Vancouver Walks – Black Mountain

Vancouver Walks – Black Mountain

Black Mountain Vancouver - WalksOooh! This is a walk that is short and sweet! You can easily manage this hike after work, so if you like the idea of exploring Vancouver’s pretty views, but you don’t think you could manage a loooong hike, try this one up Black Mountain! I hadn’t actually considered this walk because you need a car to reach it. However someone lovely from the awesome Hiking group Wanderung had planned a post-work hike there, so I signed up! Lots of other people loved the idea of an after-work hike, so there were around 5 cars full of walkers!

Our group met up in a car park (we were all perfectly on time)! We zoomed, well…sort of zoomed, traffic was a little slow through central Vancouver! Anyway, after sort-of-zooming, we crossed the Lion’s Bridge and headed to West Vancouver. The driver does most of the hard work for Black Mountain’s peak! The cypress bowl road leads all the way up to the trail-head at the Black Mountain Lodge.

There are so many flowers up in the mountains. Even in the car park there were these gorgeous purple flowers.

There was another car full of Wanderung folks waiting there. They went on ahead, and we joined a second car that arrived just after us. So we started the walk as a group of eight. The path is easy to follow, steep, but not crazily steep like the Grouse Grind or the Chief! We wandered up at a good pace. I was a little out of breath, but it wasn’t too hard.

It isn’t a long hike, so very soon we could look down at the skiing slopes of Cypress Mountain. Black Mountain has pretty good views considering how quickly you can get there!

One of the best things about this walk is all the wild blueberries! There were so many bushes with different types of blueberries! Some were fat, shiny and sweet, some were smaller and tart, but still really tasty. I kept finding lots of flowers as well.

The next part of the walk winds around small ponds and little groves with cotton-like grasses. It was all incredibly pretty in the evening sun.

We met up with all the hikers from the other various groups at Cabin lake. This is right near the top of Black Mountain and surrounded by trees. It is a PERFECT place for an evening dip. The water was pretty fresh when you first step into it..but it wasn’t too cold. I thought it was pleasant once I’d made it underwater. It was not even close to as chilly as my swim near Alouette lake after climbing Evan’s Peak.

The only bad thing was the bugs. There were sooo many black flies. The other hikers said they were not actually biting. BUT I might just be delicious. I ended up with several HUGE itchy bites that took over a week to fade. Little bitey-bastards.

We used a section of the path as a changing room… and re-dressed in our hiking gear before continuing up the mountain for another 15 minutes to the summit. The light in my photos is quite strange and shiny, but it was pretty to see it all.

I think we might have made it to the top of Black Mountain just in time for golden hour. Everything was bathed in a pretty golden light. There is no better way to spend time after work on a summer evening! We were treated to blue skies, amazing views and friendly walkers.

This is me happy to be at the top, looking down at the pretty views of the sea as well as so many islands including Bowen Island.

It was hard to take photos out to sea because it was right into the sun. You’ll just have to trust me that it was gorgeous.  Having aid that, the light was good for taking glowing photos of our Wanderung group. The next photo is most of us at the top (a few people stayed down below at the lake…)

Here are a few more views of the sun-soaked world… I’m not sure why it is called Balck Mountain. Maybe it should be Golden-Green Mountain!?

Then, after stopping back at the lake for some more chatting, shortbread and blueberries, we started to walk slowly black down towards the car park.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on my blog; But from central Vancouver, whenever I see the silhouette of the Lions, I think it looks like a giant Totoro sneaking up behind the skyscrapers. What do you think? Can you see it?

The BP that is shown on this tree marks the Baden-Powell Trail, a 45km trail through North Vancouver. I think I’d quite like to come back and walk further along this trail with Marc.

For now though, we just hiked back to the cars, and then drove back to Vancouver. Half way down the mountain (on the road) there were some beautiful views back to Vancouver. It looked like sparkly sprinkles that reflect the stars in the sky.

As we walked back, one of the lovey Wanderung ladies told me about her experiences with the group and tried to recruit me to organise my own walks. I’ve had so much fun so far, I think I’d like to organise some at some point. Watch this space for more!

21 thoughts on “Vancouver Walks – Black Mountain

  1. So beautiful the photos from the hike! How long did the hike take you guys? Also that’s great that you have a hiking group. One time I went with my husband and he only had his prescription sunglasses while the sun was setting. We got lost as it was getting darker haha. Thankfully we found our way back to the main road but had to walk some distance back to our car.

    1. The whole walk was around 2 hours, so not long at all. 😀

      There was a pretty easy to follow path, and we had a few people that knew the way, so we were okay for not getting lost! I’m glad you were okay on your accidental night hike!!

      The walking group is MASSIVE! It’s like 2000 people. Anyone can set up a walk, and then invite other people to take part. I’ve liked everyone that I’ve met on it so far.

    1. Thanks Patricia!
      The most fun part was swimming in the lake… if it wasn’t for the flies attempting to eat me, it would have been even better!

  2. Stunning vistas; travel posts really open my mind to the amazing places around the world and this is no exception. Heck of a walking group though..2000 people!! Mind you I suspect they are all very like minded though so that must help in terms of friendships and company on hikes. Super post 🙂

    1. Yeah, so far I have only met really nice people. I suppose it’s hard to be grumpy when you like being out and about!?

      There are 2000 members BUT it is probably far fewer that actually come out on walks, and even fewer that organise things.

      1. Very true, I’ve experienced situations where doing things has people back peddling until the doing is done and the fun begins. Not always, but it seems today’s fast paced life has reduced the number of people wanting to commit.

        Still there’s a pool of walkers that should find like minded folk and, as you rightly say, if you’re out in that sort of environment being grumpy is no good at all!

  3. I commented on this yesterday when I tweeted your post, but I guess the comment didn’t work. Anyway, another lovely post by you! I often wish I was accompanying you on all of your explorations! Love your pictures and the story your weave through them.

    1. Oooh thank you for coming back twice to comment! I am not sure what went wrong! 🙁

      If you ever come to BC, you would be welcome to join us for a wander! I’m always happy to make friends and walk in pretty places!

      For now though, I am really chuffed that you like the photos.

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry! I thought I had replied to this a while ago!

      Blueberries and shortcake did go pretty well together. We had a mix of wild blueberries from the bushes and a massive punnet that someone brought with them. 🙂 It’s just a shame you can’t find shortbread growing on the bushes too!

  4. Black Mtn is also a great after-work snowshoe in the spring, especially after the ski resort has closed for the season. So quiet!

    I think I recognize a couple of folks in the group photo – I see Keith, and maybe Louise (Irish girl)?

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