Monty Update – Social Distancing edition

Monty Update – Social Distancing edition

How are you all (and your pets) coping with self isolation? Marc and I have both been really lucky that our workplaces have allowed us both to start working from home. I have now been working at our kitchen table for a month. The first weekend we managed to go skiing before all the ski slopes closed. The second weekend we were still allowed out into the provincial parks, so we could explore easy trails. Then everything got locked down, so we didn’t venture into the wilderness for a while (sob.)

So, we have been spending far more time than normal with the ruler of our flat, Monty. I figured it is about time for a monty update.

We’ve been living in Canada for almost three years now, so Monty is now pretty used to going for mini walks with his leash. He doesn’t like to go far. Sometimes he liked to sit with his nose just outside the door, watching the world go by.

One problem with working from home, is Monty is pretty sure the only reason we are around is to open and close the door for him, or to feed him on a whim. He is getting pretty loud at protesting for the door (especially when I’m on zoom calls.) this means I have been spending a lot of time wearing two cardigans so Monty can sit with the door open like this.

Cat in the snow

We only had a couple of snowy weeks in Canada this year. The first time it snowed, Monty did venture out, but he was not into it at all. He never spent more than one minute getting his paws cold.

Later in the winter when we had one big dump of snow, Monty was a little bit braver.

He is much happier exploring the pathways of Vancouver in the springtime though!

Self-isolating hoomans are so annoying

One of Monty’s main problems at the moment is that he is getting way too much love. Just as he is getting on with his daily cat business, there are always hoomans in the way, picking him up, wrapping him in blankets or grabbing his toys for a play. It’s pretty exhausting.

Monty also has to investigate every time I make a cuppa, just in case I am also fetching cat-treats. Normally in the evening when we get home, he spends time with us. However since we started working from home, he spends evenings (and quite a lot of the day) completely exhausted and asleep.

All in all, Monty seems to be enjoying having us at home all the time. He is still having fun and using any excuse to show us his belly.

It’s just there are some moments when he wouldn’t mind if the self-isolation was over so he could have his space back.

If you need some more Monty-love, here are my previous Monty updates:

I know this isn’t my normal style blog post, but my family need Monty updates every so often, and hopefully it’ll make blog friends smile too. How are your pets managing with you at home? Or, is all this self isolation making you wish you had a furry friend?

22 thoughts on “Monty Update – Social Distancing edition

    1. He used to be an outdoor cat in London, so he does want to go out (but it’s a bit dangerous with roads, raccoons and coyotes) so this is our compromise. He doesn’t mind as long as it’s me following him! He would never follow me!

    1. Normally I would say you are welcome to come over for cuddles! He loves meeting new hoomans! Once this is over, you are welcome to pop over for a cuppa so we can compare mountain plans for the summer, and you can be cuddled by the monster. 😀

  1. Monty looks lovely but you’re right about him getting used to be spoilt. He won’t know whats happening once the lockdown is over and he’s on his own again.

  2. Monty looks like he is related to my cat Casper. Super cute! Casper also is quite vocal when he wants something… Or is complaining about a door being closed when it should be open…

  3. Aw, we can all use some furbaby updates especially right now 🙂 I’m picturing you wearing multiple cardis while Monty happily stares out the open door lol Our pets are really in charge, aren’t they?

  4. I loved reading about Monty and his pandemic protocol. Yes, our pets are either spoiled by the attention or quietly thinking–give me some space, human.

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