Miners’ Path – Crowsnest Pass

Miners’ Path – Crowsnest Pass

The Miners’ path to Rainbow Falls is an pleasant, easy trail to a waterfall in Coleman near the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. It is perfect place to walk in hot weather as the trail is shady and alongside a creek. This is a historic trail that was used by 200-ish men a day to walk from their homes in Coleman to the McGillivray Mine from 1909-1957. Nowadays it is just families and hikers that walk here; It’s a fab spot if you’d like to stretch your legs on the drive between Fernie and Waterton Lakes or Calgary.

Miner’s path to Rainbow Falls Map

I recorded our walk on strava here, if you’d like to see the loop.

Townsite Loop – the basics

Distance: 1.9km to the falls and back. 2.5km for the loop
Elevation gain: 60-70m
Time: 30 mins
What to bring: We brought the 10 essentials, and bring bear spray.
Facilities: Washrooms, playground and splash park at Flumerfelt Park
Dogs: Dogs are allowed (on leash)
How hard is it? Easy-peasy paved path. Good for children.

Miner’s trail to Rainbow Falls – Getting started

The trailhead starts at the back of Flumerfelt Park (here.) For some reason there is the world’s largest piggy bank by the carpark. The path starts at the back of the parking area, by a sign with details about the history of the area.

There is a pretty bridge at the start of the trail. Cross this and continue along the path next to Nez Percé Creek.

The trail is lush and gorgeous, even on hot sunny days.

Close the gate

The very last part of the trail to Rainbow falls is on private land, so make sure you close the gate once you reach this section.

Rainbow Falls

This is rainbow falls from up close. In August it was more of a trickle than an epic waterfall. But it must be much larger in the springtime! In summer people were dipping their feet in the water and getting up close to the falls.

Second Mini waterfall

Most people seemed to stop at the first waterfall. But if you keep walking to the end of the trail, there is a second smaller waterfall, by a teeny bridge.

Follow a loop back

We crossed the bridge at the top of the trail as we thought there might be a different trail back to the start. This route turned out to be really cool! It climbs up above the creek, so you can peek down the cliffs to look at the creek and the waterfall from above.

Rainbow Falls from above

This is Rainbow Falls from up high. There are great views of the nearby Saskatoon Mountain. You can clearly see the fabulous rock formations the water has carved out. 

The high trail back to the trailhead was pretty cool. The path was covered in coal-dust and up here there are really lovely views of the surrounding mountains of Crowsnest Pass.

If you are staying near the Crowsnest Pass, or even just driving through; Rainbow Falls and the Miner’s path is a lovely place to stretch your legs. It’s very short, so if you fancy it, you can do it on the same day as a few others, like Fairy Creek Falls, Star Creek Falls or Lundbreck Falls.

We found a few other fantastic waterfalls in this area; So I’ll share my waterfall map so you can find the others.

You can click on the pins below to save this for later.

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    1. Thanks Laura! Yeah, we were really happily surprised by the waterfalls in this area. Especially as so many of them are easy to reach.

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