Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia – Review

Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia – Review

Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia by Taryn Eyton is a fantastic guide for overnight hiking and camping trips. I bought my copy last spring when it was first published so have almost had a year to learn from it. Sometimes I have as much fun planning trips and anticipating them as getting out and exploring. This book is perfect for that! I have now visited 18 of the 40 areas so thought I should write a review.

Please note, I bought my copy with my own money, and Iā€™m not sponsored in any way. Iā€™m just sharing my opinions because Taryn did a great job with it. And I think it’ll help people find good ideas for Backpacking trips.

Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia – the basics

The book contains 40 hikes that can will allow you to sleep under the stars and camp in the backcountry. They are mostly adventures you can complete in 2-3 days (rather than longer through hikes) Taryn has included information about where to camp (including the facilities for each site), how to reserve, how to reach the trailheads etc. She gives information about each hike as well as alternative routes and ways to extend your trip.


Like 105 Hikes, I really like the maps in the books published by Greystone and Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia is no exception. The maps are clear, show the topography and are easy to understand. I never use them alone (we buy more detailed paper maps and use apps like alltrails) but they are useful for planning.

Leave No Trace

Taryn is a Leave no Trace Educator. So she has been careful to choose trails that are in parks or areas with land managers (rather than places on crown land that don’t have maintained trails, outhouses or bear caches etc.) I love that the leave no trace principles thread through everything; So when she lists campsites, she’ll include info about being careful not to crush vegetation etc. Some tips are obvious, like don’t litter or feed wildlife. But there are other important things you may not have considered like planning ahead, minimizing the impact of campfires and being considerate of others.

Hike Descriptions

This is where Taryn’s writing really shines. You can tell she loves all of the trails she has suggested. Her descriptions are easy to follow and detailed enough to give you a good idea about what to expect when you’re out on the trails.

The hikes are located all over the mainland of Southwestern British Columbia (there aren’t any on on Vancouver Island.) There are multiple trails along the Sea to Sky between Vancouver and Pemberton. A bunch on the Sunshine coast that you’ll need a ferry to reach. To the east there are hikes in the Fraser Valley and over as far as Manning and Cathedral Lakes.

Hiking vs Backpacking

Several of the trails listed in this book are totally doable as day hikes. I like that the book includes some easier hikes that you could reach quickly; But that are even more fun if you take it slowly and spend the night in the scenery that you’d normally rush through.

Backpacking in Southwestern British Columbia views

I’ll share a few photos from the hikes in this book so you can get an idea about the treats Tayrn will introduce you to. From left to right (then top to bottom):

If you are thinking of getting into backpacking and camping in the back country in beeeeautiful British Columbia, I really recommend using this book to help you plan. Or, if you have a friend who likes to hike, this would be a great gift.

I hope this review will help more people find more incredible adventures in the wilderness. If you fancy your own copy, you can order directly from Taryn and get a signed copy!

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    1. Thank you for writing it Taryn! You are Steven Hui have been keeping us all busy throughout the hiking season. šŸ™‚

  1. I now want to plan a multi-day hike in the backcountry of BC! This looks like a great guide with lots of useful information. I’ll make sure to add this to my list of things to buy for when we finally visit this area. Thanks for sharing. Linda

    1. We did see the bear too that day…but he ran away as soon as he caught a whiff of us. So don’t worry, it wasn’t too scary at all. I think that was the only bear I saw in 2021!!

  2. What a lovely review! I haven’t got plans to go there just yet (I mean I would love to my list of places to visit is far too long!), however, if I ever do then I know the book I need!

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