Canyon Nature Trail – Manning Park

Canyon Nature Trail – Manning Park

The Canyon Nature trail is a super easy walk in Manning Park. The trail goes in a loop and there are two possible starting points; Either Coldspring Campground or from Pacific Trail trailhead on Gibson Pass Road. There are a few switchbacks to take you up each side of the Canyon, but the trail is well maintained and suitable for all ages and abilities.

We did this in the evening (we were waiting for our room at the Manning Park Lodge, but as they were short staffed we had to wait until 5:30 before we could check in.) It took around half an hour for us to walk along this loop around the canyon.

Canyon Nature trail map

Canyon Nature trail – the basics

Distance: 1.6 km
Elevation Gain:
minimal -50m
Time: 30 mins – 50 mins
What to bring:
The 10 essentials, plus bug spray and bear spray
Facilities: There aren’t any facilities, but it is very close to the lodge, where you can find everything you might need. 
Dogs: Yep, dog friendly but keep them on a leash
How hard is it? Super easy

Canyon views

This trail follows along the Similkameen river (near the other trail we did to Beaver Pond.) The canyon itself is a little hard to see from the trail, you start climbing quite soon, then walk along the top of the canyon with these fab views…

We found a few cool rock formations along the trail. This one looks like there used to be a waterfall in this location. I can’t think what else would have carved such a tube-like shape.

The trail undulates a couple of times, so you have views above the river before hiking back down again to see the bridge at the far end of the loop.

The bridge at the far end of the trail is really nice (and rustic.) This is where you’d start the loop if you begin at Coldspring Campground. The camping area is to the left after you’ve crossed this bridge.

You continue following the trail along the east side of the canyon. You’ll gain a little elevation, and then lose it again, but it’s still easy.

Like everywhere in Manning Park, you’ll see plenty of wildflowers along the way.

Similkameen river views

This last section of the walk has the best river views. We visited in June, so the river was still quite high from snow melt.

Ground Squirrels

Once you are done, you’ll probably end up visiting the Manning Lodge. While you’re there, you’ll get to see the cutest little dudes! There are ground squirrels that live in burrows right outside the lodge. They are very used to humans but however cute they are, don’t feed them!

There are quite a few short, sweet walks in Manning Park. It’s nice that as well as the big epic hikes you can still see some gorgeous scenery like this in less than an hour. You can click on the pins below to save them.

22 thoughts on “Canyon Nature Trail – Manning Park

    1. The ground squirrels are the cutest. Sometimes a shorter hike is good, especially to fill in a bit of time like this. We’re hoping to head out toward Manning area this year so I’ll for sure keep this one in mind

      1. Oooh If you haven’t been to Manning before, you are going to love it! The two trails that blew me away the most were the Three brothers and the Skyline train, but all the teeny trails (like this one) are fab too.

    1. I hope you are not getting too many fires too! We just drove through the interior and it was pretty horrific.

      This was when it first got hot, so all the streams were running high with meltwater. I think there must be much less water now.

  1. I used to ignore all the little trails in Manning Park but after we tried a few I know think they’re all well worth doing. I really enjoyed this one – walking along the Similkameen is just so nice!

    1. We tend to do them in the evening or late afternoon, when we don’t have time for a longer walk…but you’re right, so far all the mini manning trails have been fab.

  2. What a nice easy scenic hike you’ve shared. I love the mix of river, canyon, and wildflowers on this trail.

    1. Thanks Renee. Yeah, this would be great for families as you get to see how lovely Manning Park is, without needing to hike 10-20km!

  3. What an incredible trail! The canyon views look stunning! I’d love to try out this beautiful route. I’d love to spot the ground squirrels too…they are so adorable! Thanks for the great guide!

    1. OMG Hannah if you like squirrels you would love them, even while they shout at you with their squeaky voices. 😀

  4. Wow! What a beautiful place. I love the wildlife spotting and I like how you broke down what kind of hike this is. I would have to check it out next time I’m in the area. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Trea!

      You don’t have to do much prep for this one, but if you are in the area, feel free to ask as there are soooo many good adventures near here. 🙂

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