of the rain and find somewhere sunny in the mountains. The lake color is gorgeous.

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