One Mile Lake – Pemberton walks

One Mile Lake – Pemberton walks

One Mile Lake is a great mini stop off on the Sea to Sky Highway, just before Pemberton; Close to Nairn Falls. I have looked at it longingly each time we drive past. The lake looks really beautiful early in the morning when mist floats above the water. We finally stopped to take a look at the lake after our failed hike to Rohr Lake. If you stop to grab a coffee or a snack in Pemberton, this is a great place to enjoy it.

We had just descended from the snowy mountains, so it felt nice and warm down at One Mile Lake. However this lake freezes over later in the winter, so you might be able to walk/ski on it.

Map of the One Mile Lake Loop

This isn’t a proper hike – it’s just a fun little spot to stop and stretch your legs.

One Mile Lake – the basics

Distance: 1.6 km (One Mile – it’s the perfect name!)
Elevation gain
: minimal
Time: 20-30 mins
What to bring:
It’s super short, so you probably just need your camera.
Car park with a pit toilet. There is a playground as well as a beach, so it’d be great for kids in the summertime. Nairn Falls Campground is right next door too.
Dog friendly – there is even a dog beach
How hard is it?
Super easy. Great for small children and grannies.

Boardwalk around the lake

We didn’t plan to go for a walk at One Mile Lake. However we are unable to resit a quick walk, so we were happy to see that there was an easy pathway the whole way around the lake.

The boardwalk allows you to walk right up next to the edge of the lake. You can look down at all the lilies and see the reflections of the surrounding mountains.

Pemberton Views

I loved the views around One Mile Lake. It was a pretty grey, cloudy day, but we could spot Lil’Wat Mountain peeking through the clouds in the distance.

Part way around the lake, the boardwalk goes through a marshy area, full of grasses and reeds.

One Mile Lake Viewpoint

Halfway around the lake there is a fantastic viewpoint so you can look back across to the beach where you started. You can kind of see that the lake is a pretty green colour, even on a moody day. It must be beeeautiful colour on sunny days.

We found a pretty cool mushroom colony on a log by this viewpoint.

Work Out Stations

Another cool thing about this mini walk, is there are workout stations along the trail, listing different exercises you can do as you walk around the lake.

Here’s another view back to Signal Hill from the far side of the lake. I love that you can see the greeny rock-flour colour of the water.

Moss covered cliffs

Once you are near the end of the loop, there are some fantastic moss covered cliffs that loom above the trail. There are actually plenty more paths on this side of the lake, leading up the hill behind these cliffs. It is a great spot for mountain bikers.

Don’t fancy walking?

Even if you don’t like the idea of walking for a mile around the lake, you can still stop here to take in the views. This side of the lake has a boat house, a play area for children and a beach for swimming in the summertime.

Bonus walk – Nairn Falls

If you have a little bit more time, One Mile Lake is next to another beautiful place for a mini hike to Nairn Falls. I have a separate post about this epic waterfall. If you would like to stay in this area, we loved Camping at Nairn Falls too.

One Mile Lake may not be one of my big, epic walks, but it is the perfect place to stop as you drive up the Sea to Sky Highway. I like the idea of going back in the summertime to cool down with a swim here. If you’d like to remember it, just click on the pins below to save them.

21 thoughts on “One Mile Lake – Pemberton walks

  1. Yes, that is definitely a walk that is “Great for small children and grannies”…and for me. πŸ™‚ And, also, no bear spray needed. πŸ™‚
    I really like the idea of the boardwalk going around the lake and not always being built on dry land.

  2. Looks like a great walk. The moody sky makes for some nice photos.I love the workout stations – those are awesome!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah Nairn Falls is stunning, especially in the springtime, I hope we can go and camp there again.

    1. They do make it nice and easy to explore without spoiling the habitat (or getting your feet soggy!) I like wild scenery best, but boardwalks do make things easier!

  3. This looks like such a pretty and peaceful walk! Thank you for sharing it. The boardwalk looks great, a nice easy way to enjoy the wet marshy areas. I love your photos, especially love the mushrooms and moss covered rocks!

  4. Hi Josy! Loved the long boardwalk, mushrooms, and photos of the rock outcroppings. Always love seeing your hiking articles.

  5. Shorter walks like this are great breaks from the crazy 7+mile hikes. Love that this has a dog beach πŸ₯°

  6. Those paths over the water look so picturesque, and I love the reflections of the mountains in the lake. It looks like if you’re not careful, though, you could accidentally fall into the water! It looks like it’s pretty shallow though? And I love your shot of the mushrooms growing on a log! πŸ™‚

  7. hehe, I never know what to call short “hikes” that are more like walks in the park, but “walk” is definitely more accurate. This looks like an absolutely beautiful one though + that’s awesome that there’s a dog beach nearby! :]

  8. What a beautiful walk! I love trails that have a boardwalk! I always feel fully immersed in nature when following a boardwwalk. Nairn Falls looks like a beautiful addition to the walk too. Thanks for sharing this beautiful route!

  9. What pretty walk with lots of scenery! Sometimes it’s so nice to get out and go for an easy walk in nature. Love the boardwalk, lake views and those adorable mushrooms! I’d definitely want to add on the hike to see Nairn Falls!

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