Italian Dolomites Walking Holiday – Kastelruth to Mount Bulacia

Italian Dolomites Walking Holiday – Kastelruth to Mount Bulacia

This was the perfect start to the walking part of our honeymoon! We woke up on the first day to a blue sky, so we couldn’t resist attempting the hardest of the possible walks given to us by Inn travel. The plan was to climb the mountain we could see from our room; Mount Bulacia/Puflatsch (depending on if you are attempting to mispronounce it in Italian or German!) The mountain is 2174m and the walk was just under 20km, so it was a pretty good start to our week away!

We started by walking through Castelrotto/Kaselruth and away past bright green fields. Our first views of the surrounding countryside were truly stunning. We got to see lots of the beautiful farmers barns, a pretty church and picturesque villages as we walked around the mountain to get to St Michael.

We then got to walk through some pretty woods to reach Panider Sattel, a pretty Alpine resort on the edge of the mountain. I found an amazing swing, that I sort of had to play on! We also found a good view of the mountain we were about to climb.

From the resort at Panider Sattel the path started to get steeper and steeper as we walked through the trees and climbed towards a gorgeous village called Bulla/Pufels. This is the view before we started to properly get climbing.
The view right before climbing Mount Bulacia/Puflatsch

As we walked through the trees, the views suddenly started to get more impressive!

Next we turned away from the village to start to zig zag up the mountain. From here our walk became far steeper, but the views just got better and better each time there was a gap in the trees. It was quite a warm day and so we did attract quite a lot of flies. Marc had around 30 that liked to zoom around his hat and annoy him while we stretched our legs!! The last section close to the summit was very steep, but there were ropes to help drag us up, so we did make it to the ridge.

How nice is this view!? We climbed the next-door mountain later in the week

We made it to Mount Bulacia’s summit, so had lunch feeling smug and admiring the gorgeous views.

Here is the view: The view from Mount Bulacia's summit

The top of Mount Bulacia is a broad escarpment, so we had a lovely walk across the top. We slowly descended down to Arikahutte/ Rifugio Arnika, a hut where you can buy drinks or snacks.

We could see the view down to our hotel in Castelrotto/Kaselruth from Mount Bulacia .
Looking down to Kastleruth

Then, we had to descend the whole way back down to our hotel. Normally I am not too keen on going down mountains as it can make my legs sort of shaky. But the route down was so, so pretty. The first part was covered in wild flowers. After that we walked down an old rockslide (that has some gorgeous wood carvings) Lastly the route finished through more pretty woodland.

We were both pretty knackered after that first day. Luckily our hotel had gorgeous food, as well as a sauna to help revive us. Anyway it was pretty much the perfect start to a walking holiday!

7 thoughts on “Italian Dolomites Walking Holiday – Kastelruth to Mount Bulacia

    1. Thank you for taking a peek! 🙂

      This area of Italy is just so, so gorgeous. I think the fourth day of our adventures was the best day of my life (the views were so ridiculously pretty!) So hopefully you’ll be able to come back when I’ve written about that day!!

      I promise it won’t be as creepy as your brilliant writing.

      1. Well, you know, sometimes I need something a little different. Your awesome nature pictures might help me when I need some good landscaping for any *shocking* scenes. Thank you again for your kind comments! I can’t wait to read more.

    1. Ooh thanks Natalie! I really like your blog so I’m chuffed that you came to peek at mine!!

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. Somehow I lost your comment in my spam folder.

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