Monty Update – Cat in Canadian snow

Monty Update – Cat in Canadian snow

Monty update - cat in snowI was sent home early today because it was snowing so much here in Vancouver. UBC had turned completely white, and the buses were starting to really struggle in the snow. Our boss decided it was unsafe, so we all headed home.

So, as I had an afternoon with Monty, I thought I might as well write a new post about him. This is mainly for Mum, Araceli (new Mum) and Grandma. They are the ones that ask most often how Monty is getting on with his new Canadian life.

If you’re thinking of moving countries with your own catty furball, I have a post that can help you here.

Before we abandoned UBC, one of my colleagues and I, walked over to Nitobe Garden to see it in the snow. But it was closed. I guess the gardeners had been sent home due to the snow as well!?

After my failed walk to the garden, I was pretty chilly, so waited for a bus to go home. It took hooours to get home, but then I was greeted by a happy cat.

Monty is always happy to see me when I arrive home in the daytime! But today, Monty was especially interested in the window at the front of our flat. He was watching the snow and seemed really keen to go outside. I picked up his cat harness, and he ran over to me meowing. I can take the hint!

However, it turns out that although Monty *thought* that he wanted to go out into the snow, as soon as his paws touched the white stuff, he changed his mind. This is the cat face that means “wtf is this cold stuff!?”

Cat prints in the snowAs I mentioned in the last Monty update, my cat is a wimp. Monty took a few steps forward before he noticed how wet and cold the snow was. Then he went back inside and refused to step back out!

After about half an hour, Monty was staring at the window again, so I gave him another chance to walk outside. This time he was a little bit more brave. He started to explore his new white garden, keeping right to the edge so he could avoid placing his paws in the snow!

After a few minutes Monty built up the courage to walk right through the middle of the white stuff. I tried to get a few action shots, but mostly he just looked really unimpressed at the world around him!

So, my main update from Monty is “Actually hoomans, there is some sort of crunchy snow noise, and my paws are blooming cold. I’m done. Take me back to the fire!”

Right after this photo he ran back inside and has not left his spot in front of the fire since then!

37 thoughts on “Monty Update – Cat in Canadian snow

  1. Hahaha, depending on your type of dog, they will do that as well!! Both of my brother’s dogs are huskies though, so they will stay out for HOURS if they are given the chance! Nevermind that us humans are frozen or anything… I’m interested to see what Agnes does next winter, when she’s grown! (I imagine that the tail end of this winter will be freezing for her, coming from Toronto to Winnipeg as a little one)

    1. Yep, poor little lady will be chilly to start with for sure! It’s awesome that you already bought a sweater for her. Is it plaid?

    1. Yeah, sometimes he gets excited by water too…but then as soon as his paw touches it, he’s like NOPE!

      You are right though, cat faces can be soooo full of expressions!

  2. So cute!!! Out kitty stepped onto the sprinkling of snow that we had and ran straight back in! He’s not seen vast amounts of the stuff before!

    1. Monty has seen a teeny sprinkling of snow before, but this was the first time it came halfway up his legs. I don’t think he was impressed.

      He does like watching birds walk in snow though!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is precious! When we had our snow we had a little bit of it end up on the porch, but I couldn’t coax Jojo out into it. In fact, if it’s ever below 50 degrees she won’t even step foot onto the porch.

    1. JoJo is a smart kitty! Sleep in the sun, and stay by a heater if it gets chilly!

      Plus she has the best cat personality. Catonality?

  4. It has actually snowed here (N Ireland) this year, and one of the funniest things I have seen was our border terrier running round the garden snapping at the falling snowflakes.

    1. Hehehe you might not think he is a smart cat if you met him…but yes, he is sensible when it comes to hogging the closest seat the the fire!

  5. That is so funny! My dog got the scent of something last night and stuck her nose in the snow several times to sniff. How do you sniff in the snow and not get it up your nose????
    I saw a mountain lion in our backyard last weekend. It had no problem padding around the frozen pond. I wonder what your cat would think of him?

    1. Oh my goodness! Did you get a photo of him? I think I saw your post mentioning a mountain lion on twitter!

      I pretty sure Monty would be terrified of a mountain lion. I would *love* to see one. Well, through glass anyway. I’m not sure how i’d feel about meeting one on a walk(!)

    1. Yay! Thanks Hayley! If you ever come up to Vancouver, you are more than welcome to visit and give him a cuddle!

      He appears more on instagram than on the blog. πŸ˜‰

  6. First of all, Monty is absolutely beautiful! You can say this about a male cat, right? Second, I love the photo of his little paw prints turning right around to get out of the snow. He’s a smart, kitty! We are presently awaiting a second snow storm in 48 hours. They’re saying we will have 12+ inches when all is said and done. Monty is happy he’s not here right now. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you!

      The problem is, he knows he is beautiful. He uses his cuteness to wrap me around his paw. Spoiled kitty.

  7. Oh the look on his face is priceless πŸ™‚

    Campus was really pretty on Friday – I waited until the 99 was running again later and got home in the usual time. I was fully prepared for a nice snowy walk along University Boulevard but in the end was glad of the bus!

    1. I was glad of the bus too (I was freezing even after a short walk around campus.) It took sooo much longer than normal though!!

      1. We do get cold weather, but it seems our weather gets warmer every year. We usually see temps in the 30s-50s (F) for winter. We don’t get as much snow as I’d like and it never sticks. We’ll get a huge snowstorm and it’ll be gone in a few days.

    1. Yeah, although, they did give that snowstorm a pretty good name! πŸ˜‰

      We get to ski fr free until mid-December, so I am hoping for early snow here!!

    1. Thanks Susanne! He wasn’t impressed last year. I wonder what he’ll be like this year, now it won’t be a surprise…?

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