Hope Lookout Trail – Hikes near Hope

Hope Lookout Trail – Hikes near Hope

The Hope Lookout trail (also known as the Hope Hustle) is a steep exercise trail near Hope, East of Vancouver (Canada). It won’t take you very long but it’ll warm you up and really get your heart pumping. It’s all worth it once you make it to the lookout to see the gorgeous mountain views.

We had spent the previous night camping nearby at Bridal Veil Falls. The weather forecast was pretty terrible for later that day, so we got up early to catch the last of the sun’s rays before the clouds descended. I am really glad we did, as we’d finished this walk by 10am, so still had a whole day to explore the area around Hope.

Hope Lookout Trail – the basics

Distance: 4.2km
Elevation gain
: 470m
Highest Point: 527m
Time: 1.5-2 hours
What to bring:
Plenty of water, the 10 Essentials. We didn’t bring hiking poles for this, but they would have been useful.
There is an amazing loo at the top, as well as a book for visitors to sign and little gifts for kids that make it up the Hope Hustle.
Dog friendly
How hard is it?
Intermediate. I mean it’s just over 2km to the top so anyone can manage it BUT it is steeeep! This mini hike will make you sweat.
Extra Tip: On the way back, if you take the Joan Greenwood Loop Trail you can see some gorgeous old growth trees.

Hope Lookout Trail Map

Hope Hustle Trailhead

There is a parking area under the highway overpass (right after the traffic lights) as you drive into Hope. Once you arrive you’ll see a map of the area (with more possible hikes) and the start of the trail to the Hope Mountain Lookout.

The trail starts up a slightly steep path, that leads to this mini viewpoint.

Next you’ll turn into the woodland. Once you’re on the trail, you can’t really go wrong. Just follow the main pathway and get ready for your heart to start pumping.

Mini Grouse Grind Alternative

Canadians really seem to love their workout hikes! There are quite a few near Vancouver; Like the Grouse Grind, the Blackcomb Burn, the Coquitlam Crunch, the Harrison Grind etc. The Hope Hustle is one of those short, steep hikes that people use to train or to get their hearts racing. It is much easier than the Grouse Grind, as it is only 470m elevation gain and just over 2km. As long as you are expecting lots of steps, you’ll be able to do it.

Marc and I went early in the morning (before 8am) and I am VERY glad of that. It was a hot and sweaty climb, even that early in the morning.

At least it doesn’t take too long. We were not attempting to go quickly, so it took about an hour. Speedy people can make it up in 25-30 minutes(!)

The Hope Lookout Viewpoint

Once you’ve climbed the main stairs, you’ll emerge at an area of the mountain where a rock slide opens up the forest to give you this fantastic view. This lovely scenery is totally worth an hour of effort!

You’ll see some fantastic views down to Hope, the surrounding mountains and the Fraser River. There is even a sign with a photo of Hope in the 1960s, so you can see how it has changed.

The Lookout Logbook

There is also a small cupboard that has a log book (as well as hand sanitizer before you touch anything…) You can leave a note and boast about how long it took you to hike up. If you have hiked up with children, there are small gifts to give children as a reward for their hike.

Fantastic loo with a view

If you have followed this blog for a while you may have noticed that I love to take a pee in pretty locations. I already have a couple of posts about the best loos with views. So, I was really happy to see such a fantastic lookout loo at the end of the Hope Lookout trail. The best part is, the toilet is set up a bit like a green throne, facing outwards so you can see the mountain views as you sit. I loved it!

Joan Greenwood Loop

On the return journey, you can do an extra teeny loop along the Joan Greenwood loop. This little section of the hike is slightly more overgrown and wild feeling than the rest of the hike. We loved it for the giant trees it takes you past. This will add a little extra elevation to your hike, but it’s not much longer, so if you have time, take a peek at the ancient trees.

Just where the Joan Greenwood loop joins the main trail, we found a carving of my dad (or maybe Gandalf) on the tree.


Lastly, near the car park, look out for thimbleberries! I tried a few, and they were really tasty for once. I am always quite optimistic about berries, but thimbleberries are a bit strange. Occasionally you’ll find a incredibly tasty one…but most of the time they are a bit “meh”.

We were only planning to do this as a mini walk to start our day; So we were able to go and explore more after this. If you wanted to make this your main exercise for the day, you could combine it with a visit to Flood Falls or Bridal Veil Falls. They are both nearby, and super short walks.

If you ever visit Hope and want a bit of a leg workout, this a fab (if sweaty) trail. Click on the pins below to save it.

29 thoughts on “Hope Lookout Trail – Hikes near Hope

  1. The Hope Lookout trail looks so good, a little steep but not too much of a climb. Wonderful views as always. You are so lucky to live in Vancouver with all of that amazing wilderness all around.

  2. This trail guide to Hope Lookout is super helpful! I appreciate you providing details about the entire trail. I have not been to Vancouver, yet, but I am adding this to my bucket list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really need to do some more hiking in Canada. i did a big trip to Jasper a few years ago but i really need to explore more of the trails on my next trip over. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Ahhh these photos make me want to hop on a place to Canada right now!!! Vancouver looks like it has the most incredible hikes, canโ€™t wait to visit! This guide will be super helpful when I get to visit!!

  5. Love this! I never thought that there was much to do in Hope, but I would love this hike (especially if its not as busy as the Grouse Grind) haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely views and awesome tips!

  6. Hope Lookout Trail is my kind of hike! I love how scenic and beautiful it is, and that it only takes a few hours! I love hikes that can be done in the afternoon, and don’t take a full day.

  7. Definitely planning to do Hope Lookout trail on my next trip out to Vancouver. I love a challenging trail that rewards you with epic views! This one looks particularly fun too, with the lookout loo and the Gandalf carving. Thanks for this detailed guide!

  8. My knees would probably be on fiiiree after this steep up and down hike – but those views definitely look worth it! And again there’s just so many things I love and want to see – that loo! The tree carving! The berries! I love it all, haha.

  9. Such beautiful views wow!! I especially love the little stump walking trail and the face carved into the tree.

  10. I always love getting up really early to hike for exactly that reason – to have the rest of the day after! The views look so worth the hike

  11. This one looks fun, and much shorter than a lot of hikes. Although steep isn’t always my cup of tea. I hate things like The Grind so I’d take a longer hike any day. That view though! And I love the loo with a view. That made me laugh, but it would also be much more welcome than any other loos I’ve found at the ends up trails (namely none)

  12. Iโ€™m all about the hike but have never had any adventures in Canada. Need to make that happen and this trail looks perfect! Beautiful views! And love your โ€œloos with viewsโ€.

  13. This was such a good read, looks like an amazing hike! I’ve never heard of thimbleberries, though! I don’t think we have them in New Zealand or Australia!

  14. I’m all for hikes that have a good workout built into em’ along with gorgeous views! That toilet does look kinda like a throne, hahaha. I’ve never heard of thimbleberries but they kindasorta looked like lychee to me from a distance!

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