Trout Lake – Local Vancouver Walks

Trout Lake – Local Vancouver Walks

Trout Lake is a pretty lake in John Hendry Park, East Vancouver. The Trout Lake beach has fantastic views out to the North Shore Mountains. The rest of the park is nice to wander around and has pretty good facilities although most things are closed at the moment due to covid-19.

It sounds like lock down/ self isolation rules are a little different all around the world. Here in Vancouver if at all possible, everyone is supposed to work from home. The Provincial Parks (where I would normally be snowshoeing or walking on low elevation trails at this time of year) are all closed. However we are allowed outside to exercise; So I have swapped the time I would normally spend commuting exploring our neighbourhood. Basically, we can’t get into the wilderness, but we can cycle or wander around the city to find new pretty places. I’ve been exploring for the last month and a half, so I’d like to introduce some of the really nice community parks and nature-spots around Vancouver.

Self Isolation Walks

How do you find places to wander? As we’re stuck in the city, I tend to look at maps of the area around our home and watch out for the green spots to find parks or wild areas. I had heard of Trout Lake before I walked over there, but the first time I saw this view from Trout Lake Beach I was blown away. That is Crown Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Mount Fromme reflected in the lake along with the crow. Gorgeous eh!?

John Hendry Park Facilities

The park is fabulous for doggies. There is a off-leash area at the North side of the park.

For hoomans, there are a few picnic areas (and bbqs are allowed here), washrooms, and various playing fields for a range of different sports (not that anyone can play at the moment.) If you like the sound of visiting in summer, bring your bathing suit as there are lifeguards from mid-May to early September. Even if you are in a wheelchair, apparently you can reserve a water wheelchair at trout beach. Click here for more info on Vancouver’s accessible beaches.

Walking to Trout Lake

Another thing I love about this part of Vancouver, is the back streets are so flipping nice. Marc and I have explored the streets in all directions near Trout Lake, and although some streets are posher than others, they are all really lovely to walk along. Especially in spring time. I have found plenty of cute bird houses, fairy doors and sweet little parks on the way.

The last month (April) has been especially nice for walking with the various waves of blossom trees decorating the backstreets of Vancouver. This week, the last (super pink) kanzan blossoms are starting to fall so it looks like pink snow for almost the entire walk/run to Trout Lake.

I also need to give a shout out to this rainbow crosswalk near Charles Dickens Elementary School and Sunnyside Park. It just gets prettier each time I go past as more trees bloom.

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Trout Lake Beach

This is my favourite part of the park. It’s a bit too early in the season to see people swim here, but I have seen plenty of happy birds and dogs making the most of the beach. This photo is from the first time I visited. I haven’t seen the lake look like a giant mirror again like this, but I keep going back just in case.

It’s more likely to look like this.

This is from the same spot a few weeks later. The leaves were about to open, so everything looked yellow and golden, almost autumnal.

North Side of Trout Lake

There is a loop around the lake which you can wander around. The North side of the lake doesn’t have quite such gorgeous views, but this is where you’ll see the most doggos.

Willow trees

I’m not sure if John Hendry Park is famous for this, but I love all the willow trees around Trout Lake. They are only just starting to get their leaves at the moment, so they are bright yellow and just light up the whole park.

Muddy areas around Trout Lake

Apart from the beach to the south and the boardwalk to the north, you can’t get very close to the lake as there is deep mud around it. There are quite a few signs asking people to be careful but I have also seen some very muddy, happy looking dogs walking here!

Living Fences

This is only a small extra note, but I love that they have woven fences to stop people from trampling on the delicate muddy ecosystems.

Trout Lake Community Centre

There is also a huge community centre at the end of the park. This has an ice rink, a gym, a huge fitness centre that includes a training room and dance studio. I even saw a poster for an art studio as well as a pottery studio and a music room. Once the lock down is over, I’d like to visit it properly.

So, that is one of the first gorgeous places I found on my lockdown wanders around Vancouver. Trout Lake is about 3km away from where we live, so it is perfect for a quick evening stroll, or for a jog when I am feeling more energetic.

Have you been walking the back streets and finding new parks where you live? Or, are you lucky enough to live close to more wild trails? I’d love to hear how you are all managing with staying at home.

If you ever stay in East Van, you might like to visit Trout Lake too. Or if you want other ideas for beautiful parks in Vancouver, I have a whole post full of them! Please click on the pins to save them for later.

Trout Lake - Vancouver's community parks Canada Trout Lake and John Hendry Park - Vancouver Canada John Hendry Park - Vancouver's community parks Canada

60 thoughts on “Trout Lake – Local Vancouver Walks

  1. That looks absolutely stunning. I love the picture of Crown Mountain and Grouse Mountain reflected in the lake, and the one of the “pink snow”.

    Your lockdown restrictions sound similar to ours. Although, technically the high fells are not out of bounds if you live near, Mountain Rescue have asked everyone to stay off them to reduce call outs, so I’m abiding by that but, like you, exploring what’s right on my doorstep. For me, it’s country lanes, which are idyllic but I haven’t spent enough time exploring in the past (too keen to get to higher ground). The sky is so clear and blue now it’s free of vapour trails. You’ve captured that perfectly in your pics.

    1. Yes that is the same here too. Even when the parks were still open, we were only going to the easiest trails as we didn’t want to get mountain rescue involved.

      My parents have been exploring the country lanes near their home in the UK too. The English countryside is sooo pretty at this time of year. <3

  2. What gorgeous walks so close you you – you’re very lucky. The blossom trees are always so pretty. I bet people with dogs are glad they have somewhere for some off leash time.

    1. How are you and Elsie coping Rachel? I hope you’re doing okay!

      And yeeees – I love seeing all the doggos!

      1. Kinda? Lol this weekend has been nice! Warm with only a little rain. The cherry blossoms are out in Hyde Park but it’s a $1000 fine if you’re caught in the park. The police have set up barricades lol. But also the park has set up a live cam so you can see the blossoms 😂 supposed to be a cooler May but that’s good to keep us all at home more I guess…

          1. Ummm I’m gonna say no. Sitting on a park bench is considered using the parks amenities which is currently punishable by fines. Lol one family was on the news because they were roller skating in an empty parking lot. Just a dad and his 3 kids. They got a $900 fine because the parking lot was for a community centre which is closed due to COVID restrictions.

  3. This looks so stunning!!! Especially for a city park. April really was a great month to spend lots of time walking outdoors! Our restrictions are similar; we’re allowed outside, so long as we’re not with other people. Parks run by the national park service in DC are closed, but the state and local parks are open. It’s so weird to see police blockading open, green spaces!

    1. That is really similar to us!

      My sister is in France and she’s is only allowed out within 1km from her home(!) She also has to write a note with the time/where she’s going. They are soo much stricter over there!

  4. Wow! The whole scenery of Trout Lake and its surroundings is just beautiful. I always wanted to go to Canada! All I see online is mountains, skiing and hiking trails. What an awful place 😉 Can’t wait to go some day! Just stunning.

  5. I love BC! I spent a month there when I first moved to Canada! I am feeling your pain with the restrictions over here in Toronto. I’m so thankful that we can still get out into nature!

    1. It must be mad over in Toronto! At least is the weather starting to warm up? You must be enjoying the walks by the lakes.

      Hopefully we can all get into the wilderness soon.

  6. What a gorgeous place! I want to take a roadtrip through Canada so I will make sure to add Trout lake to my bucket list.

    1. Thanks Lyne. I wouldn’t expect this to be on a bucket list, so yaaay that you like it so much.

  7. What a beautiful neighborhood you have. I love the pink trees. It’s nice that you’re able to get out and enjoy some fresh air and appreciate the beauty around you. I need to get out more.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I really hope you can get out a little Patricia. Just be sure to stay away from other walkers Being outside will make you feel so much better in this covid-19 madness.

  8. Beautiful pictures! I love the reflection lake pix the best! I live in Florida we’ve been riding our bikes along the beach during quarantine.

    1. That sounds sooo nice!

      Are the beaches busy in Florida, or are people generally good at social distancing over there?

      p.s.I tried to have a bike ride for the first time in months. It was fun, but omg my crotch was in so much pain afterwards! Lol I need to get used to my saddle before we all go back to work or my commute will be painful!

  9. This looks like an amazing find!! I love when the blossoms fall and looks like snow! And I love the rainbow sidewalk so much!!

  10. Wow this looks amazing! what a lovely post and stunning photos! i love blossom it always cheers me up when i see it blowing from the trees! thanks for sharing. iemexploring xx

    1. Blossoms really do make cities look prettier don’t they. You know, I feel like walking in the back streets during this pandemic has allowed me to appreciate them more than normal.

  11. What a lovely and peaceful walk! And it’s so lucky of you to live near such beautiful nature! I also love wandering around the city where I live to discover new green areas, although we are not able to do so over here during this lockdown time. I love your photos of the blossoms – they must look even more amazing in real life. Although there are lots of inconveniences during the lockdown, I’m sure it’s also a good opportunity for us to discover wonderful things near us and appreciate where we live more 🙂

  12. The trees are so pretty, and that rainbow crosswalk is so fun! Trout Lake is gorgeous as well–I haven’t gotten to go out much lately since I’ve been working most days of the week, but I do have a hike planned tomorrow (thankfully we’re still allowed to do em’ as long as they’re socially-distanced)!

  13. I was just talking earlier about how much I can’t wait for another trip to Vancouver! This looks so beautiful, definitely adding it to my list 😁

  14. Vancouver looks so beautiful and Trout lake looks straight out of fairy tale. I have never heard about this Lake but scenery looks gorgeous especially during spring.

  15. Beautiful pictures! Here in London we’re in the same situation re being able to leave the house for walks etc provided we’re not travelling to get to them. I totally agree that it’s the perfect way to get out and explore your city 🙂

  16. I can’t believe this is so close to home and I’ve never actually visited, only driven by. The reflection of the North Shore mountains on the lake is incredible. I’m loving your “close to home” posts as they are giving me even more appreciation for this beautiful city. You should definitely check out the Community Centre when it opens. I’ve heard it’s terrific and one of my favourite zumba instructors teaches there.

  17. This is so gorgeous! I wish I could travel to Trout Lake right now! I’ve never seen those trees with the pink blossoms before and they are just spectacular! Thanks for sharing this beautiful place with us!

  18. This makes me miss the Vancouver blossoms so much! I had no idea Vancouver had so many trees until I came home from my trip to Australia when I was living in the city. I was gone two weeks and came home to the peak bloom. I still remember how amazing the blossoms all smell. I gotta check this hike out when I finally make it out to visit!

  19. Trout Lake is so beautiful and seems like a very peaceful place to go for a walk. I absolutely love the blossoms and willow trees! It looks like the perfect setting for a stroll in complete serenity and I can see why you like it!

  20. Wow your walks around Vancouver are something else aren’t they? Beautiful scenery and perfect for a socially isolated walk or two. Love the blossom too. We’re getting out every day for some lovely long walks down here in Devon so trying to make the most of it.

  21. Vancouver looks beautiful at this time of the year! We’ve also been walking and running locally… We’re lucky to be in the countryside – there are plenty of trails and farn tracks to explore. But I do miss the mountains and the Peak District…

  22. Vancouver looks so beautiful. I would love to visit one day! I think one of the benefits of lockdown is that we are all going on walks and exploring the beauty of our surroundings that we might not have done before. Here in London we are really enjoying walks through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. They are right on our doorstep yet we so rarely used to enjoy them before! xx

  23. I’ve never been to Canada let alone Vancouver, but your photos are absolutely stunning and I will definitely go to this beautiful lake when I eventually make it over there!

  24. Love the beautiful photos and the rainbow crosswalk! Even though I live in NYC, I can really relate to your experience. I have spend more time walking around my neighborhood and exploring areas that are close by, but that I never took time to appreciate. My walks have also included beautiful cherry blossoms, but much more surprise street art than nature! Thanks for sharing.

  25. I too have done the same thing! Taken this time to get to explore closer to home and I even found a field in the centre of the city with billy goats in! I love all the things you’ve mentioned here, I’ll be sure to check them out should I ever visit

  26. Wow, these are such stunning photos, you’d never think this with be in a city! And those blossom photos are gorgeous too, the one of the car covered in blossom made me smile. Yet at the same time it’s weird to think that’s because people are stuck indoors and can’t use their car of course. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy your walks 🙂

  27. You’re right, the streets look absolutely gorgeous, of course you’d want to walk them. The pink blossoms falling all over the street, parked cars and sidewalk is so pretty! I love the ‘living fencing’ as well.

  28. This looks like a great walk! the blossom trees look so beautiful! It’s great that you’re taking this time to explore your local neighbourhood and seems like you have found some gems!

  29. Trout Lake looks like such a peaceful place! And since we love willow trees, we would be happy to have a walk there. When we visit Vancouver someday, we’ll make sure to go to Trout Lake too. Thanks for sharing!

  30. We are doing neighborhood adventures too! It’s a great way to pass the time and get exercise. I know my dog would love it at Trout Lake, and I love all the spring colors!

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