Vancouver Road Trip – Sea to Sky loop

Vancouver Road Trip – Sea to Sky loop

Vancouver Road Trip - Sea to Sky Loop - Whistler forestThere are quite a few amazing road trips close to Vancouver, but some of the most obvious ones (like Vancouver to Banff) can be a bit too long if you only have a few days to spare. When Marc’s brother Tom and girlfriend Andreia visited us, we were keen to show them some amazing mountain views, but we only had 5 days available. So, I got out a map and planned an adventure showing some of the best mountain landscapes in Manning Park, along the spectacular Fraser Canyon then down along the famous Sea to Sky Highway.

If you have a few days to spare near Vancouver, this is a really fun, varied route. I hope you like the look of it as much as we loved driving it!

Vancouver Road Trip Itinerary:

We have driven along Highway 99, the Sea to Sky Highway, quite a lot. It is a seriously beautiful road with mountains on one side and Howe Sound (and islands) on the other. We have also made the trip to Manning Park a few times. That road is less picturesque as you leave Vancouver, but gets better and better as you get towards Hope and Manning Provincial Park. Once you link those two picturesque routes with the drive along the extraordinary Fraser Canyon, this road trip becomes perfect. It is varied, interesting loop with epic mountain views for the entire trip.

Day 1: Drive to Othello Tunnels and Bridal Veil Falls in Hope, then on to Manning Provincial Park (240 km)
Day 2: Explore Manning Provincial Park
Day 3: Drive to Lillooet via the Fraser Canyon and Hells Gate (255 km)
Day 4: Explore Lillooet, then drive along the Sea to Sky to Whistler and Squamish. (190 km)
Day 5: Climb the Chief, then drive back to Vancouver (75 km)

Sea to Sky loop – Vancouver Road Trip Map:

Hopefully this map will give you some idea about our route. I have included all of the stop-offs we made along the way (although there were a few others for food or gas.) There is sooo much to see that I could easily double the time, number of walks and viewpoints.

Vancouver Road Trip Essentials:

  • Winter Tires – If you want to drive on Highway 99 (the Sea to Sky Highway) between October 1 to March 31, you must have winter tires.
  • Bring Snacks – We bought a cooler and filled it up with bread, cheese, fruits, carrots, nuts and spreads. Plus a little milk for tea once we arrived. We’re so English.
  • Map – Because you never know when you might lose phone signal – I love the Backroad Map book for Vancouver and coastal mountains
  • Sunglasses – There are always moments when you’ll be driving towards the sun!
  • Camera – Because the views are ridiculously beautiful.


Right before you reach Hope, you may want to take a teeny detour to visit Bridal Veil Falls. We stopped off at Tim Hortons close to the waterfall so we could eat timbits (mini doughnuts) by the falls. When in Canada… eh!?

Anyway, it is only 5-10 minutes walk up to this gorgeous waterfall, so it’s fab place to stop and stretch your legs.

Next we planned on doing a short hike through the Othello Tunnels in Hope. This is an easy walk through old railway tunnels along a spectacular gushing canyon, with vertical cliffs. You can’t visit these tunnels in winter, but if you do this road trip in spring or summer, it is a fun mini adventure.

Road trips don’t always play out how you expect them to! On this occasion, poor Andreia needed an emergency trip to the Dentist, so we did that instead of visiting Othello Tunnels. We then came back and did this hike on our drive up to the Fraser Canyon/Lillooet. It just shows it never hurts to have flexible plans. 

Manning Park

Next, keep driving to Manning Park. Along the way, you may want to stop at the Hope slide. There is a viewpoint right by the highway that will show you the aftermath of a massive landslide. Other than that, get your camera ready as the drive into Manning Park just gets prettier and prettier.

The following day we woke up and went hiking in the rain. If you do this road trip in summer, you will have a huge range of options. As it was springtime, we avoided any avalanche terrain and hiked along Lightning Lakes Chain Trail. However, Windy Joe Mountain trail would also a great option in springtime if the visibility is better. We got to meet a pika (the cute little mouse-like fella in the photo below.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have extra time on either of these days, I also love the super-short Dry Ridge Trail. You drive up the mountain, then just walk a teeny bit along the top of a ridge looking down at the spectacular mountains around you. We even saw three bears on our drive up!

Fraser Canyon

Next you can drive through the Fraser Canyon. The Fraser river is BCs longest river leading from the Rocky Mountains for 1375km all the way to the sea. By the time the river is this far downstream, it has a pretty impressive flow; This huge volume of water (more than flows over Niagara Falls) has carved out the dramatic Fraser Canyon over millennia.

Hells Gate

One of the most impressive stop-offs along this route is Hells Gate. This is the narrowest point of the Fraser River. You can take an airtram down into the canyon to see the crazy, churning water up close. Poor salmon have to swim up this!

Keep driving North along the Fraser Canyon to Lytton. Lytton is a popular area for river rafting and has a large population of First Nations people living in the area. The canyon also heats up the area like an oven, making this area consistently the hottest in the province.

Even after you leave the Canyon, the views are gorgeous. The mountains start to look very different to the Coastal Mountains we are used to.


This is the most Northerly spot on my Vancouver road trip. The mountains create a rain shadow, so Lillooet is also much warmer than Whistler or the mountains further South. The Cayoosh Gold Rush took over this whole area in int 1880s, so it all looks a bit like the Wild West to me. Some of the architecture looks like old-style saloons, and it is surrounded by brown, dusty mountains.

We especially loved the sunset from the Seton Lake Viewpoint, as well as Naxwik-park. We got to see a group of Marmots close to the river, as well as some eagles.

Duffey Lake

After you have spent some time exploring Lillooet (I would like much longer here next time!), you can head South on the Sea to Sky Highway. The mountains are stunning, and become green and more lush as you head towards the coast. We stopped off quite a few times to see the views. One of the best viewpoints was by Duffey Lake looking over to Joffre Peak.

Can you see that there was a massive rock-slide that cleaved off the top part of the mountain a few weeks earlier?


Between Duffey lake and Pemberton is the beeeeautiful Joffre Lakes. Joffre Lakes is an incredibly popular area with a trail that leads to three bright blue/green glacial lakes (as well as a waterfall.) If you are driving past (and there is space in the car park) you should definitely stop to take a look at the first lake. It is only a few minutes walk. If you’d like to see the upper lakes, you will need to go on a hike that will take around 4 hours.

Pemberton is quite a small village, but if you can time your journey for a meal time, you should stop at The Pony for lunch or dinner. They have burgers that are so good, they made our Austrian friend cry.

Waterfalls near Whistler

There are several gorgeous waterfalls in this area. As you drive towards Whistler and Squamish, you may want to stop and see some. I love Nairn Falls between Pemberton and Whistler as well as Alexander Falls near Whistler, Brandywine Falls South of Whistler and Shannon Falls in Squamish. You can see my map of waterfalls here.


Whistler is well known as a destination for skiing, but did you know it is also a fantastic area to visit in the summertime? There are countless hikes as well as various activities like zip-lining and mountain biking. If you prefer to relax, you can take chairlifts up the mountains, spend time window shopping or even relax in the spa.

Marc was keen to do a mini hike with his brother, so we took him for an intermediate hike on the Crater Rim Trail. That trail is not very busy, but has fantastic mountain views and takes you to a cool lake inside a volcanic crater.

I have plenty of other fab ideas for a quick hike in Whistler. The Cheakamus Lake Trail, is a very easy walk, through pretty forest to a bright blue glacial lake. Lava Lake Loop is a fun, easy option if you fancy seeing the stunning Brandywine falls (or if you want to go bungee jumping.) Or, if you are visiting in the summer the amaaazing High Note Trail is one of the best possible options. The gondola and ski chairlifts take you to the top of Whistler mountain, then you can hike along a ridge at the top.

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Accommodation in Whistler can be eye-wateringly expensive, so we kept driving for an extra 45 minutes to Squamish, to stay there. We then made a plan to wake up super early the following morning to climb the Stawamus Chief, a huge chunk of rock (the size of a mountain) that towers over Squamish. This walk can be pretty exhausting (especially the first 20 minutes when you hike up giant steps). But the views at the top are breathtaking, so we love it.

If you like the idea of an early morning walk, but you don’t have enough puff to manage to Chief, you could try Mount Crumpit. It is a much easier walk, that still had stunning views.

We may have peaked on our final morning, so we were all a bit exhausted after hiking up the Chief. So we headed back to Vancouver to relax and eat plenty of tasty food. If you go on this road trip, there are a few other (gorgeous) stops you could consider on your way back to Vancouver: You could take the Sea to Sky Gondola up for even higher views (or hike up the Sea to Summit trail). Visit Shannon Falls (the huge waterfall next to the Chief). Or, just take a walk along the Mamquam River, where you might see eagles!


Once you have left Squamish, you will drive along the Sea to Sky Highway back to Vancouver. If you have good weather, this is the prettiest section of the whole road trip. The Mountains along the Howe Sound Crest Trail will tower above you on one side, with Howe Sound, islands and the Sunshine Coast on the other side.

Once you’re back in Vancouver, I have a whole bunch of ideas for really fun things to do! There is fantastic food, soooo many possible walks, museums, not to mention the easy access to beaches, the North Shore Mountains and the gorgeous rainforest.

What do you think of this Sea to Sky loop as a possible Vancouver Road Trip? It gives you a taste of what Southwestern British Columbia has to offer.

If you like the sound of it, please click on the pins below to save them for later.

Vancouver Road Trip - Sea to Sky Loop - Fraser Canyon Vancouver Road Trip - Sea to Sky Loop - Whistler forest Vancouver Road Trip - Sea to Sky Loop - Fraser Canyon

71 thoughts on “Vancouver Road Trip – Sea to Sky loop

  1. This looks amazing, a great road trip itinerary! The views of the mountains behind the lakes looks incredible!

  2. As someone who grew up in the Netherlands this nature just looks stunning. Can’t wait to explore Vancouver one day myself!

    1. The Netherlands is gorgeous too, it’s just a bit of a shock to be surrounded by peaks when you’re used to flat lands. I am from Cambridge (UK) originally, so I grew up with open skies and no hills at all. That might be why I love this scenery sooo much!?

      1. I’m not really sure what my running goals are yet. I kind of lost my motivation in January… I’m focussing on having fun and being consistent with my training for now. I’d like to sign up for a race or two later in the year too, so we’ll see. 🙂

  3. This is such a great little road-trip – I’ve done it a few times with friends and family (except the Manning Park detour). So much variety in such a (relatively) small area!

    1. I should have asked your advice for road trip ideas! Doh!

      We knew we wanted to show them Manning Park, so I just looked at the road map and made up a route. We had no idea it would be quite as picturesque as it turned out to be!

      1. Well it’s not like the UK where you can take any number of roads to get to anywhere 🙂 The first time we drove that route we did it in one day (and one tank of petrol too somehow!). I would only do it now as a 2-day trip. I also really like driving highway 3 all the way to Osoyoos – the Similkameen valley is just gorgeous.

  4. We love a great road trip! I hadn’t thought about this loop, such a great idea. We’ll also do just about anything to see a great waterfall. 🙂 Your posts always give great inspiration

    1. Me too (I mean, apart from when we are feeling lazy! I had plans to visit two waterfalls this weekend…but we ended up watching movies instead. Oops!)

    1. It’s so funny that you say that Patricija! When I was looking at your photos of Slovenian waterfalls and lakes, I thought it looks like Canada.

  5. What a gorgeous trip. Driving up to Canada is really high on my list. Thanks so much for including your maps and details. I’m honestly a little nervous about entering a new country!

  6. I really need to know what the animals are in the photos from Manning Park and Lillooet! They’re so cute looking but I’m not sure what they are.
    You organised such a beautiful road trip for your guests! I am definitely going to make sure we rent a car next time we visit Vancouver and do this trip!

    1. Oops! I am sorry about my slow reply! My mum asked the same thing, so I updated the post to include them. The little mouse-like dude is a pika (they have a high-pitched squeak like pikachu!) the others are marmots.

  7. My mom and I didn’t do the whole loop, but we drove from Vancouver to Squamish and it was GORGEOUS! From your photos, it looks like the rest of it is just as amazing. Would love to visit again one day and complete it!

    1. I LOVE that part of the drive to Squamish! We do that section a lot, and each time I find it made that we really live here! I hope you can visit again Kelsey!

  8. This is a fantastic guide to the Sea to Sky loop, thank you for sharing! I have driven portions of the loop but have yet to do the whole thing. Pinning this post for when I go back to do the rest.

    1. Yay. Thanks Erin! I don’t know if it is a particularly official loop, but we loved it. I hope you can come back to see the rest!

  9. This road trip loop from Vancouver looks absolutely gorgeous! With views, mountains, lakes and waterfalls like this I would love it! The more and more I see your posts, I really want to get up there and do some hiking. Great road trip itinerary! 😁

    1. Thaaaank you Vanessa!
      I feel the same way about your posts. We’re both going to end up with such long lists of future adventures!!

  10. Wow the scenery here looks incredible! I’d love to see Hell’s Gate someday. It’s amazing how blue the water is in all the rivers and lakes@

    1. Yes! I think that is my biggest culture shock! Growing up, I had never seen glacial rivers/lakes before. Their colour always blows me away.

  11. We did a road trip once up to Vancouver from Seattle, but that’s as far as we got. It sounds like we have some work to do!

    1. I hope you can! I need to do the opposite and go on a road trip to Seattle! Do you have a post about your adventure? I’d love to read it.

  12. Your photos are stunning! It looks like a beautiful road trip for photography lovers. I hope to make it up to Canada sometime!

  13. I looove road trips! It’s the best way to get to know the little corners of any region. This one looks incredible! Your photos are gorgeous! I can’t wait to go explore the nature of Canada, it’s simply stunning! Post saved for when I do 🙂

    1. Thanks Coni! If you head this way, please feel free to give me a shout. I am always happy to share the less famous (but awesome) spots.

    1. Thanks Victoria! I am sure it is pretty all year ’round, but I was especially impressed in the springtime when the rivers and waterfalls were so swollen. 💖

  14. Absolutely stunning scenery and your photos are fabulous. I have Vancouver on my list so would hope to do some of the easier hikes. I love the look of the waterfalls too.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Desiree! Yeah there are some stunning views close to Vancouver aren’t there. I do hope you can visit once things open up again. 🙂

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